3 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Bandung!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 23, 2018

When you are planning a holiday, Bandung can be your right choice as the place has a lot to offer you. You can travel easily to Bandung and enjoy some of the beautiful locations with easy reach facility too.

Yes, there are so many options from where you can get your getaway from choosing the train, flight, and various other means you can easily get to Bandung and enjoy some of the beautiful locations there.

This beautiful town, Bandung holds some of the most stunning natural sites in all of Indonesia. This makes it a reason to travel the beautiful location and see some exciting places. This place is a must stop for nature lovers where you get to experience some beautiful things you haven't noticed before.

You can book up the train tickets that will leave you to your favourite destination. The train will make sure you explore the beautiful nature, therefore you can book your tickets from Tokopedia and enjoy the beautiful city Bandung within few hours.

Its art deco-style buildings and cosmopolitan allure are one of the things to talk about! Here are some of the reasons why Bandung is the ideal choice to travel.

You can experience Bandung’s cultural history


Bandung is one of the famous and diverse places which has everything to offer to everyone. If you are a massive music lover, then you will surely enjoy learning about unique instruments used throughout the world. You can be at one of the coolest sounding that is angklung. Yes, the place is made entirely of bamboo tubes, and each of them is carved differently to produce a resounding pitch.

Being a tourist, you can attend Saung Angklung Udjo, a centre attempting to keep the tradition alive. There you can catch a live performance each day. 

 Visit Kawah Putih


This is also one of the gorgeous sites that actually transposes in Indonesian to “white crater”. It is located about 50 kilometres south of Bandung and therefore, you just need to hire a car that will help you in reaching to this destined place. 

You will experience there the green water looks magical and welcoming. It’s been said that it will be too far for sulphuric to swim. Here you can have a visual delight of these beautiful things.

Observe the geothermal activity at Tangkuban Perahu volcano


All the Folklore, if you haven't visited Tangkuban Perahu volcano then you should visit this place now to experience it that the volcano was formed over a quarrel regarding two lovers. One thing is for certain, this natural structure is one of the most popular sites in West Java. It’s located about 30 kilometres outside of Bandung and offers some of the best views in the area that is a sure treat for every visitor. 

The visitor can either walk or take a ride up to the crater’s edge, affording optimal positions for the boiling mud and hot springs. 

Therefore, your trip to Bandung will be sure a memory to cherish.