The Best Hotel Booking Websites for Cheapest Deals in Hong Kong

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 23, 2019


When you are going on a trip to Hong Kong, then you probably must have gathered a little bit of information about the place. Amongst the initial few things about Hong Kong, you would often find a mention of the city as an expensive place for naïve travellers. It is indeed true that Hong Kong has areas that are very costly and there are those areas too which are meant for budget-conscious travellers. So in a city which can be really expensive for a stranger, you should better brace yourself with the best and the most budget-friendly options.

The first thing that should concern you as a traveller is the travel accommodation.  It can be a drastic mistake to land in Hong Kong and then think about it because it leaves you vulnerable and ruins your entire trip management with the excessive budget going away in just getting the rooms. But for those who are smart enough, there is a plentiful and diverse range of options that can be managed well ahead of the trip and they are truly cost-efficient and effective at the same time. In fact, you can even manage to get the beach and luxury resorts too if you can fetch some cool deals available on the Luxury Escapes Promo Code. The choice of hotels is also wide and varied which you can book through these best online hotel booking website on the cheapest deals in advance before your trip.



Agoda is definitely one of the most improved websites that have stepped up in recent years. The user interface of this website has been amongst one of the most fluent and smoothest ones. The website also has a list of great lodges and hotels for the budget customers who are looking for rooms in hotels coming under the lower and middle segment of hotels. It also keeps coming up with great deals and offers on a regular basis which you can avail using the Agoda HK Promo Code and get additional discounts on your booking price.

Pros – It is consistently ranked amongst the cheapest hotels booking websites with great offers on bookings and packages.

Cons –  It does not provide the filter with the hotels based on the neighbourhood and areas when it comes to the searching hotel of convenience.


The is one of the premier booking platforms for booking Hong Kong Hotels. The most superior list of range in the upper mid and premium segment of hotels can be found on which also comes along with some of the lowest price deals available online. The website is one of the most trusted brands in the tourism sector as well and it also provides rewards and special offers in the form of Promo Code and tour packages. This website is a name you can rely upon without any shred of doubt as it gives a complete refund and pays later facilities.

Pros – The lowest prices on premium hotels and special rewards for additional benefits on future travel bookings.

Cons–The range of budget hotels is not satisfactory.



Expedia is amongst one of the biggest brands names in the tourism industry and online hotel bookings. The platform is a leader in most of the countries across the globe and Hong Kong is no exception in this regard as you can find a huge collection of hotels and resorts under its website. The range of luxury resorts under the Expedia is especially noteworthy and it is also worth noting that you can get some great travel offers and deals with Expedia Discount Code and the best of all is the bundled tour packages along with its hotels booking services.

Pros – The travel-friendly offers and tour package combos which can save a lot of money if booked as a wholesome trip to the destination.

Cons– The hotel prices and offers may not go down well for those who are not looking for tour packages.

Booking.com_Best_Hotels_Hong_Kong needs no introduction as it is inarguably one of the leading websites not just in Hong Kong but across the world. The range and the number of hotel themes which it has compiled are second to none. The website is no match when it comes to hotels based in prime areas of the city as it certainly has the highest numbers in its tally. The website is known for its genuine and honest pricing which gives a very transparent detail of the amount to be paid by the user right from the front instead of hiding it under terms and conditions in hardly readable small-sized fonts.

Pros – Gives the maximum number of hotels and accommodations available across the city with the most competitive and transparent prices on bookings.

Cons–Lacks the feature to sort out tourism-friendly hotels which travellers would sorely miss while searching for the hotel of their choice.