Visiting Hong Kong - What To Do In 4 Days And Suggested Itinerary 2019!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Feb 22, 2019

In this blog post, you will learn some best places in Hong Kong where you can spend your best four days. Though it is impossible to squeeze a city so vast in just four days, this Hong Kong itinerary will surely help you experience the best things about Hong Kong in the short period of time!

An enigma enfolded up in the mystery, Hong Kong is an ideal choice by many people, offering extremes of adventure, whose stratospheric rise majorly as a worldwide power centre that matches up the upward course of its never-ending beautiful skyline. 

The name Hong Kong inspires people differently with visions of a chaotic, jam-packed city, soaring skyscrapers, chunky smog, endless noodle stands, big money and wild nights out are some best ways to feel ecstatic. Undoubtedly, this place has been the number one choice for many travellers as they are guaranteed here world-class facility; the pace offers a sense of crowd and change to keep the food continuously coming!

When you step in this busy city having a population of over eight million inhabitants along with the biggest hub airport, you will be overwhelmed with its size and especially because the places are not too crowded. 

So, starting with what best things you could do in Hong Kong, one can scratch up their head and might be confused in choosing in the place and finding out from where to start their adventure trip. 

Hong Kong is a city that cannot be explored in one or two days. There are so many high points and must-see places for which you require at least 4 days so that you can make most of the moment. 

Here we share with you best four-day Hong Kong itinerary which will help you in making most of your trip, steer you off the beaten path, and show you best ways to visit one of the most on-the-go cities in the world. Get ready and book your hotels, flights, and fun activities to do there from, Cheaptickets, and Klook respectively.

What Do in Hong Kong: Day 1

Here are some best places where you can visit for your first day trip to Hong Kong!

  • The Hong Kong Museum of History 

If you are visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History then you must first understand its past. The museum offers you an excellent overview of Hong Kong’s long and compound past. There are some creative exhibits relating to the archaeologically, social history, ethnography, and natural history of the region. It’s so big that you need at least 2–4 hours for your visit. Book your tickets to some fun activities and get admission at a very affordable price using Klook promo code and there is also an audio tour available that make your tour worthwhile.

  • Walk through Kowloon Park 

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After being inquisitive, head to Kowloon Island’s massive park that features a lavish swimming pool, a fitness centre, little ponds where you can see the ducks swimming, Chinese garden offering plenty of rest areas where you can easily stay and relax to run away from the oppressive Hong Kong heat. It’s one best choice places to watch people fly in the city.

  • The street markets in Mong Kok

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Shopping is something which no one can resists. This area offers the largest and busiest markets where one can soak up the frantic atmosphere, highlights, and noise of Hong Kong. The crowds and shop keepers scene in the market demonstrates Hong Kong’s on-the-move spirit. There are many shops for shoppers to enjoy their purchasing. The two best markets where you can shop at budget prices is Ladies Market (where you can shop clothing, accessories, and mementoes) and the Temple Street Night Market (popular flea market).

  • Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade  

Next, mark your trip to Tsim Sha Promenade by taking a stroll along the waterfront and enjoy some breathtaking skyline view of Hong Kong Island. Also, make your trip memorable by visiting the Avenue of Stars, enter at the Hollywood “Walk of Fame,” where one enjoys the stars of Chinese and Western film alike. There are some exciting shops, restaurants, and big outdoors where one can have traditional Cantonese food. 

  • Take the Star Ferry

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This is one thing that shouldn’t be ignored. Later in the night time, you could ride in the star ferry across the harbour from Kowloon Island to Hong Kong Island and enjoy some fantastic views of the city skyline. 

What Do in Hong Kong: Day 2

On your second day trip, follow this routine:

  • Ride Ngong Ping 360

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On your second day in Hong Kong, make it a little adventurous and take a ride on the cable car that runs a little over 3.5 miles, from Tung Chung across the bay toward the airport and there onward to Lantau Island, where you can visit the Po Lin Monastery. The cable car ride will offer you a panoramic view of the airport, waterfront, an entire city before it moves ahead through the nearby mountains. The whole ride will last will 25 minutes. Lantau Island is one touristy place, where one can take a ride to the monastery offering worthwhile views of the city and small islands surrounding Hong Kong.

Book in your flight tickets well in advance using Cheaptickets promo code and entail yourself to enjoy each moment with fun.

  • Take a Food Tour 

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After spending your morning on the cable car, it is time to take an incredible view of Hong Kong and thereon spend lunchtime taking a food tour. Hong Kong is the best spot for all food lovers; you can find a diverse range of cuisines and food options from around the world. You may need a local guide to explore hidden places and for advice on the best food tour. 

