A Comprehensive Guide to Fashion Trends for Men in 2019

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jun 25, 2019

The way the world changes every year is always best presented by the fashion trends and their gradual evolution as the part and process of an organized setup of all things. The way the dressing evolve is more or less the presentation of the views of the distinctive think tanks of the societal hierarchy. This is also why there is not just one or two but many divergent streams of fashion which are trying to explore a path of their own on the basis of its own approach and influences. The style is nothing more than human character and fashion is the best way to substantiate it, so to those who don’t think they belong to any fashion at all, they are also showing the sign of the rebel fashion groups which have always existed and ended up giving very influential mainstream trends to the clothing industry.

This year has been no different as you can find ample variations in the trends which go as far as street style to as subtle as the formal ones. You can choose and pick your choice of fashion and bring it to your wardrobe. You can also find some best fashion deals online with the Kode Promo Hijabenka for buying latest collection of Traditional Muslim Clothing too. To make it adequate and understandable, here is a comprehensive guide to fashion trends for men in 2019.


The vertical stripes should become the part of your wardrobe this season after its refreshing comeback this year. There was a time when this style was almost absent from the fashion sphere not much time ago, but things have been changing in the last two or three years and the style has been getting the traction by a certain section which specifically comes from the formal wear segment in particular. Though it must be noted here that the style being discussed here is the vertical stripe and not the horizontal one. This is pretty noticeable as you would see it across the collections and brand products. None of them has the horizontal stripe patterns to their garments. The stripes shall be used with a more subtle and subdued coloured background with a neutral tone in them while the stripe themselves can be more contrasting and strong in colours with thicker lines for more impact. Find the latest fashion trends with best deals and discounts by availing the Voucher Zalora Indonesia and save big time on your shopping expenses.


Military camouflage is not the only thing you can deem as military inspired. In fact, camouflage is just a colour texture rather than any style in particular. To hone the military trend, this year has shown a way ahead for the next generation of men. The rough and rusty military look is more being functional and stylish at the same time. The designs used are inspired by the utilitarian theme of military uniforms and their civil dresses as well have these slight variations clearly different from what other dresses exhibit. The practically handy design which is actually able to function in day to day life along with the use of generic army colour patterns that are usually limited to beige, brown, green, khaki and camel colour. Its unique design and classic military theme make it an inspirational rough and tough look to flaunt along with the aviator jackets and aviator sunglasses if you would… Avail the best deals on traditional garments using the Code Promo Hijup and get to choose from a splendid collection of outfit for your loved ones. 


The trend of the looser and larger clothing is nothing new and unforeseen, so it should not come as a surprise if you take the fact that oversized silhouettes are gaining prominence in the fashion world again. These are basically seen in the casual wear segment of clothing and strictly limited to it. The balance must be struck in the right vein when you are going for an oversized silhouette because it will be the ultimate deciding factor in determining whether the style has worked or not. The sloppy selection and over the top layering must be avoided and always try to keep things as simple as possible. Do make sure to complement the oversized clothing with the right accessories as well because it is not compatible enough to go with everything you may want to use it with. Try to blend-in sophistication and use high-quality fabrics to pull it off like it ought to be. 


The use of soft textures have been something which is not very commonly seen in men’s clothing. But as all these stereotypes are meant to be broken, it was only a matter of time when the use of softer colour hues and texture could be seen in the men’s segment and the time has arrived this year. The use of soft fur and fleece which is a very much loved trend of the women is now being put on by the men as well. The shearling jackets are becoming popular with each day and this should be given a slight credit to this shift in mindset amongst the men who abandoned softer textures calling it feminine trend. These people are themselves accepting the comfortability of such attires and they are even trying out the warmer and pastel colour tones without any apprehensions. This winter, this trend is surely going to rocket to the sky as we can predict from the great positive response it has got by the winter end when it was introduced as an experiment for the first time. For purchasing the ideal soft textured fabrics, use the Kode Voucher Zalora Indonesia and avail top offers on online fashion shopping. 


The use of colour is a personal choice and there should be no argument about it. But there are certain aspects of clothing trends that are more than just colours even if they may be denoted with a colour. The camel colour is a very rich colour with very typical variations and shades available in it. The camel is, therefore, one such option that need not be used with any other colour but itself and still look good enough to hold the look together with a sharpness like no other combination can offer. The trick here should be to use the different shades from the head to toe and use the slightest of variations to bring out an effortlessly impactful look. The best aspect about this trend is that it can be used with the formals with the same ease as with casuals and informal making for a very prolific option altogether. You can still strive to keep the camel colour influential by using neutral hues if you wish to try something different and unique. You can check out the best Kode Voucher Zalora 2019 to get the collection at exclusive discount vouchers for fashion.


The checks were one of the hottest trends of women’s fashion in 2018 and as we are now in 2019, its influence has definitely grown and been incorporated by the men’s as well. The vintage checks are dominating the roots of the fashion by their textures and you would see them not only one or two pieces in particular but in all of them. From the trousers to the coats and the t-shirts to shirts, it is everywhere. The checks are usually more than just a pattern, it is an overall statement. The clothing is more about being confident and the checks do have this unique quality to give an edgy and confident look altogether. You can always use accessories with it to complement the look and give it a more finished touch. Find the edgy vintage check collection and buy it from the Kode Promo Zalora for grabbing the lowest price deals on fashion purchases online.  


In recent years, gents have begun embracing bags more and more, and rightfully so. With the size of phones and the number of cards we all have these days, sometimes pockets just don’t cut it. To safely and stylishly carry your essentials this season, look no further than a large leather clutch or pouch. Not only can these bags tote everything you need for an outing, but they also look great doing it. In fact, their simple yet sleek style even makes them the ideal bag to pair with a suit. Find the best prices on fashion accessories with the Sephora Promo Codes and cut short your shopping bills by plenty. 


There’s nothing quite like a dapper hat to top off a man’s outfit, and this season, the style of choice is the classic straw boater. Perfect for summer, these lightweight hats can shield your face from the sun while keeping your head reasonably cool. They also appear seriously sleek thanks to their straight brim and flat crown design. As such, you can easily wear one with a suit or smart casual outfit for a playful yet polished appearance. You can avail the Sephora Coupons for the best deals on fashion apparels and get smashing discounts on your online shopping for the latest fashion trends in Indonesia.


Creating a fashionable statement doesn’t always require a bold dose of colour. Don’t believe us? Just look to Florence for proof. The gents in town for Pitti Uomo ’19 created some seriously striking outfits with no other colour than beige. Decked out from head to toe in the hue, these gents appeared far from boring. In fact, they looked downright stylish and exciting. To try their unique style for yourself, opt for a variety of beige tones to create some much-needed contrast. Pull off the perfect balance of toned attires by using the Kode Voucher Zalora and fetch the exclusive range of clothing of your choice,   


Designers have finally clued on to the practicality of handbags for all genders, and the result is a new selection of stylish and masculine “man bags” for men. In particular, cross body bags promise to be a favourite during upcoming seasons. Easily thrown on over your outfit, a crossbody bag provides hands-free practicality without adding annoying bulk to your pockets. Just choose a leather design for a smart appearance or opt for a nylon style for a more sporty and casual look. If you need something bigger to hold all your possessions, you can also consider investing in a roomy and on-trend tote bag. To find awesome cross bag collections, you can Shop Sephora Products online and get the best collection of the trendy men's accessories delivered right at your doorsteps.