4 Reasons To Visit Penang That Have Nothing To Do With Street Food!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Feb 09, 2018

Traveling to Penang? Well, it's a great idea to do so! People say that Penang is a beautiful city in Malaysia that offers street food and heritage buildings pop into most of their minds when they think about Penang.

Actually, the truth is yet to be told. If you spend in your vacay in Malaysian island then you will definitely have a great time as well as a relaxing holiday. The reason being, Penang is a very special place if you forget about the food and the decadent buildings. If you are a first-time traveller here then, make sure you are hard enough to break the boundaries and enjoy the best ever experience here.

Here are a few ways that will help you on your trip to go beyond George Town's gentrified facade. You will get to know some of the real multi-ethnic, harmonious and uniform depth that the entire island of Penang has to offer.

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Street Art

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Penang has become a well-known place for its street art popping up all over historic Georgetown. Actually, beautiful art is something that attracts many people's mind and people drive their cars around the city and finding all of the beautiful pieces which are quite a fun thing to do. 

But after some time you can feel tired in the Penang hot weather! So, you can plan to do next best thing thereafter.

Underground Music

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Actually, quite a right thing to say that music is something which most of you won't  escape. It is something which makes us groovy and happy at any time we hear. The best part of the Penang is that you can enjoy some underground music here such as punk rock, metal, and alternative music thrive at Soundmaker which is one of Asia's best underground clubs.

The Historic Center

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At Historic Centre you surely can spend your most of your vacation for about one day, or two, wandering around the historic center. There are loads of traditional shop and houses to see and explore which will make you happy about your visit. The most well-furnished and nice street is Muntri Street which is definitely worth a wander and you will find yourself engaging in Penang life happening around you.

Potehi Glove Puppet Theater

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One of the Penang's fading traditions is the popular Hokkien glove puppet theater. Yes, the show is quite lively and let us enjoy every style. It makes us feel alive by a minor four troupes who press a living performing at temples for spiritual purposes.

Hopefully, you will have a great time in Penang and want to visit here again and again.