The Detailed Guide about the Leather Jackets That You Should Follow

Post by Anupam Pandey | Dec 13, 2018

Leather jackets have always been an asset for fashionable men to sport a gutsy masculinity and set a style statement. It is something that is filled with a package of attitude and dashing enigma. The jackets themselves have a lot of credit to give to leather jackets owing to the popularity that they brought for the jackets as an element of fashion. The jackets were otherwise never considered an attire meant for the general people and mostly seen in the army uniforms or as an overcoat meant for protection against extreme cold weather.

The things turned around after the jacket was evolved into the leather-based outfit. It specifically started gaining a lot of attention after it was adopted by many punks, rock music stars and gradually entered the genre of street fashion. Once it got the desired attraction, it still needed a bit of recognition by the elites of the fashion industry which came soon after these attires were sported by many Pilots on a regular basis. The styles kept evolving and they will continue to as change is a process which we are accustomed to as the time passes. But this cannot be denied that Leather jackets have found a profound success and credibility with the time and has grown in influence and popularity in the fashion industry. It has also evolved into many different styles that made it more versatile and provided distinct designs to play with. For instance, a popular leather jacket style is riding jacket which has become immensely popular and serves as a quintessential part of the basic dress code of motorcycle riders. For those seeking quality leather jackets at reasonable prices, use these Zalora Promo Code to avail some cool discount offers on authentic products from the top brands.

How to find the right Leather Jacket at the right price?

If you view the variety of leather jackets available in the market right now, it is unbelievably varied and fluctuates between extremely low to overly expensive price points. The basic thing about the right jacket and its right price is all dependent on one main aspect, which is the quality and kind of leather used for preparing the jacket. The leather in itself can be of many different types and all of them have some distinctive differences too. But at the end of the day, fine leather must exhibit a very soft and supple feel upon touching it. If it does not feel like that on touch, then it is not leather or could also be a very poor quality of leather that hasn’t been processed in the right way before use.

While choosing a leather jacket, it is also very important to carefully examine the stitching patterns and the finesse of a good quality and impressive can be easily made out by having a close look at the seam of the garment. A well stitched and properly designed jacket would not show any odd or unnecessary seams. To put in simple words, it should be ideally similar to the seam of any other ordinary cloth garment. Only good quality leather has this ability to be stitched evenly with allowing the seam to float from its position. A leather jacket which has been carved out of poor quality material would not have that seamlessness as such garments are often made up of smaller pieces used in a very articulated way which should always exhibit uneven seam, unlike the regular clothes.

Which Leather is the most appropriate one for Jacket?

Before discussing the most suitable leather, you should also know about the one which is not apt for use in jackets and should not be bought. You would often find jackets with genuine leather tags that look more sophisticated and smooth. This is more often than not leather made up of lamb shim or calfskin. It is very smooth and buttery to touch and appears gentler than any other type of leather. Though, it must be kept in mind that such leather is not at all meant for durability or tolerant to rough usage and it can easily get damaged and spoiled even without exerting much pressure. So it is an absolutely wrong choice to pick such types of leather jackets.

 The most perfect quality of leather which can be used in jackets is the ‘full grain leather’. These leathers are mostly made up of finest quality hides which possess more thickness giving it a very durable and long lasting product. Such leather would often feel stiff on touching but that is not something one should worry about. Good quality leather might appear stiff and tactile in the beginning, but it slowly breaks down upon usage and starts showing its characteristic natural features. Sometimes, artificial substitute of leather is used in making jackets and presented as a genuine leather jacket to rob more money from the people in the name of leather but actually using polyurethane instead of actual leather.

There is nothing wrong with polyurethane jackets but one should not pay the price of leather for a cheaper artificial substitute. A well-prepared polyurethane jacket can look as good as a leather jacket but it should be sold at much cheaper prices for obvious reasons.

Key Leather Jacket Styles

Biker Jacket

This jacket was originally designed for the bikers for its effectiveness in avoiding any serious injuries to the skin in case of an accidental incident. Such jackets are mostly prepared from thick and tough leather that would not wear out or start to peel out after minute scratches. These jackets are usually made in black colour and have a complete design using the studs and asymmetric zips. This is one of the most loved outerwear which is popularly given the ‘bad boy’ image due to its popularity amongst street style fashionable men and the outrageously risky bikers who love street races. Even though one can easily find biker jackets with symmetric zips too nowadays but the original style of biker jacket is always the asymmetric one due to the fact that bikers usually need to lean forward while driving and asymmetric zippers allow them to do it easily without any discomfort.

