Bali's Best Beaches Will Make Your Traveling An Ultimate Example Of Serenity!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Nov 06, 2017

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It’s a common complaint about the first-time visitors to Bali that Balinese beaches are just ordinary. Once you plan such mesmerizing travel you will remember the first time you stepped onto a Balinese Beach.

Staying at Villa Kresna in Seminyak, I strolled down to check out the surf I’d heard so much about and found a dirty gun-metal grey beach, littered with rubbish and wastewater, it was less than magnificent to say the least.

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Nyang Nyang

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The very famous beach which is simply famous for the towering escarpment which is located in the East of Bali. This beach is simply tremendous and is a must visit for the travelers.


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This is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular beaches. With the multiple surf breaks that make this beach one of the most famous balls waves. The beach can be easily reached by 2 separate spurs.

Padang Padang

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This particular beach has two main stretches one, long flat and little developed, the other, a bit rocky and again a little developed. Padang also has the the best range of eateries.


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A beautiful beach surrounded by astounding beach houses gives you the feel of tranquility and respite. Also, the bars, warrungs all are overlooking the water enjoying the simple fabulous views over terrific surf breaks.

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