Summer Fashion Guide - Everything you Need To About The Latest Fashion Trends In 2018!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Aug 09, 2018


2018 Fashion trend is nothing but about being bright, smart, beautiful and quite bold. With each new season hitting every time, you need to stock up fashion staples of the forthcoming trends, especially when you are a fashion-conscious person and love to stay up-to-date with the new styles. In this blog post, you will be learning about all the latest fashion trends for that are in huge demand these days. Note that, the fashion trends mentioned in the write-up are spring-summer appropriate.

While infusing new trends into your closet, a little consideration and careful planning can simply be a fun task to do. This means you should go for key items with which you can incorporate into the right look perfect for the season, especially when you are parting with a significant amount of cash.

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Whether buying fashion staples for women, men or kids, I have come up with a complete fashion guide for everyone in this blog post. Start scrolling down to know more one by one!

Men's Fashion Trends 2018!

Men's fashion is something which is not blessed with frequent variations as compared to women or kids. But, whenever the designer invents a new style, they make sure they invent or introduced something high on attitude and are surprisingly wearable. If you are fashion-forward men and seeking to incorporate something unique and trendy to your closet, then simply check out the list given below-

1 # Vertical Stripes!


Just like grimacing through the rain-soaked barbecues & festivals, vertical stripes are a perfect summer institution for men seeking to look highly professional and stylish at the same time. This sort of design on soft fabrics is not only eye-catching but also flatters nicely on every guy irrespective of their body shape.

Vertical stripes are the official menswear's new go-to pattern. Seen on almost everything from trousers to crisp shirts to jackets or blazers, vertical stripes never go outdated.

2 # Side Stripe Trousers!


Being the most elite choice of men's bottom wear for a quite a number of years, side stripe trousers are another fashion staples in huge demand today. Perfect for a casual outing, you can pair these trousers with shirts, casual tees, and even cool vest. Whether you are hitting to the gym in the early morning or clubbing at night, you can elevate your look anyway depending on the occasion and places you are heading to.

High-fashion men, get those bold shades lines down your legs if you wish to stay up-to-date with the latest trend. These provide you a perfect athleisure look and can be worn with trainers.

3 # Vintage Checks!


Checks are the major fashion staple of menswear. These are the most preferred trend in men's fashion section. The best way to make checks work for you is to opt for a larger and more complex motif (such as windowpane, heritage) trousers, knitwear or outwear. The only thing you need to ensure while wearing checks is to make sure that the rest of your attire is toned down nicely.

If you really want to rock the look, especially for office then tray out the statement checked pieces like blazer or coats and match them up with a contrasting or matching shade pant and shirt.

4 # Tropical Print shirts!


Thinking of infusing something designer, something printed to your summer wardrobe, then surely adding one or two tropical print shirts to your closet can be a great idea. Tropical print shirts in eye-pleasing colors and prints can be a great option to choose if you are hitting a beach or a pool party.

Choose designs in the pared-back color palette and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans or dark-shade tailored chinos to nail the casual and funky look. The tropical print shirts are ideal summer wardrobe essentials the makes you look totally and utterly tropical.

5 # Tonal Dressing!


2018's men's fashion is not only about contrasting combination of different colors, it is also about the full-kit look, i.e. Tonal dressing. Think about tonal suiting, tonal pastels, and tonal navy, and think about tonal color matching. The best thing about tonal dressing trend is that it works for almost all scenario you can think of.

Opt for pastel shades, light neutrals shades, blue or grey and wear as the weather improves. The tonal dressing trend is something can never go wrong and one can blindly trust such trends.

Women's Hottest Fashion Trends 2018!

When talking about who take more interest in stay up in the style game today, is women. Women love to wear clothes that are up-to-date and most importantly, flatter their body gracefully. Listed below are top fashion trends, all the fashion-forward women must look for in 2018-

1 # Breezy And Flowy Dresses!


A breezy and flowy dress is not only an ultimate or solid summer staple but is a super-easy to wear and super cool outfit for women. Such dresses are sort of canvas (either blank or printed with eye-pleasing designs), you can easily embellish your look with any of your favorite bright accessories.

Choose different-different designs, color and patterns of summer dresses to add a little extra drama to your seasonal closet instantly. If you are hitting to the nearby cafe for a cup of coffee with your bae or simply out for a shopping, these dresses are simply a perfect option to choose.

2 # Silky Midi Skirt!


With the change in fashion and thinking of people, midi skirts today are in huge demand today. These are incredibly stylish and trendy outfit that can be worn in numerous ways. You can pair them with a slip top or a crop or even with the basic t-shirt; you will look good in any which way.

