Travel Hong Kong Without Spending a Penny on the Trips

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jul 25, 2019

This is not an exaggerated claim and for anybody who has any dubious questions in mind, he can actually go through the tours mentioned below and go crazy about it. This statement actually means what is being said in it. If you have ever visited Hong Kong, you would not have doubted it but for those who are yet to visit, it might be a pill hard to swallow. Hong Kong is one of the hottest travel destinations of the globe and also a very crucial trade junction between the east and the west. As a hub of tourism, Hong Kong has a whole lot of attractions that keep the visitors on their toes in excitement.

One problem often seen with such popular tourist places is the highly inflated prices and the abundance of choices which leaves the travellers confused in planning what to do and where to go within their limited tour schedule. This is a spoiler which ruins a number of trips and leaves many people in disarray and disappointment of not being able to make the most out of their trip. So when I am telling you that you can not only find the solution for better planning and management of your Hong Kong Trip but also manage an entire tour without spending a single penny in between it, from  the start right up to the end, then I believe you should show some perseverance and go through this the informative piece I have brought for your betterment. If you have cracked a plan alright, then remember to use the Cheaptickets Promo Code while booking you flight tickets to ensure maximum savings on your ticket price. 


Hong Kong receives millions of visitors every year and most of them come here for the sole purpose of travelling and sightseeing. Such is the fame and aura of this beautiful destination that almost 25% of its annual visitors are the ones who have already visited Hong Kong once or more before in their life but still wanted to capture and feel more of Hong Kong. For this very same experience of travelling and sightseeing, Hong Kong has this brilliant concept of Hong Kong Pass which is a prepaid service that allows users free access to 14 popular destinations. The HK Pass also avails special privilege services as one need not stand in queues or wait for their chances after getting a pass. The passes can be bought online activated using the Hong Kong Pass Promo Code, you can get exclusive discounts on your passes too. Once you buy them, you can activate them whenever you want to, via mobile or downloaded on a paper. This basically saves you from the hassles of running for forex exchange or money change, looking for coins, wasting time in queues and buying tickets etc by allowing you free entry. Here are some of the popular tours where you can use these Passes.

Hong Kong Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Hong Kong Island has a whole array of urban diversity that covers the most cultural and traditional street temples to the mammoth skyscrapers, bussy street markets to high profile shopping malls. Hong Kong shows you a truly unique range from the lows to the highs and vice versa of the urban communities. So if anything, you can explore the city itself for a surreal feel of life. It takes you on a journey unlike anywhere else, as you can simply hop-on and hop-off from one bus to the other without any worries about the ticket, all thanks to the Pass.

This Bus Hopping journey would take you through more than 20 bus stops along the way, where you can get down and roam till your heart wishes to, and hop-on to the next bus for the next stop. How cool and simple is it? There are 3 Bus Tour lines in Hong Kong which you should learn about before starting your hop-on hop-off bus tour.

Bus Tour Lines

Hong Kong Island Tour (Red route) 
First Bus: 9:30 am, Last Bus: 6 pm

Kowloon Tour (Blue route)
First Bus: 10 am, Last Bus: 6 pm

Stanley Tour (Green route)
First Bus: 9:45 am, Last Bus 4:45 pm

Ocean Park

This park was started in the year 1977. Even though it is basically premised as an amusement park, but it would be unjust to assume that it is a place confined to just amusement alone. Amusement rides are a big part of Ocean Park but there is much more to explore than just that. Thrill rides such as rollercoasters and water slides have been the major attractions that made this place popular in its initial decade.

But as it grew in popularity, the range of exploring activities and experiences eclipsed beyond amusement park and spread further into animal sciences and specifically the marine world. There are more than 400 species of marine animals in the Grand Aquarium of the Ocean Park Today. Not only the marine animals but the park also provides a safe sanctuary to various other endangered species and those which are being on declines such as Koalas of Australia, Sea Lions of Polar regions, Penguins, Walruses, Bottlenose Dolphins, Salamandar, Gaint Pandas, Red Pandas and many others.

Today, this park is not just an amusement park but a wholesome package for kids and adults where everybody can come and enjoy their time. In fact, Ocean Park is now considered a part of the heritage of Hong Kong and its people for the impeccable value that it has attained over the years.

Ocean Park Facts

  • Ocean Park has now introduced the VR rollercoaster - VR Mine Train
  • The Ocean Park also provides a cable car ride of distance 1.5 km.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum stores the lone prevailing history of Hong Kong that has been associated with the Maritime world. This museum located near Victoria Harbour is a treasure in its own right especially when you consider the fact that Hong Kong has always been used as a coastal border by the Chinese Traders and relatively dependent on the same for the entire growth and development story during the British Administration too.

