Women's Trendy Fashion And Online Shopping Websites in Hong Kong

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jul 03, 2019

When you plan to shop locally in Hong Kong, you are bound to see some exclusive styles and their local best fashion that keeps you trendy. Now, where to find the best suggestions for shopping for women’s fashion in Hong Kong? In this post, we will share the best women fashion apparels and best online stores where you can get all these apparels at a cheap price.

Talking about the latest fashion, there are several styles and brands that come up in our mind but are these trends and styles worthy to buy and wear? 

When you are making your choice to buy locally in Hong Kong, it comes with a domino effect of positive benefits. As soon as we open our eyes on the local brands of Hong Kong and learn what these styles have to offer us, we start fetching on other details too like shipping fee, time of delivery, quality and how long it will work out. Ssense free shipping feature grabs many fashion freaks to choose from a variety of fashion apparel options for them and get them at no extra cost.

The local brands will fetch you a personal style with a varied range of styles of your choice such as minimalist everyday wear, archetypal quantity, and investment on accessories, and cutting-edge fashion that makes easy for fashion to make a statement.

Keep everything in mind and find the details of these small brands that are available online. But first, check on the best styles you can buy!

Best Women Fashion Style You Can Replicate!

All these below styles are casual and comfortable based on the weather of Hong Kong. Choose the best fashion trend in Hong Kong that you like the most.

Biker Shorts with Blazers

Athleisure style is the best trend to follow that is comfortable as well as is unexpected in its own way. The bike shorts can be worn out with blazers, though many may look at this style with a frown this style is actually the unique trend that’s casual as well as classy. 

This style is a unique blend of sportswear and tailoring, it gives the confidence to look striking as well as chic. Though this style won’t be appropriate for gym or office but is a perfect wear for any casual outing or any Sunday brunch with your friends. So, wear this style and don’t be afraid to wear the style on your own.

Crepe Dresses

Crepe dresses are the number one choices for all those women who have got the perfect body to flaunt it and attending the evening party. The crepe dresses can come along on different materials such as silk, wool, or synthetic fibre fabric with a stylish variety and choice. 

This style dress is ideal for the Hong Kong season too as it let them easily breathe in the material fabric and feel comfortable in the fabric choice.  Crepe name material is given to the character having crinked or pebbled texture that are often used for different women dresses such as blouses and dresses that offer a graceful drape.

Puff Sleeves

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This puff shoulder trend says it all and show that now the heavy on shoulder look is a hit among women. This also proves that minimal trend is over and this season is more to see attendees that embracing the fabrics. 

This means if you are investing in bold ruffles and oversized silhouettes, you can look it on both dresses as well as blouses. This heavy on shoulder puff sleeves was quite common during the 80s and now they have been given a modern to the trend. If you want to create a powerful presence of yours then puff shoulder style will be the best option you could choose while dressing up for any day occasion. But manage your rest of the look submissive, so that you don’t look over-the-top with your look. 

Kimono Style Trench Coats

This is one style that works great as outerwear. You can style this dress uniquely with a modern mix of one and hang on a proper coat to complement the trend especially for the perfect summer weather in Hong Kong. It is a well-accepted statement by not just by Hongkongers but also Singaporeans love dressing up in this style.

A fancier version of the dress could be by styling it up with last year's waist length frock style that can be the right choice on the runways. It is slouchy, roomy as well as lightweight. For a more modern look with this traditional style, throw the kimono and wear the belts over it, especially a medium-size belt, and tie the knot on the side to give it a perfectly complete look.  

Animal Prints

For a street style fashion, animal prints are also one style you can trust if you want to go bold and wild on your style. There are many animal prints, leopard prints are many women’s favorite style and even many fashionistas prefer to go bold with this style trend. 


There are various options available on animal prints such as a variety of garments, such as pants, coats, jumpsuits, tops, dresses, suits, and more. If you want to be at the top of this style then unleash your inner jungle cat and choose some striking designs that are bold as well as bright in colors. Along with it, if you don’t want the whole animal print game then you can choose specific accessories like bag and shoe that will probably the most stylish option to go for. 

Best Online Shopping Destinations for Shopping in Hong Kong

You can shop all the above styles and designs from the below stores and if you are lucky and shop now, you could enjoy special coupon codes and discounts that allow you to save huge on your shopping. 