Get yourself a single tone, bold color silky midi skirt and pair it up with an off-the-shoulder top, if you are thinking of what to wear for your office get-together party at some of your colleague's place.

3 # Smocked Detailing!


Tops and dresses with wide, elasticized band gathering pleats of fabric together which is often referred as the smocked pattern is yet another most loved fashion trend today. The pattern cinches up the top and then flows gracefully over your body, allowing you to flaunt a little shape while remaining super comfortable and cool to wear from day to night.

The forgiving textile always provides a fit and is available in a multitude of colors, styles, and sizes. From poplin button-downs to off-the-shoulder steadfast silhouette to flare dresses, the smocked detailing fashion clothes come in many variants.

4 # Playsuit Trend!


Yet another key staple you must infuse into your summer wardrobe in 2018 is the playsuits. If you prefer dressing up casually, but in a more playful and funkier way, then playsuits are simply an ultimate option for you to choose. Playsuits are a perfect summer outfit that suits every body shape and taste.

These are easy to wear, super cool and greatly elevate your look in summers. If you wish to keep your look minimal yet funky then simply grab your favorite playsuit, accessorize a little bit with bold accessories, pair it up with your casual white sneaker and you're ready.

5 # High-Waist Bottom Wear!


High-rise or high-waist bottom wear are the easiest fashion staple you can own this season. Not only they enhance every body shape but make even the curvier silhouette look slimmer and well-toned. Whether you choose trousers, leggings or basic jeans, you can team them up with almost all types of top-wear, be it the super-classy shirts, kimono, cropped tops and even loose t-shirts.

You can opt for a side stripe high-waist trousers that look absolutely stylish when paired up with cropped tops and bralettes. Wear a casual sneaker with the trousers and you are ready for the day out with your friends or your boyfriend for a movie date or shopping.

Kid's Fashion Trends 2018!

With the fashion industry changing every now and then and is inspiring everyone to stay fashionable and stylish always. It is also focusing on the little munchkins, and this is why today, even kid's are conscious about what to wear and how they'll look with a particular style. Listed below are top Kid's fashion trends to check out in 2018!

1 # Vibrant Color Palette!


When talking about the kid's fashion trends, you will find it as vibrant as the variety. From the pops of raspberry pinks and cherry red to vibrant palette of blue to dune colors such as khaki to the shades of oranges and greens, when buying kid's clothes, you need must opt clothes of these shades.

You can even pick metallic shades such as glimmering golden color for boys and rose-gold tone shades for girls, for if your little one had to attend his or her best friend's birthday party.

2 # Trendy Prints And Embellishments!


Tees, dresses, and trousers with cute trendy prints and embellishments are yet another widely loved kid's fashion trend in 2018. While shopping for your little ones, make sure you pick clothes with some appealing and cute prints and embellishments that attract your kid and make them feel really cool and smart.

3 # Frill For Girls!


If you have a little princess at home and she is very much fashion forward that she hardly wear basic clothes, and only prefer high-fashioned staples, then get her really cute and beautifully designed frocks and tops with frill detailing. Often made of net fabric, especially in girl's wear, fancy frock and tops with frill detailing are the most loved option by most of the mommies today. The style makes their little girl look like and feel like Barbie princess. 

4 # Suits For Boys!


When it comes to buying clothes for your little munchkin, then do get him a classic three-piece suit. Not necessary to make them wear all three pieces every time, there are many ways to dress them up with suits. They can wear just the pant, shirt and a vast coat, or you can let them wear just the trouser and shirt and even you can skin the vast coat and let them wear the rest of the items.

Trust me, little boys wearing suits looks nothing less than a cute little prince. If your boy had to attend any kid's party or you need to take along with you at some wedding occasion then, simply dress him up in a suit to steal everyone's attention towards him.

5 # Clothes With Attractive Graphics And Cartoon Character!


Yet another kid's fashion trend you can choose for your little one is buying them clothes with their favorite cartoon character images. With so many cartoon series out every now and then, I am sure your kid must be a fan of any cartoon character. Let them show their love for their favorite character by buying them clothes with their image or graphic on them.

From pastels to vintage-inspired designs to animal prints to summer sequins, the key goal of today's fashion trends is to have you on the radar. Hence, all the high-fashioned people out there who are seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest trend to revamp their summer closet with trendy staple mentioned above. You can grab amazing offers on various fashion brand clothes by using Farfetch promo code, a code that helps you enjoy added savings and discounts.