Sweet Tooth Cravings At Hong Kong Will Make Your Mouth Go Watery.. Take A Look!!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Jun 16, 2017

Desserts are always saviour whenever you have sweet cravings. This endless no of sweets will let your mouth go watery with it's taste, essence,and everything. Swet tooth cravings are very common and also the most delicious cravings among all. At Hong Kong you get to have such cravings and the solution is ready with it's incomparable taste that will create a scrumptious memory for your whole of the life. People out there searching for sweet dish and confused in Hongf Kong what to try and what noty then here is your permanent  solution to the dedlicacies of life.There are a plethora of dessert spots in Hong Kong. These joints get pretty bumpin’ right after the dinner rush at about 9pm to midnight. Dessert culture is huge in Hong Kong. Albeit, it’s more of a social thing if anything. Getting dessert is essentially a means to extend conversations and spend a little more TLC with friends and family.

Heart's Dessert:

 Heart’s signature dessert is an entire coconut in which its natural coconut water has been congealed into a coconut jelly then topped with crème caramel submerged in a pool of coconut milk !!! The coconut jelly is genius – it’s natural, refreshing, and pure coconut water goodness. Their other desserts are aight, so I recommend sticking to the coconuts.

Atum Causeway Bay:

Dedicated strictly to desserts, ATUM Desserant steps up the dessert game in Hong Kong taking an unconventional approach to satisfying that sweet tooth. Straying from traditional Hong Kong dessert spots, ATUM introduces innovative contemporary desserts using flavors familiar to the Chinese palate. They use modern techniques, mainly molecular gastronomy, along with artistic plating and table theatre. With only a handful of bar stools surrounding the dessert bar, a personal dessert specialist is designated to each group for the duration of your meal. ATUM constantly experiments with ingredients and strives to surprise customers with unexpected flavors such as bamboo charcoal, corn, beetroot, truffle and foie gras. Call in advance to make a reservation!


Hanbing is the bomb. This is the closest thing Hong Kong has to the real Korean shaved ice deal. Its shaved ice is light, airy, fluffy, sweet and creamy all at the same time. Choose from blueberry cheesecake, mango, green tea, Oreo, black sesame and injeolmi red bean!

Smile Yogurt:

Hong Kong-based Pastry Chef Tony Wong of Tony Wong Patisserie decided to do froyo a little differently. It’s definitely not the healthiest frozen yogurt on the street, but it’s cot damn tasty and pretty to look at. Tony incorporates a combination of chocolates, fruits, pastries, sauces, and more that often resemble parfaits. This is not your average froyo with toppings such as mango granita, sweet lychee, apple chips, passion fruit, Mikados (chocolate covered biscuits), strawberry meringue, osmanthus jelly, lychee rose sauce, puff pastry nets and more.

Keep enjoying your desserts and stay happy :)