What another country to visit for 3 nights from Hong Kong

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 26, 2019


Sometimes the best thing you can gift to yourself is a nice trip and holiday to outskirts country. But this doesn’t mean that all outskirts places will offer you the best things. The trick is to choose the right country near Hong Kong without travelling long distances. Continue reading the below article to find the best country you can travel for 3 nights from Hong Kong city.

Frankly speaking, there are multiple options for you but we have mentioned about a country based on their nearness, beauty, travel experience, budget and things to do.

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Let’s check out a list of cheapest country to visit for 3 nights from Hong Kong.

Experience the Philippines for three days!

The Philippines is one top and must country to travel if you are travelling from Hong Kong. Probably, it is the nearest and must travel place if you want to experience the beautiful beaches, attractive hotspots, and unlimited opportunities.

Day 1: Fly to Cebu


Cebu city is a lively, energetic, and one of the important city in South East Asia. Having a population ranging from 10 lakh or 1 million with different influences of Spanish Colonial history. It includes the city of Carcar, Naga, Danao, Lapu-Lapu, Talisay, and Mandaue.

The flight to the dreamy city of Cebu is in budget and costs you just at $951HKD return. Also, you could find cheap hotels at your favorite place by using the unique Hotels.com promo code on your bookings. The street food and the clear blue ocean is frankly the highlight of the city.

Here are a few things what you should do in a day.

  • Do breakfast at Jollibee
  • Visit the historical and famous architectural Fort San Pedro
  • Then head to Basilica Del Santo Nino church in the afternoon
  • Lunch at Colon Street
  • Feel relax and rejuvenated in the Spa at the hotel.
  • Go Ayala Mall and shop everything you like
  • Enjoy the dinner at the top of Cebu city in the night time.

Day 2: Fly to Manila


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and densely populated city that attracts millions of tourists from all around the world every year. The populated bayside city on the island of Luzon mixes with modern skyscrapers. Intramuros is a walled city in colonial times and is one of the nicest and centre is the heart of Old Manila. It’s home to the baroque 16th-century San Agustin Church as well as Fort Santiago is a great spot to visit.

If you want to experience the best time in Manila then head your trip to the country most famous place and book your flight tickets using Expedia discount code and head to Caticlan Airport to reach your Manila.

Here are a few things to do places to visit in one day.

  • Fort Santiago
  • Manila Cathedral
  • San Agustín Church
  • Visit the Revellín de la Puerta Real de Bagumbayan
  • Plaza San Luis Complex & Casa Manila
  • Japanese prison
  • Baluarte de San Francisco de Dilao
  • Baluarte de San Diego

Day 3: Fly to Boracay


Your Boracay trip can be one right choice if you want to experience the balance in the water. It is a small island located in the Central Philippines and popularly known for the mesmerizing resorts and beaches near the west.

If you want to travel the famous white sand Boracay island then fly to Kalibo and take an hour private ride of 20 min boat and you’ll be parting out with an over $1000HKD. You can continue your route from Manila and from there on catch flight on to Caticlan. Your next step will be to find a discounted hotel in Boracay. Further on, you can get around the beautiful island and explore all the locations and surroundings from here.

Here are a few things you can do in one day in Boracay island.

  • Relax on a white beach
  • Explore Boracay’s other popular beaches
  • Indulge in amazing water fun activities and enjoy boat rides
  • Go sailing, double outrigger sailboats and visit the unqiue places on the Boracay island. 

So, get ready for an exciting trip to these popular places in the Philippines and make your vacation turn bright.