What To Wear In Hong Kong: Fashion List Year-Round Travel

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 14, 2019


Hong Kong is a destination that keeps travellers in an exciting mode but besides getting excited a few other things need your concern. Dressing upright according to weather, fashion, and the location is equally important as finding places to explore. So, after you have booked in your flight and hotel rooms, it’s time you must start planning what to wear in Hong Kong and demands savvy packing skills.


From the rough, tapered sidewalks to harsh summer heat and wet winter months, the country/city has all different types of weather that make it one of the most preferred destinations to travel. The “Fragrant Harbor” season forces you to build your own Hong Kong packing list and create a style quotient and style.


Starting with the Hong Kong Style


Though there is no specific fashion style that Hong Kongers prefer, as they change it from time to time and season to season. The country is one of the most high-tech and cosmopolitan cities in Asia and a centre of business, information, finance, trade and freight. With so many industries and international companies established here, it brings many international expats to visit the country to find themselves a stable job.

Locals and expats take up the credit to set a high standard of clothing choices.


How to choose Right Dress according to Weather in Hong Kong

Money is a huge driving force in Hong Kong because of the business culture and this is the reason many brands and designer labels can be easily found in malls. You can shop some of the best luxury brands in the market for tax-free.

Or if budget is your concern then you can either take it second-hand copy at Ladies Market or Stanley Market or can shop it online using Farfetch promo code that allows you get branded items at cheap rates.

What to Wear in Hong Kong for different seasons


During Winter

The winter months are mostly chilly with occasional rains. The average temperature ranges 17 degree Celsius, 63 degrees Fahrenheit with 72% humidity. The Northwest winter winds drop the temperature to 10 degree Celsius/ 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Look here some best suggestions on what you can wear in the winter months.


Top, Jeans, and Jacket with Accessories and Boots
Though the temperature in winter months is not too cold and bears in mind that the air is damp and buildings are constructed to hold the heat. So, if you are travelling between Novembers to January months then leave your flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, flowy dresses at home and prefer taking long sleeve shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes/boots.

The above picture look is the perfect look you can opt for winter months. This style will make you feel fashionable as well as you as easily make a statement. You can shop everything from online using Yoox promo code and get a discount on your purchases.


During Summer


Summertime is the hot and humid weather that is perfect to enjoy the time in Hong Kong. The temperature ranges from 28 degrees Celsius/82 degree Fahrenheit with 80% humidity.

You can dress up in a light dress that offers breathable fabric and can be easily worn out for a long day.


Loose T-Shirt Fabrics



Your Hong Kong packing summer list must include loose t-shirts and tank tops are also the best options to choose. Avoid too light shades as you might get caught by the monsoon rains, so the better option is to choose a good and medium shade colour like yellow, light green, orange, and choose leggings skirts or shorts as the humidity can be very high.


Leggings can also be one best option to invest your money as it will save your inner thighs as well as the hot weather won’t have a bad effect on your skin. You can shop some desirable branded attires online and use the unique Ssense promo code on your purchase to make your shopping affordable and budget-friendly.


During Spring


The spring season means warm, wet, and unstable weather with an average temperature ranging from 23 degrees Celsius/73 degree Fahrenheit with 82% humidity.


Here’s how you must dress up for the season in Hong Kong.


Lightweight jacket



Opt lightweight jackets, cardigan or sweater - there are some must-buy Hong Kong parking list with water-resistant shoes and quick-drying fabrics. Dressing in style in layers is a season's first choice as it gives you confidence throughout the day. So, leave your umbrella and pick up the most suitable stylish wear or grab the umbrella in the town as when needed.


During Autumn


The autumn months are warm, pleasant and clear sunny days with an average temperature ranging from 23 degrees Celsius/73 degree Fahrenheit having 72% humidity.


Look here the best style to stay fashionable during monsoon and autumn months.


Shorts or Long Pants paired with light layer tops



Hong Kong is a hot and warm city that changes weather according to months but mostly this weather is most prevalent. Even the weather changes quickly on a dime, this means managing hair can be difficult and you might have to handle the bad hair day’s pressure.


The months from June to August is the peak travelling season with great humidity. The monsoon and tropical rainfalls prepare you to fight from humidity and also carry a lightweight raincoat and umbrella. You can wear either long pants or shorts but layer it well with the light layered top. Layering will always be the best way to get the best style.


How to Dress according differently at different places

  • Travelling for business


If you are travelling Hong Kong for work, you must understand that locals dress up fairly conservation and don’t flaunt too much skin or unnecessary style. For business or professional style the favourable colours are black, white, navy blue, grey tones, as these colours will give you the perfect opportunity to dress and will offer you confidence in your attire.


