4 Style Accessories for Latest Indonesian Fashion Trends

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 14, 2019


Fashion accessories are quintessential to styling and fashion. The effort you put on your fashion can all go in vain due to such a small mistake that you make with the styling and fashion accessory. The outfit you wear can be as trendy and stylish and updated to the latest fashion variations, but there ought to be a variety of factors you need to take care of if to be concerned with how you actually present it. This is truly about making every small bit of your dressing count in the appearance and makes use of it without going over the top.

From the bag your war to the shoes and the sunglasses, everything is a part of styling and fashion which you have to acknowledge and take care of. The way you choose your accessory should be dependent on the fashion and vice versa to ensure the desired equilibrium between all the things. If you wish to stay ahead of the curve in the field of fashion, you have to intercept the trends and evolve with them. You can check out the latest fashion apparels and products online and purchase them using the Kode Voucher Bukalapak to keep up with the best of Indonesia fashion offers. Here are 4 Style Accessories you should try out with the latest Indonesia Fashion Trends 2019.

Angular Framed Sunglasses


The latest fashion trends for the eyewear is definitely coming of the edge Angular Framed Sunglasses. This year has shown a new era of the angular sharper frames which have now evolved from the routine round or oval shapes to give us a whole new range of sunglasses from the triangular look up to a variation that includes as many as the octagonal shaped structure in the centre. These glasses definitely have a sparkle in them which is turning heads all around the globe and has made It immensely popular within such a short span of time that nobody could ever imagine.

Basket Hand Bags


The basket has not been any trend to be honest and therefore, it might have surprised a few of you but to be honest, the variation I am talking about is not the one which you would usually think of but it is actually meant for being used as handbags. This new style has been used to give a more flamboyant look to the handbags and it is specifically popular amongst the working class females who use the printed scarves to get more noticeable appeal to even an ordinary basket handbag. Find the top brand online and get them at cheapest prices using the Kode Voucher Blibli for incredible deals online.

Bakerboy Hats


The Baker Boy hats have been one of the most popular trends of late and can be specifically seen flaunted by many popular celebrities that have definitely added more fuel to this hot trend. The style conceptually arrives from France but when the outfit is good enough to impress people, it does form a connection with one and all. This hat is a graceful way of adding eloquent charm to any outfit with its understated tone. This hat comes in a variety of shape and colour with options of fabric available as well.  The most desirable one though has to be the leather bake boy hats for sure.

Purple Footwear


The street style has been getting popular in recent times and footwear which has prominently been the highlight of the Street Fashion Trend in Indonesia is the purple coloured footwear owing to its remarkably distinct look unlike any other footwear has ever been able to deliver. The distinctive colour does make the look of the more eye-catchy and easy to notice, than usual sneakers or boots. The hue is surprisingly able to pair up with a variety of styles even though most people would not give it a chance to be this flexible and accommodative for its odd colour. As a matter of fact, this style is able to deliver an elegant look as one would want from the formals as well as easy going in the casuals. This is unexpected for many and you should try it out for sure.  Avail the Kode Voucher Zalora to buy the women footwear and stylish outfits on great discounts.