Uber Eats To Open Its Virtual Restaurant To Encourage Hongkongers To Order Homemade Food!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Oct 19, 2018

Food delivery service Uber Eats has partnered with restaurant Chain Ginko House is ready to offer traditional homemade food for Hong Kongers by creating a virtual restaurant which is named as PoPo’s Kitchen.

The restaurant offers a menu that comprises some secret family food recipes by Cantonese “Popos” (grandmas) - including bean curd soup, sweet and sour duck with ginger.

When the customer places the order from Popi’s kitchen, the food gets cooked up in the kitchens of Gingko House and delivered to the Hong Kongers at their doorstep through Under Eats.

The teams of PoPo’s kitchen have uploaded some series of videos about the stories behind their dish secret and how to make the dish recipes.  

The creative director of Geometry Kitchen, Mauricio Sanaiote said, “Popo's Kitchen is the best example of how a brand name like Uber Eats offers a great value to the society by offering some really good food taste experience.”

She further states, "Popo's Kitchen is not just food delivery option but it is also a restaurant that offers home-made cooked food stimulated, curated and managed by greatest chefs and food specialist in the subject to grandmother, PoPos. The taste of the food is homelike and delivered to your home.”

The strategic planning director of Geometry HongKong, Julian Delamain also added, “This is one of the great examples of creative thinking and making new connections between and brand and society a great between a brand, and the society and culture in which it operates. This is something that will surely benefit the brand and society and gives the consumer a totally new preference.”

Uber Eats main mission is to manage the hardworking crowd that works all night and rarely spends time with family. Thereby, with this plan, you can enjoy the home cooked traditional food.