Best Vacation Outfits That Does Not Require Traveling

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 08, 2019

Kode Voucher Zalora

Does it ever happen to you that you saw a beautiful travel picture on Instagram and got inspired by the person you are following?


Well, it is the most common thing many women faces. When they see other women posting beautiful pictures enjoying the beaches, waterfall in the beautiful outfit, it makes them cringe to the bones and want to live their life too. But if I say you can make all this happen at least if not in reality, but you can pretend to go on a vacation and click some super mesmerizing picture wearing the best vacation outfits? Yes, in this post, we will show some best vacation outfits that you can try in your own city and click some beautiful pictures like you are enjoying the experiences.


So, whether you have planned a trip or not, you can enjoy the beautiful weather, fragrance, plan to go on a stroll with cute summer outfit collections in your own city, and your look will create as if you are somewhere in a foreign country.


Let's take a dive in what looks to try at different places and get your insta-worthy pictures:


Museum Visit Look

Kode Voucher Bukalapak

If you want to get that delicate lady look that loves art and historic things then the above look is the best choice to have.


Also, there might be some women who have always wished to visit a museum but never really got the tickets as they got sold out quickly or some other thing happened. Whatever may be your situation, you must know that Museum look will be the lady-like look and you can easily get the advantage of the warm weather.  For that perfect dress, and that high profile shades, shop it from online using Kode Voucher Bukalapak and enjoy shopping at cheap rates.


Leisurely walk on the Boardwalk 

Kode Voucher Blibli

Everyone has a different idea of what a perfect vacation is. A perfect vacation might be different for different persons. Some feel travelling alone on the unknown streets, lying on a beach, enjoying the ocean breeze is the best thing to do on a vacation.


But some people feel when you make a point to step outside your comfort zone and push your life towards unwanted tings then starts the real adventure. Well, whatever may be your case, dressing up is the best activity to do. Grab your one-piece swimsuit along with high-waist jeans and sandals and get ready to dive into the adventurous ride and enjoy the safest and stylish bet. You can get the picture look by shopping the high-waist jeans and that stylish sandal from online using Kode Voucher Blibli.


Shopping down a flea market

Kode Voucher Zalora

Let’s be honest hat shopping at is everyone’s favorite activity to do. Even many people plan to travel to any country, just because they want to shop their heart out. Also, among those shopaholics, many also desire to get into their perfect bets outfit that let them stand out in the sop store.


So, if you are someone like that and enjoy shopping hub or flea market then get your shoes into a stylish vintage tee and wear those jeans down. Or if you want a more free dress then you can opt for a slip dress along with embroidered sandals that are pretty comfortable as chic and don’t forget to carry that crossbody bag that keeps your hand free while shopping. You can shop that slip-dress, jeans, crossbody bag from online using Kode Voucher Zalora.


These outfit style In Indonesia can make you look no less than any fashion blogger and with your fancy Instagram travel posts, you can give complex to your followers.