Tips on How to Make Your Flight Experience Perfect!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Oct 01, 2018

The first step towards having a better flight is when you have a better seat. Those days are gone when flying was considered glamorous and expensive. Now, the flight options are much more economical and cheaper, which has made many travellers a sense of relief and has made them travel more often. 

Though now flights are no more an expensive mode of transport somehow, now the seats are smaller, the leg room space is more restricted and the airlines are charging extra for every service now including luggage and snacks. But, these things don’t essentially mean that we have to resign ourselves from air travelling but by being a bit clever and by knowing right ways, you can improve the experience of travel, regardless of centralized safety regulations and get rid of snoring seatmates.

In this article, we have rounded up a few essential tips and some facts that will help you in having a good flight experience. Remember, the primary goal of our tips is to benefit you, the traveller, and let you give you some knowledge on flight especially if you are planning to travel for the first time.  

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What things Men and Women worry about before their flight?

The most important thing which men and women worry about before their flight is the on-departure time and the second most important thing they are concerned with is to be at the airport on time. Then, comes other things like Legroom space, seat selection, airport security, bag check and boarding order.

How People Select Their Seats?

While making a journey, about 39% of people complained that they felt uncomfortable during flight. reveals desirable airline seating behaviour faced by passengers.

  • 29% of passengers prefer to be seated at the quiet area of the plane.
  • 27% of passengers select a seat based on the functionality to be able to recline.
  • 22% of passengers want a seat where they are given facility of keeping hand luggage.
  • 16% of passengers look for an aisle seat.
  • 14% of passengers select seats on the basis of food and drinks served to them on first place.
  • 14% of passengers prefer to be seated at a place near the bathroom.
  • 13% of passengers want an under seat storage facility.
  • 13% want a place away from the bathroom so that they do not get disturbed very often.
  • 12 % of passengers want a seat where they can get power port access.
  • 11% of passengers have a preference to be seated near the emergency exit.

How Airline passengers spend their time during their journey?

When talking about passengers spending their time on flight then the majority of people about 16% of passengers spend their time while sleeping, 15% spend time while watching in-flight movies or television, 12% read magazines or newspaper, 9% watch movies on their personal devices, 7% converse with co-passengers, other 7% spend time by eating in-flight food, while 6% prefer working on phone and so on.

Airplane Etiquettes

  • 63% of people like to recline their seats so back that they are in your lap.
  • 55% of people place their elbows on the armrest that there is no room for you
  • 53% of people get rude to cabin crew and staff attendees. 

Air Passengers Experience on Flight

  • 4/5 Passengers like to read in-flight magazines

Many passengers prefer to read magazines over newspapers. They say that they like to spend 13.7 minutes on the average reading in-flight magazine.

  • #1 improvement area is in-flight connectivity

About 43% of the people aged between 35 and 54 said that they are most engaged in social media and social connectivity.

  • 24% of passengers prefer to purchase alcohol in-flight

Among the passengers, 24% men and 20% of women buy alcohol in flight. Mostly 36% of Australian’s prefer buying Alcohol in-flight as compared to Americans (35%) and Brits (33%).

  • 51% of prefers to buy in-flight snacks or meals

As most of the people prefer to buy food before they are boarded on the flight, still over half respondents still want to buy in-flight snacks or meals.

  • 7 out of 10 passengers are convinced with the quality and selection of in-flight snacks and meals

Majority of passengers said that they are fully convinced with the quality and taste of in-flight snacks and meal served.

  • #1 female preference in-flight was an improvement in lavatories

26% of women passengers wanted improved and upgraded lavatories when compared just 16% of men.

Hope, the above tips and tricks will let you have a great flight experience and you could enjoy a great time on a flight.


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