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When you wish to shop branded and designer apparels, then Farfetch is your destination. It’s an online store that delivers you best quality fashion items within the country Hong Kong. You can shop everything here from luxury pieces to boutiques curated especially for you by their expert team. All the brands and partners at the boutique are located at every place from Tokyo to Toronto, from Milan to Miami there are varied types of items, good in every business. 

The store also guarantees its wide variety of huge range pieces to shop that you may not find elsewhere. The store also offers an express delivery option with delivery in more than 190 countries worldwide. 

At Farfetch you can purchase anything of your choice in many different ways.

Extra benefits offered by the store:

  • The checkout process is simple and straightforward. 
  • Find the products you want to shop easily at one go.
  • Fetch Farfetch discount code HK or Farfetch HK coupon to enjoy an additional discount on your purchases made. 


Forzieri promo code

Forzieri is an online store that offers its services in many parts of the world including Hong Kong. Set up in a beautiful town Florence, Italy, offers the best luxury industry fashion and has years of experience in offering quality fabrics.  

All the accessories offered at Forzieri don’t come along easy but the team curate the best from Florence, Tuscany, and the whole Italian peninsula, present the best artisanal products, manufactures premium quality bags, shoes, jelwery, leather bags and many more from great designers.

Because Forzieri has a strong background and has recognized excellence and craftsmanship, the store has developed a concept store where all the designers work along and gather into a one-of-a-kind accessory only destination.  

Extra benefits offered by the store:

  • Forzieri promo Code allow you to shop anything from the store at a budget price.
  • The Journey of Forzieri is to acquire a magical blend of coveted icons, gem-like discoveries mend together.
  • The store promises to offer customer excitement and extraordinary shopping experience. 


Yoins promo code

Yoins is a trusted online shopping platform that offers some great designer apparels for women. SO, when you are in Hong Kong, just open the Yoins website and order some great designer, stylish apparels delivered at your doorstep.

Yoins was started off in 2014 with a mission to offer some best pieces of designer fashion for young women that allow them to express their style and speak about their personality through the high-quality fashion at cheap price. Yoins, believe that fashion is the top most priority of every woman and it is a way to show individuality and uniqueness. The website is full of trendy and latest fashion apparels that you won’t find elsewhere in Hong Kong.   

The name “Yoins” came from the word “inspiration”. The brand wants to be the customer’s inspiration for creating new looks that let them stand out from the crowd and start expressing their real style and personality. Basically, with the Yoins style apparels, you can easily stand out with your style and look unique. 

Extra benefits offered by the store:

  • Try Yoins dresses and some best beachwear dresses for women at the cheapest price by using Yoins Coupons on your purchase.
  • Find the best collection of catwalks and from the streets to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing at a reasonable price. 
  • This goal of Yoins is to treat customers in the best way and offer them the most stylish and designer wear.  


Ssense promo code

Ssense was founded in the year 2003 and headquartered in the vivacious city of Montreal (QC) and since then it has been striving to offer the best quality fabrics of exceptional quality. The brand is focused to offer pioneering international fashion prepared from original content and a curated selection with more than 400 fashion and luxury brands for both men and women. 

The collection of a radically new point of view on luxury is forgoing the bath towards the new establishment and intersecting creativity, content, and commerce is a challenge that needs to be celebrated. 

Extra benefits offered by the store:

  • If you are lucky, you could experience the Ssense HK sale and use some unique Ssense promo code to get an additional discount.
  • SSENSE promises to offer an authentic product that has a designer’s own proof of authenticity like authenticity card, dust bag, etc.
  • The materials of the fabrics are made from plants and animals that are spun into a thread, knitted or bound.


Yoox promo code

YOOX is an e-commerce fashion platform established in 2000, offers the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design, and art. Thanks to its direct relationship with the famous designers, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide, that allows the products of the website to be unique and stylish. This generates satisfaction among customers as whenever they visit Yoox, they are atleast sure that they will get their desired clothing.

You can find here an exclusive assortment of clothing and accessories for men and women from the world’s most prestigious designers, a unique selection of home design objects, alongside exclusive collaborations with internationally-renowned artists, socially and environmentally responsible brands and kidswear.

Extra benefits offered by the store:

  • You could shop on Yoox some for men, women, and kids. 
  • Shop online using Yoox promo code or Yoox code HK and get additional discount on your purchase.
  • Look beyond the eclectic and playful journey with some timeless and creative style.

These are some quality online stores which you can trust for shopping in Hong Kong.