A Complete Guide to Fashion in Ramadan for Professional Women

Post by Anupam Pandey | May 13, 2019

As the Ramadan season has arrived, it shall reflect in the attire of professional women to give the nice and jolly treatment that this holy season truly holds in their life. While there are many ways of expressing oneself, but none of them can be as much notice as the attire you wear. Therefore, it should be taken into your wardrobes and the way you present yourself within the paradigms of etiquettes and yet being able to carve out your own niche’ style in the day to day office wear.

This is not as hard as many females usually think of it to be. The even more satisfying aspect of the fashion is that it is totally non-dependent and decisive marked or has any particular limitations if you are creative enough. The boundaries are more in the mind and less in the practical reality but they are still able to hold us from significantly striking without the need of breaking the societal norms. So if you are a working-class female who has to go for a nine to five job, here is a very sublime and subtle way of styling that you can adopt for Ramadan Fashion. In case you find your wardrobe short of anything, you can always back upon the online shopping websites to fetch some new ones for the auspicious month and make sure to make it different in your daily lifestyle without going overboard. Here is Diskon Hijup to give you access to the best fashion deals on Ramadan this year. So just don’t miss out and let your happiness be well-expressed. Here is a detailed guide to help you pull the style quotient a notch higher this time around.

Black pants

Black pants are a somewhat essential part of every women’s closet and it is no wonder to find even two or three in case of professional office going female. The most inherent thing about the black is it a neutral colour which gives a sufficient number of options to pair it up with. Black pants are apparently one of those timeless garments which never go out of the mainstream especially in the corporate and professional offices. In fact, you do have other options available too for the desired versatility of options for a variety in generic appearance. Here are 5 styles of pants that would actually help you style better in this Ramadan season.  

Styles to Choose

Basic Pants – Who doesn’t know the basic long pants? They are, after all, one of the most commonly used garments in the day to day life of a person. So you can always rely on a simple black to go back to the basics of the Long pants and flaunt them effortlessly with a simple design and front button accent. Basic is a necessity you can’t escape and the same applies here too.

Palazzo Pants – Palazzo is always a great option due to their comforting and relaxing feel. These pants are usually woven with the help of very lightweight fabric and feeling pretty reliable as an option to pair up with the dress in the Ramadhan season. You can also check out some new collections online and order them using the Kode Voucher Zalora for best discounts on Women Fashion.

Button Side Pants – There is yet another option to make things a little different with the minute variation of using the buttons. The Button Side Pants are very highly effective in making yourself noticeably more than you can actually have done with option wardrobe options.


Flare Pants – The flare pants are one of the best possible options for pairing when you consider the office wear. These very delicate and lightweight fabric have been named flare pants for some reason and they actually serve the flaring classy style everyone would envy.

Ruffle Pants – The long pants with a ruffled look make for a very unique and eye catchy look that provides a bit of twist in the office wear. These pants actually make the most impact when used in pastel colours or a bit dull shades of dark colours.

White Top

It is a mainstay fashion clothing that one would ideally expect to be in an office wear ensemble. These are considered boring or too plain to form any significant difference but not for those who enjoy looking at the fashion in a little different way. Even if you can call it a basic, it doesn’t necessarily imply that white top is useless. In fact, you would not have even noticed the number of options that you have in front of you. In case you have never cared to buy these variable options, you have the chance to grab them this Ramadan with these special offers on fashion apparels by availing the Kode Voucher Bukalapak. So check these top right now and fetch one for yourself.  

Styles to Choose

White Shirt  - This can be taken for granted that a working-class woman would always have at least one white shirt in her wardrobe collection. If you don’t have it, you truly need to learn about styling a little bit more.

Asymmetrical Top – The asymmetrical tops are one of those fairly recent trends which have found a place in the mainstream and people are actually looking forward to it.  The unorthodox designing and the unique kind of stitching gives a significantly a different look to anyone who wishes so.

Ruffle Top – These tops come in pleated accents and give a perfectly well-tuned combination of the comfortable lightweight fabric and chic styling with its ruffled look.


Ribbon Accented Top – White top look even better when they are presented with a very aesthetic ribboned detail on the waistline. These tops look the best when paired up with matching hijabs for a distinguished panache in fashion.