But the history goes back very deep as these islands were perpetually used by the Pirates for hiding their treasures and other precious goods to safeguard it from others. There are many stories and tales told about such pirates and their treasure, even though you can never tell whether those stories are true or not, but one thing that you will surely be able to tell after visiting this museum is that it is a gem you just can’t afford to miss out on.

Hong Kong Facts

  •  Hong Kong was once a small village located near the coastal trade border of China.
  • There were about 70000 pirates in the region of the South China Sea during the 19th century. 
  • You can still explore the hidden caves of pirates on Cheung Chau Island where the stolen goods were secretively stored.

Peak Tram Sky Pass

The Peak is one of the most renowned and iconic tourism landmarks of Hong Kong. It is profoundly used in most of the tourism brochures and advertising images for the impressive landscape view of the Hong Kong cityscape offered by the peak. The panoramic view of the whole stretching across from the Victoria Harbour to the Kowloon Islands, from the outlying Lamma Islands to the Lantau on the aisles, Peak gives an exhilarating view of entire Hong Kong and serves as a terrace to the whole region altogether.  

To visit the Peak, you can take the ride to the Peak with Peak Tram Pass. The ride in itself is a great experience enjoyable to every bit of it as it goes slowly over to the top. The journey from the Central to the peak is not long when you consider the distance between the two places, but the time is taken while going up is much more due to the height and the lower speed and power of trams than the trains. On the contrary, the return journey just takes 12 minutes. But the scenic views of this tram ride is a major attraction which makes this journey exciting.

Victoria Peak Facts

  • The Peak Tram was first started in1888 and continuously carried passengers ever since then.
  • On an average over 11,000 people use the Peak Tram every day and up to 7 million people annually visit the Peak.
  • The Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong island.

Ngong Ping Cable Car Ride & Guided Tour

There is a different side of Hong Kong awaiting to be explored by you in Lantau Island's Northern region. The Ngong Ping Cable Car ride is an exhilarating flight that completes in about 25-minutes while taking you through gallops of sceneries all along. You can start from the noble point of Tung Chung and slowly move upwards along the green grass hills. The cable car ride gives some glimpses of stunning vistas of the surroundings of the Big Buddha Statue along with statue itself, while also laying some handful sight over the Hong Kong International Airport.

Apart from the Cable Car ride, there are many other things that you need to explore in Lantau as well, so don't forget about them in a fit of over-enthusiasm. You can avail the Promo Code formerly known as Ctrip HK to grab best tour packages with expert guides of the traditional and cultural villages of Ngong Ping, various heritages sites, Po Lin Monastery, Gaint Buddha Statue, Tai-O Fishing Village, and other intricate aspects of the locals and the area.

Do not forget to experience the shopping market at Tai-O where you can find one of its kind floating market, that requires buyers to hop from one boat to the other. Also, grab the taste of fresh seafood here to get some of the best fresh food recipes the world has ever known. Make sure that you check out the stilt houses on the aisles of the island before ending your trip of Lantau...

Ngong Ping & Big Buddha facts
  • The overall stretch of the cable car ride covers 5.7-kilometre taking 25 minutes on an average.
  • Big Buddha Statue is the tallest statue of Lord Buddha in a seated posture with a height of 35 metres.
  • It was very difficult to reach the Po Lin Monastery and the Statue before this Cable Car set up.

Sky 100 Observation Deck

This is an observation platform built at an altitude of 393 metres on the International Commerce Center (ICC) which is apparently the tallest building in the Hong Kong region. The sky100 Observation Deck is built on the 100th floor of this sky-high megastructure providing an outstanding view of the Hong Kong Cityscape during the Light and Sound Show held each and every day at 8 PM called 'Symphony of the Night'.

Most of the images of Hong Kong that you would often stumble upon are most likely going to have one picture of the panoramic shot taken from the observation deck because it is simply fabulous. The view from the deck covers a hefty span of the city and therefore it is always insisted as one of the must-visit places for the travellers to experience urban jungle and its breath-taking magnanimous man-made infrastructures gleaming in artificially lit up environment amidst the dusky evening sun.

There are a few other things too that you can try in the same building. For the cultural interests, you can find the multimedia exhibition providing an engaging informative and interesting insight about the place and its culture from the past. For the ones looking for something more intuitive, there is a virtual flying experience offered by the 'Sky-High Tech Zone' in a one of its kind experience curated out of Augmented Reality and Multimedia Reality.

Sky 100 Facts 

  • It's the 10th tallest building in the world and the tallest building in Hong Kong.
  • This building holds the record for having the highest swimming pool and bar in the world.