4 Most Popular Places in Indonesia Which Every Tourist Should Explore!

Post by Anupam Pandey | Sep 14, 2018

Indonesia is the biggest territorial nation in Southeast Asia. Being the biggest in that part of the world does not necessarily mean the same in a particular context. Indonesia might be larger in the area but this area count is an accumulative sum of the total land cover of more than 17000 put together. There are a number of Islands that are too small for animal colonies to flourish. Only a few hundred of them are inhabited by human colonies.

There’s a different aspect of it too. The enormous distribution of these Islands has resulted into a very diversified and multilayered place that would certainly be a delight prospect for any travel enthusiast. Again the downside is that it can be really confusing for a person to select a few out of the long list of places out there. So here’s a very compact collection of 4 places that you should visit beyond any doubt on your next trip to Indonesia or else your trip would not even count. And yes do make your travel bookings using these Klook voucher codes or Kode Vouchers Pegi Pegi to avail the best deals and discounts.   


This place is situated in the Java region of Indonesia and it is one of the best places to get a cultural understanding and heritage of Indonesia. The place is a mix of everything that a traveller would love to see in a place i.e. food, traditions, ancient sites, architectural heritage, food and a rooted culture at the end of it all. Roaming around in the street is itself enjoyable and you would be easily attracted by the street markets. Explore those narrow valleys which lead to many unorthodox artistic street vendors mainly silversmiths, carpenters, puppet makers, clay utensil makers and street art designers. The food of Indonesia is a very unique one and it will stay in your memory for a long time. Yogyakarta is a historical place and has an array of beautiful temples and monasteries, both of which represent the two great Kingdoms that ruled the place in past.  

Mount Bromo

This mountain is just unbelievable. There are actually a group of mountains over here some of which are dormant and a few of them are still active. The Mount Bromo which is over 2300m tall looks majestic from a distance itself. There is an option available for the tourists to take the horse or rent a four-wheeler to reach the top and capture some wonderful imagery of sunset. It feels completely out of the world to view the sunrise though as the sun rises from behind the landscape full of volcanic mountains.

Lake Toba

There are times while travelling when a person feels the need to take a rest and just relax for a day to get some respite from the hectic and messy travel schedule. This lake is the ideal place to spend that day of your tour. This is the largest volcanic lake in the world and it feels heavenly to take a dip and spend some time swimming in the water. The natural setting created by the landscape makes this place appear as if it is unreal even though you know it is right in front of your eyes. This is probably the place that justifies the word ‘magical’. It is an ideal place to spend a relaxed day with some nice food at the end of the day.

Komodo National Park


This is a place which beholds the closest living being that you can relate with Dinosaurs. The Komodo National Park in the Komodo Islands is the only natural habitat where you could find the largest reptile of the planet, the Komodo dragon. It is the just giant version of lizards that we can usually see hiding in the abandoned buildings and shrubs. Apart from the Komodo Dragon, the Island also has endemic species which is known as flying fox. The flying fox is actually the largest fruit bat which has ever been discovered so far.