4 Best 'Look-Pretty' Tips Ever!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 21, 2018

One of the most understated and overstated word is 'beautiful'. Yes, actually this word has created the most sensation in every woman's life that she tries every hack and trick to look beautiful. Let me rephrase it, women always keep a note on what products to use and what not to use strictly that suits her skin and read in every beauty-related article for sure. 

With so much of beauty product available in the market, a woman tends to get confused about which will be beneficial for her and which will not.

Therefore, to simplify your effort and to make you look naturally gorgeous you should try out doing some additional workout that helps in giving your skin a natural glow which your skin has been lasting for. 

Before, you dive into some great looking tips, make sure you get all the essential things for yourself so that your beauty doesn't get compromised. You can choose Sephora where you will be offered some of the best-branded products at very budgeted prices.

After buying all the essential beauty products you can get along and follow the best looking tips.

Do the one-step dewy-skin trick

One of the best ways to look beautiful is to look fresh all the time. If you will feel fresh from inside then it will reflect on your face. 

To achieve fresh face you need proper sleep of at least 10 hours at night, drink eight glasses of water and live a totally Zen, stress-free life. Yes, this way you can make your face glowy and fresh. Also, you can buy a super-sheer tinted moisturizer that will make your skin have a shiny appearance. This all-in-one product evens out skin tone while hydrating skin and giving off a subtle glow.

Deshine your lipstick

Lips seem extra nourished and smooth when they're not shellacked with tons of product. Yes, you may feel to apply a good amount of lipstick on your face to get a beautiful lip but in reality, it takes away your lips a natural shine.

Therefore, you should try Victoria's Secret makeup pro-Polly Osmond which you can buy from Sephora. It will help you in providing natural shine to lips and takes the excess oil off and leaves a pretty stain on the lip.

Know your eyelids' sweet spot

Next, the point where you should take care is the eyelid's sweet spot. You can add just a touch of colour or shimmer on the eyelid directly above the iris and will notice the beautiful result.

Also, another favourable, high-impact place to put a light shadow is on the inner rim, right close to your nose.

Keep a pink blush handy

Now, the last thing where you should keep your attention is on the cheeks. You can use pink blush is the LBD of the makeup kit and see beautiful result.

This works all year-round, and it goes pretty well with every other colour and looks good on everyone. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you get a natural glow and shine on your face leaving a spot-free face!

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