Catch the Rising Indonesian Fashion Trends Before They Turn Popular

Post by Anupam Pandey | Aug 22, 2019


The fashion trends are often overlooked while they arise. This is mostly due to the human nature that takes time to adjust and incorporate to a different look if not for some genuinely extraordinary factor. There are some trends which shoot out to the top of the charts just because of a celebrity influence or being popularized in a movie or television show. But these cases are exceptions and usually, such trends don’t last long enough as we compare them with those naturally evolved trends.

The rising trends are actually the ones which show the stream and flow of the fashion in the near future and it is precisely the way by which many fashion enthusiasts and influencers predict future trends. The reality is though, that anybody can guess the upcoming fashion trends with some elementary analysis of change and the way towards which it is heading. Like for instance, the use of shorts has become a more mainstream fashion trend in the recent past but it was always coming if you could sense it from the way the bottom cut short jeans was in the popular trends around a couple of years back indicating the mood of people switching to a shorter sized bottom wear. So if you can get to know about the rising Indonesian Fashion trends 2019, you can always use your knowledge while purchasing your outfits and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve as far as the trend goes. You can even ensure the better deals on Indonesia Fashion apparels with the Kode Voucher Blibli at much cheaper prices before they shoot in popularity and their prices take off. Being a bit aware of the surroundings always helps, and it is as much true in the field of fashion and styling as it is in any other field of life. Here are some of the top rising trends that you should theme around your outfits for the near future.



This approach was once ridiculed but as they say, every dog has its day and the pattern mixing happens to be lucky one these days. This is basically an approach which seeks to blend all that you can fetch and mix it up in a way that can be put up together in the form of a dress. The theme, colour, hues, texture, the designs and everything else that you would usually consider while buying an outfit, is completely overlooked in this trend and this style sees to mix as much as possible. The more you can get, the better mixing it turns out to be. All being said, while the orthodox old-school fashion disciples will find it absurd, but who cares as long as the majority of people are giving it a nod. The mixing is not even a fluke but a gradually evolved process and therefore, you can safely bet on its longevity too.  

The Patterned Suit


While we saw a mixture of patterns in the first case, the second case sees a more obliterated and the orthodox approach to dressing and yet stands out as something unique in more than many ways. The pattern motivated suits are actually the part of formal attires which generally consists of patterns such as dotted polka, checks, cross boards, windowpanes, motifs and so forth. The style was used by some of the style icons of the fashion and movie industry around four or five decades backs but lost its grab over the market with time. Though a fashion trend never dies and the pattern suits are the best examples of that as they marked a glorious comeback into the mainstream trends without being pushed or promoted by random celebrity act. As a matter of fact, the pattern suits have eloped the traditional definition as formal wear and got into the category of casual business wear outfit today which you can wear along with the loafers or sneakers. You can get the latest collection of fashion brands at best prices by availing the Kode Voucher Zalora or the Kode Promo Zalora to ensure the best value for the money you spend on shopping fashion goodies.

Leather Fabricated Accent


Leather dresses are actually not that great outfits for people living in hotter regions and this really makes it difficult for them to flaunt leather in any way. This has been a really unfortunate reality but the fact remains that leather does not go well with hot and humid weather as it can be really suffocating for the person wearing it. This has ultimately lead the fashion world to a more realistic and practical solution that works well with leather without having to tolerate the hot temperatures. This trend actually utilizes a portion of the outfit made out of leather while retaining the lighter fabric for the remaining portion of the attires to ensure the leather covers just a limited amount of surface area and still makes its presence felt, while one doesn’t have to deal with the drawbacks of wearing an all-leather outfit. The other positive aspect of this attire is that this is actually much cheaper and affordable than genuine leather outfits. Find the best collection of leather inspired looks online and buy them using Kode Voucher Bukalapak to save hefty amounts on your shopping bills.

Patch Pockets


The patch pocket is just a necessity grown into a trend and an extension pocket was evolved. The patch pocket is basically an additional pocket which seems to have been pasted on the outfit out of nowhere. The usual fashion old school would have never approved of this trend but the time has come beyond their reach and it would be least likely that you can come across with such cliché’ parameters to the usual styling trends. Above all, the patch pocket trend does make for a utility outfit that serves a practical storage option to an extent where you can even compare it to a mini bag of some sort if you like. If you find it likeable, it would really be a great addition to your wardrobe.