When In Hong Kong You Are Eligible To Party All Night!!!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Nov 24, 2016

Fashion discussed, travel discussed, trends also done, now am tired or should I say that upcoming weekend is urging me to talk about crazy night life. Hmmm, so blame the weekend magic which is pushing me to talk only about “Party, Drinks and Dance”! 

You know what? My mantra of partying is being wild and crazy with friends. Being carefree about people around or if bluntly said, who cares man? ;) It’s only my people and my freedom that should be with me to enjoy, rest can go to hell!!! 

If you are a crazy party animal too, then why don’t you explore the clubs at Hong Kong.  Don’t stare at me, there are people who just to appease their thirst of amusement travel round the world and who knows that someone like them comes across this article! How thankful he/she would be to me ;)

Hong Kong, where people live carefree is a place having amazing clubs, where night never sleeps and music never stops. So do you wish to be there? Did I hear YES? So come with me to know the best party dens in Hong Kong.



Like the name says, the club is open for fun play ;) Play has the biggest dance floor in Central, measuring 8,000 square feet which tends to fill up quickly. Another interesting thing there is the amazing and innovative cocktails which each week have some newness. 

XXX Gallery

Okay now this is one strange yet fancy place where you can wild and dance till you drop. The best part is you don’t have to pay high for drinks as you will have to bring your own drinks. Besides, playing electro and dubstep, party lovers here can also enjoy film screenings, arts events and live music here.


Welcome to the dance temple of Central. The 5000 sq foot dance floor here awaits party lovers like you all, who don’t miss a chance to put their dancing shoes on. If the music and beauty around spares a chance to amaze you then you can also try interesting cocktails there.  


Boujis has a cocktail lounge, dance floor and a special VIP area which furnishes spectacular views of the action taking place in the club. The club which is located in the heart of the city's trendy financial and entertainment district has luxurious elements added to its interior, which made Boujis famous around the world.


This is Hong Kong's prominent club where you are allowed to drink and dance till you drop ;) Gen-Y love this place maybe because not the only the music or juicy cocktails but the interiors boost in enthusiasm in them. It is a stylish modern space with lots of texture and warm lighting.

Got enough names to explore this Christmas??? Yeah, what better it could be bringing this Christmas with friends in a cool and wild ambiance of Hong Kong’s night clubs? So get going and take care!