The biker jackets became very popular in the late 1950s after it was worn by the famous Hollywood star ‘Marlon Brando’ in his appearances. The biker jacket is a style that has been evolved for action savvy and crazy youths, therefore, it has a very nice matching with the slim fit jeans and boots. Even though, the newer styles of biker jackets which use symmetric zips look really nice as a replacement for blazer along with the formals and ties.

Field Jacket

The field jackets have been one of the more popular dresses that the military uses as its field uniform. These jackets had been there for quite a long time but the use of the leather was started only a few decades ago. Earlier, the field jackets were prepared with the help of a fabric drilled of cotton. The field jackets are also popular as M-65 jackets after their use in Military outfits. The jackets used in the military outfits got to have a number of front packets for the additional stuff which they often need to carry along with them. These jackets also exhibit a hidden placket that makes it appear a bit different from all other jackets. These jackets are mostly made up of rich brown leather and appear very rough and tough from the feel of it.

The field jackets are the longest of all the types of leather jackets one would find. The field jackets have a very nice insulating ability which keeps the body heat under its sheath and helps to stay warm under extreme weathers too. Another important feature of this jacket is that it is more of a shield against many exterior factors that could potentially cause harm. Being made up of leather, these jackets are not able to survive under a wet or rainy condition and should be avoided from getting wet. These jackets look very good with rugged jeans along with a pair of high ankle boots and it is preferably recommended for use in the winter season only.  

Bomber Jacket

Bomber leather jackets are one of those common jackets that you would often spot in every part of the world and have a popularity cult throughout the year thanks to their adaptability. It was designed as a strict winter wear which had its own bona fide niche but its popularity expanded beyond colder regions and it got an interior makeover to make it suitable for the warmer climate conditions too. Even though the interiors might have seen a variation, but the shape of the bomber jackets remains more or less the same except a few minimalistic changes. So it is evident that this jacket looks the best in its true state of origin and therefore nothing has succeeded in bringing any considerable influence on its style.

The bomber jackets are usually the ones which we could often see in the movies or television screens as these jackets look really classy and sober in their elegant design that gives a really nice fashionable look. These jackets have a very consistent shape which is easily recognizable from the first look itself. It has a cropped body shape with a central zip that makes it a suitably fitted outerwear. The bombers usually have a fitted waistline along with the cuffs. The bomber jackets are popular not just with the leather but also with other fabrics as well such as nylon and polyester mix. If you want to get a branded bomber jacket, you can get it cheaply using the Farfetch Promo Code HK to save a lot from the billed amount.

Flight Jacket

These are one of the oldest and heaviest leather jackets and therefore often called the ‘Daddy’ jacket too. Upon the arrival of flight jackets, these jackets found a tremendous fame thanks to its usage by the high profile airmen and pilots who would appear in these lavish jackets most of the times. These jackets are very warm due to their thickness and can make a person really uncomfortable with the sheer bulky nature that they possess.

These jackets are advised to be used strictly in the cold climate or low-temperature areas where one needs to keep the body protected in the extreme cold conditions. These jackets are also really expensive because they use the richest quality ‘full grain’ leather with a very thick skin that apparently makes them bulkier too. These jackets are therefore seen a premium luxury attires which is seen as a symbol of wealth for any person wearing it, especially in posh-high profile events. These jackets usually come with a detachable sheepskin collar which is not exactly a good idea to be worn in modern parties and celebrations. This jacket is most suited to a very elegant slim fit and a tailored pair of outfit that uses plain solid colours and made up of light fabric.

Things to Remember


·         Always keep the jacket with a correct method i.e. around the padded hanger to ensure that it lasts longer and doesn’t get stretched or draped as it might shorten the life of leather or even deform the leather.   

·         There’s nothing to care about the trends when it comes to leather jackets so always make sure that your comfort and suitability is all you need to care about while buying a leather jacket.

·         Do not go for fancy or odd coloured leather jackets, the leather jackets look good in the most neutral and colourless appearance. Always prefer Black or Brown or Dar Tan colours.


·         Wear the leather jackets in rain or allow them to get wet as the moisture can rupture the leather and this leads to the appearance of cracks on the leather surface.

·         Never wash the leather jackets or wipe it with a damp cloth or bleach or any other chemical. In case to clean any marks, only use a dry soft and clean cotton cloth to wipe it gently.

·         Do not buy leather jackets just because you saw some signs of wearing on your current jacket. You can easily get it tanned and polished and it would again look a new one.