Embellished Top – These are very hybrid kind of tops which have a touch of various styles as they exhibit colour and are usually seen with a bit of fur accent. This helps these top stand out amongst the competition and provide effortless charm to any professional female.



Often considered only as a complement to the formal style, various collections of women's blazers are now not only intended to perfect office look. A blazer is a jacket outfit with tailored silhouettes and collar details. Previously, blazers were worn more by men, but along with the development of existing Ramadan fashion trends, this collection of the sleek cut-out is a lot of women's choice outfits to look stylish.


Styles to Choose

Basic Blazer - This simple and solid colour blazer is indeed familiar to office workers. Outerwear collection with a combination of simple design and calm colours that look chic can you use in a variety of formal events in addition to the office.

Tartan Blazer - Tartan patterned blazer will never escape the trend of clothing to the office. In addition to being suitable for use in any season, a tartan patterned blazer gives a classic impression without the need for many accessories.

Striped blazer - Striped blazer with front pocket accents and clean silhouettes can make your body look more level.

Button Blazer - Simply sophisticated appearance with a blazer that combines front button details, pleated accents, and in bold colours.

Checkerboard - Enhance chic with a blazer, a combination of gingham and bag accents on the front.

Flat Shoes

If you initially thought clothes to the office only fit high heels, well, you need to think about it again. For maximum comfort especially with high mobility, flat shoes are a shoe model that is not less interesting. Flat shoes are a type of women's shoes with heels that are very thin or barely have any rights at all. No wonder the flat shoes are one successful shoe that offers maximum comfort. You can check out some the Top Deals on Women footwear and buy a new one for Ramadan by availing Promo Blibli to extend your footwear collection in your budget. 

Mary Jane - Shown preppy nan polished shoes that is a combination of design Mary-jane style and colour choices bold are timeless.

Mules Shoes - More relaxed but still elegant, mules shoes that combine round toe design, a touch of firm colours, and silver chain accents make your appearance simply stunning!

Ballerina Flat Shoes - Not only promises optimal comfort, now the shoes, also known as ballerina flats, appear in a variety of models, motifs, colours and material choices.

Loafers - Give a straightforward and professional impression with black loafers that have lightweight soles and gold circle embellishment details.

Derby Shoes - Even though derby shoes are familiar with men's shoes but their flattened front trap and contrasting stitching accents can be matched with an A-Line cut skirt for a unique preppy impression.

Carry Bag/Tote Bag 

If you feel incomplete without a mainstay bag, then there is nothing uncommon about it as most women do feel the same way as you do. The existence of a bag for a woman cannot be considered trivial. Besides being able to help carry various personal items, this one fashion item is also believed to be able to support the appearance of each wearer. Tote bag itself is a collection of tote bag models with a minimalist design and usually has a large enough size, at the top, there is a drop handle or two straps that are quite long. Judging from its size, this type of women's bag is capable of carrying a large variety of objects. Along with the development of existing fashion trends, the tote bag model is not just a canvas tote bag. Avail the Kode Promo Fave Indonesia on this Ramadan to grab the Cheapest Deals on Fashion Garments and make it even more special. 

PVC Bag - New trend alert! PVC and transparent material are one of the bag materials that became a trend last spring. Present at the spring 2018 fashion show, PVC bag is now one of the most sought after fashion items. The structure is structured and gives a futuristic impression, making your appearance more sophisticated.

Classic Tote Bag - Yep, this is the classic tote bag you wish for. Tote bag with stripe details and large compartments suitable for carrying various files, pouches and other personal items. Perfect for accompanying daily activities.

Quilted Tote Bag - Classic style lovers must have a quilted tote bag for style to the office. Collaboration accent stitching and chain strap iconic make it a timeless fashion item which ye shall possess.

Flat Tote Bag - Large tote bags are a great alternative for those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors. These simply designed flat bags come large compartments which give more space for those who want. These bags usually have an attractive tassel application and magnetic closure for convenience.

Leatherette Tote Bag - These bags are made up of qualitative synthetic leather or polyurethanes, While there are many colour options available but the black tote bag has just the perfect blend of design and simplicity in fairly large storage space. These bags last longer and therefore ensure the quality of manufacturing and the materials to but these Leatherette bags worthy enough for a long-term investment for style to your office.