  • Rent a junk boat

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After enjoying your heart filled food, it’s time to explore in those classic boats with the largest sail you would have seen in a movie. It will be a fun way to sail around the harbour on full-day and enjoy half-day trips. You can rent a boat in a group along with a large group of friends (more than 15 or so) and relish some crazy time with them. 

What Do in Hong Kong: Day 3

On your third day, come near the culture and tradition:

  • Walk the Ping Shan Heritage Trail

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The Ping Shan Heritage Trail, located in the New Territories (the city is often less visited by northern district), this track will make you lead at some important sights of Tang clan: the walled Hakka community of Tsang Tai Uk, the Fu Shin Street customary Bazaar, Che Kung Temple, Man Mo Temple, and the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Just remember, that not all historic buildings are open to the public. So, before you decide a place to travel, learn whether you are allowed to travel there or not.

Or another option you can take is to visit the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail. It begins at the Taoist temple complex of Fung Ying Seen Koon and thereon visits the walled villages of Ma Wat Wai and Lo Wai before the 18th-century Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall.

This is one best part of Hong Kong where you must travel and is often skipped by tourists, trails, meandering the rural area invited by giant metropolis and downtown area.

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum 

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This museum represents the city’s past and art love. There are so many large exhibits about the New Territories and an opera house where many exciting performances take place. It fills up the blanks left from the Hong Kong History Museum and offers an artistic culture of the city. The museum is located near the beautiful Sha Tin Park and Shing Mun River and is one of the interesting museums to pay for your visit.  

  • Che Kung Temple 

Down the road from Heritage museum is a temple which is dedicated to Che Kung. Best place during the Southern Song Dynasty (during 1127–1279) in antique China. The temple is compound and mostly filled up with crowds and tourists. So, when you are visiting here, be prepared for crowds and see the traditional architecture and intricate sculptures that you're your visit worth travelling. 

What Do in Hong Kong: Day 4

On your last day of the trip, experience high points and say goodbye to Hong Kong in style!

  • The Peak Tram

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The peak tram is one of the top list activities to do which you can enjoy on your last day of the trip. This tram ride will surely be an unforgettable adventure. Head to the top of the Peak at Hong Kong Island’s known as the largest mountain at a height of 1,700 feet. There are too many things to do, including the ride on a funicular towards the top where you relish the spectacular 180-degree views of the skyscrapers of Victoria Harbor, Kowloon, and the nearby hilly areas. Probably, it is the best view to see the city.

  • Hong Kong Museum of Art

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This museum is one charming and captivating place that displays Chinese ceramic objects, terra cotta, rhinoceros horns, and beautiful Chinese paintings of the contemporary art formed by Hong Kong artists. Once you visit here, you’ll want to come again and again, so it is better to book your hotel room near this place from online using promo code and enjoy booking at slashed prices.

  • Experience the nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong

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Lan Kwai Fog is an interesting nightlife and party area in Hong Kong. Once you visit here, you’ll be welcomed by tons of bars, clubs, shisha (water pipes), and economical drinks. The nights at LKF is quite wild — you will notice, the streets are crowded, people get drunk very often, and receive shots like candy. So, if you want to go a little wild at the last day of your trip, then it is the best place where you can all forget everything and dance all night.

Few Other Must Do Things to Do and See in Hong Kong

Besides doing the above things, if you get time then you must try the following things. All the below activities and things will add to your travel experience and create an everlasting impression.

  •  Day trip to Macau 

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Take a trip to the gambling mecca of Macau which you can reach by taking a short boat ride away. Book your flight ticket from online at budget price from Cheaptickets and ensure 60-75–minute boat ride from Hong Kong’s ferry terminal that will let you enjoy best areas including the former Portuguese colony, filled with gigantic modern casinos, leisurely walk at the historic streets surrounded by the Portuguese-inspired houses, and indulge in heart-full meal on egg tarts, a renowned local forte.

  • Take a cooking class 

As already discussed that Hong Kong is a country full of food, therefore, why not learn to cook food when you are in Hong Kong. You can take a cooking class and learn some best recipes that satisfy your taste buds.

  • Go Hiking

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Hiking and adventure can never be ruled out when you are in Hong Kong. Though the city may be densely packed scenic hiking in the outer mountains and islands are one best spot where you can enjoy your time. There are a lot of tracks where you can follow especially in the emergent parts of the New Territories. 

  • Visit Disneyland 

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If you are planning to go with family for Hong Kong trip or if travelling solo in touch with your inner child, Disneyland is must visit. There you can have lots of fun, enjoyment, hang out with Mickey Mouse and shake hands with sea creatures and create many memories.

In a city of eight million people, Hong Kong is definitely one of the most famous cities where there are countless things to do and see. Anyone, visiting this country can fill up weeks exploring the beauty of Hong Kong, islands, markets, restaurants, sights, and nightlife and still not see it all.