Working women can prefer to dress suit in black and choose modest heels. Her style and colour preference play a big role in making her look unique. Choose to style in a piece of jade or designer handbag that gives you a fully professional look and let you get an expression of wealth and stature.

  • Young Girl Fashion


The young Hong Kongers love to dress up in a pop of colour with an added touch of quirkiness. The vintage, cartoonish, or even hip-hop-influenced designers prefer to wear graphic tees and prefer to shop from small boutique shops.


It creates a sense of style and the young girls can easily roam in the streets in confidence.


Dress up for Victoria Harbor


Victoria Harbour is the number one spot in Hong Kong which no one wants to miss on their trip. Like the deep waters surround Manhattan, ships can easily navigate the search of water and tourists can witness the firsthand one of the most active ports in the world.


The harbour is edged by the northern shore of Hong Kong Island and refers it locally as “Hong Kong side” and “Kowloon side” where you will witness crowd in huge proportions. You must dress something accordingly.



Here are a few must-have purchase items which you can purcahse from online shopping site in Hong Kong exploring Victoria Harbor:

  • Flat Shoes

Due to limited flatland in Hong Kong, get ready to prepare yourself verticality. Grab yourself supportive flat shoes that hug well to your feet and wear it comfortably to easily navigate, narrow, and walk through the sloping sidewalks. And if you are travelling during the winter season then choose little sticky shoes that can endure downpours and can easily walk uphill as compared to other big cities.  


  • Cute Backpacks or Messenger Bags

Victoria Harbor is a place that attracts several tourists and this is the reason the place is crowded with people. To beat the heavy crowd and walk through smoothly, you must carry a messenger style bag or one of the cute backpacks that will let your hands-free and you can easily find the way in the crowd.


  • Dress in layers

The weather in Hong Kong is not stable. So for instance, if you are travelling Victoria Harbor in the day time then in the night it might get cold because of the surrounding water. To survive the mixed temperature, layering is the best way to opt. This means when you will feel cold, you can wear the layered shrug/jacket and when you feel hot, you can remove the jacket.


  • Get raincoats or Umbrellas

As the weather in Hong Kong is mostly humid, so there are a lot of chances that it might get rain suddenly. To survive the weather and to stay protected for the weather, you must keep things handy. Buy yourself a good umbrella or raincoat that will help you during the rainy season and you can easily make your vacation successful. Though people generally prefer umbrellas instead of raincoats as an umbrella can also block the sun and will cool down your preferred area. Even older people use the tall umbrella as their walking assistance with a rubber stopper at the end instead of cane.


Packing Tips

So, if you are ready to hit Hong Kong, you can easily survive for all different seasons and make you each day count. Visit online store Ssense where you will get unlimited options and items to purchase at best rates. Also, for further discount, you can choose the Ssense discount code and get some amazing fashion apparels, shoes, and other useful accessories at discounted rates.

Start by getting all in your sized bag! You can choose an Outbreaker travel backpacker having well-designed pockets that keep things organized and safe.




Here are few these you must know while packing your bags and what things you must never forget on your trip to Hong Kong:

  • Start with packing all chargers and cables in a separate bag and keep it in a small bag to make it easily accessible.
  • Keep your Ziploc bags handy and use it to keep some rubbish items for hiking purposes like to quarantine stinky shoes, bathing suits, snack needs on the go.
  • Get a travel-size container for jewellery and keep toiletries, personal items and more useful items in it.
  • Dry sheets are also the best way to roll in your clothes and keep them fresh along the way.  
  • You can use power strips that allow you to charge gadgets, voltage capacity and more useful items.
  • While packing, roll your clothes as it saves space as well as it reduces wrinkles and lines on clothes.
  • Make the most of the space and use every bit of the available space to keep things like socks, sneakers, hair, and makeup bag.
  • Grab a bag, pack your outfit with extra underwear and carry it in the luggage for “just-in-case” scenario.
  • Keep your medications, tech gear, and luggage handy to pack up quickly.
  • Don’t forget to pack duct tape, as it can fix anything easily!
  • Throw a travel sewing kit in case of clothing emergencies.
  • As already discussed, raincoats and travel size umbrellas are important to take with you.
  • Get an indoor clothesline to hang your wet gear while taking a shower.
  • Keep out some essential clothes with you and get laundry and snack bags to keep things handy.

Follow all the above travel tips and you are ready to leave in for an exciting travel vacation to Hong Kong. Make sure you keep everything in advance. So, the best way is to start by deciding on when you will travel to Hong Kong, what will be the weather and then accordingly decide on the apparel to take with you.