Where To Travel? Top Destinations, You Aren't Aware Of!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 27, 2018

Traveling is always filled with adventure and excitement. The excitement and the fun you grab is something that is inexplicable and the best feeling in the whole world. If you have an urge, or a penchant for any extraordinary experiences or you are done with visiting hot destinations like London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and the rest, then, there are still some of the mesmerizing destinations in the world that you didn't know exist. There are many exhilarating vacation spots that will leave you wonderstruck and will also create an astonishment within you.

It is always easy to visit known lands and follow other’s trails, but it is a real thrill to move to the places that are unknown to you and also, check the places and mark the exhilarating locations. will be even more fun when you head to uncommon yet exhilarating locations across the world. If you are planning a holiday, then check the locations listed below, for a thrilling yet unique travel.

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Take a look at the places

Sichuan, China

This is the biggest attraction that has a  Leshan Giant Buddha idol. The place is worth the visit because when you visit this Chinese province you will witness a craved black colored mountain the inner side of the wall. This was there way back in the 8th century, this gigantic statue stands at 233 feet tall and is one of the largest in the world. Also, the amazing part that you must not forget to witness is a slice of Panda life at Panda Inn while you are in Sichuan.

Glass Beach, USA

You must have come across the beaches, but, are you aware of the existence of the glass beach? This is a unique coastal stretch that is full of the colorful glass pieces. This looks really attractive and also looks very beautiful. California has a unique coastal stretch, this piece is created from years of the dumped garbage in the nearby towns. Rounded and many shapes will be available to you if you watch the whole beach. The beach is undoubtedly very spectacular.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

This is again a spectacle that if you don't see you won't believe. This is a park in Croatia which is spreaded over a forest area of 295 sq. km. also, not only this, this also has a16 terraced lakes inter-joined together. The question might arise, How they are joined? They are joined by waterfalls at different spots. the variety of the waterfalls makes a great view which is really an amazing thing to watch.

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