Signature Scent of Timeless Romance: A Perfect Perfume Guide for New Year Gift 

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Dec 27, 2016

 “Come, fall in love with me.” From the external texture, these words appear to be as casual as others can be, but tears the internal layers and destabilize the core when are spoken or even thought of. Even the most sound-headed person can be found chasing emotions in order to bring some kind of order but fails miserably. Hence, it is said that those are the best love stories which are livened but never spoken. 

But then like every complexity comes with an answer, love too comes with lot many answers. All that one requires recognizing the right answer at the right time. But if you are as baffled as one of our beauty editors at CollectOffers, the simple answer is a gift. A personalized romantic gift to you SO would speak million meaningful words to express “Be my existence”.

All you need is a gift that is perfectly soaked in the romantic essence of your being. And to evoke that special feeling of “Be Mine”, you need an inexpensive but absolutely aromatic fragrance as a gift. Now there is a science behind smells, but honestly, no science can be proven adequate when human emotions start pouring in another heart. So, the question we debated at CollectOffer was how to find the best perfume of cologne.

How To Determine The Perfume

Simplest question is what differentiates one fragrance from another. That is called “Notes”. Usually, each perfume has three layers; the base, the middle notes, and the top. These notes only to determine whether someone going to be someone special or not. Fragrances are usually divided into a family type. Each family consists of similar types of notes. Let’s learn about fragrance families. 

Fresh - Fresh fragrances are those that give a smell of "green" notes, the one like fresh-cut grass, or may consist the smell of spring, sometimes light citruses and airy notes. Usually, outdoorsy personalities would go with such notes to stay fresh as much as possible. 

Floral - Now, who would not prefer the popular flowers? Floral are the most common but most sought-after types of perfumes. From a single rose petal notes to blooms of roses, Floral scents encompass all or any of jasmine, carnation, gardenia, orange blossom, rose, and lily notes. 

Oriental - Yeah, exotic is the other name for the oriental fragrances. They are rich and bold in taste and can build an everlasting impact on personalities. Amber is a known exotic note, while often time Vanilla is also can be classified as oriental. Heavier in nature, oriental fragrances are more sensual and perfect for romantic occasions. 

Woods - Most of the time, masculine notes are categories in this fragrance family. The notes usually have the essence of the woods and mosses. Sandal, cedar, oak and other strong woody notes bring an essence of manliness. Given the richness even Patchouli and pine also fall in this category.


Before you hit the online stores like Lazada, Zalora or Groupon for the right noted perfume, let CollectOffers offer you a little guide and some terminology to help you keep you focused on what you want amidst ever-spritzing aromas and pick the right perfume for you and for your SO. 

How to Select and Buy the Right Perfume

Time and again science has proven that the both men and women are naturally capable of selecting the best perfume according to their body scent. And therefore, be wise enough to determine the scent based on how naturally your body accepts the smell. Most of the gifted perfumes stay unused. The reason being it does not suit the wearer. The best method to find a new fragrance is to test if the perfume complements your natural body odor in person over the period of a day.

Let CollectOffers shares seven secrets about selecting the right perfume gift for her or a gift for him. 

  • Spray perfume or cologne on a card first. Leave it for five or ten minutes to smell it again. If it has the same essence of you as it had 10 minutes back, you should be up for the use on the skin. 
  • Skin type is important to determine the perfume. On dry skin, perfume may dissipate quickly and hence one needs heavier notes. Which part of the body wears the aroma makes a difference too on longevity.
  • Whenever you are out to try the simple, spray one cent on each wrist and each inner elbow. Make sure to try perfume later in the day as our sense of smell is keener as the day wears on.
  • It may never sound wiser to try out a number of different perfumes or colognes at a time, no matter how persistent your spritzer is! Between smelling each cologne, refresh your palate with something strong, like coffee or tea.
  • You need patience when you try a perfume. As perfume notes wear away in some time unlayering one note after the other, you need to smell each and every note over a period of a few hours before giving a go ahead. 
  • For optimum performance, perfume should be applied to your pulse points: center of the neck, behind the ear, inner wrists, and behind the knee. Always remember, try a perfume on bare skin as there is a slight possibility of it stains clothing.
  • Purchase a bottle of your winner and start to wear. Wearing a fragrance is a process, not a destination. Many men end up owning and loving dozens of scents, so don’t feel you have to get it perfect with your first (or tenth) buy.

Yes, the economics of perfumes isn’t as wonderful as its chemistry. And therefore CollectOffers makes sure to bring verified and result-oriented coupon codes and discount codes from all the prominent online stores in Hong Kong to ensure cupid strikes and amalgamates two souls forever.