Enthralling Adventures To Be Experienced In Bali!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Sep 21, 2017

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Bali, a perfect destination to give you the perfect shiver and this place will lit you up with full of excitement and will make your travel the best days of wandering. 

A trip to Bali is a cure to all the stress of anyone's life. It is a complete package of everything - whether you want to rejuvenate yourself with a world-class spa session, or feast on Indonesian cuisine by the beach side, or want to get indulge in a heart-throbbing adventure, it has everything.

Bali is one of the destinations in Southeast Asia that pleases its tourist with plenty of thrill-filled activities. Spend a day at the island and let your adrenaline rush while indulging in extreme sports.

ZenRooms will take complete care of your travel life and will make your travel the most luxurious one that you have ever experienced in your life. Give your monotony life an elevation of adventure and take your life to that extent.

Paragliding and Partake, Denpasar

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Get a bird's eye view of the island's beauty with a paragliding tour. It is one sport that every visitor wants to try their hands on. There are many operators in Denpasar that'll help you to paraglide.

Canyoning, Gitgit waterfall

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If you're the one who is looking for a challenge in Bali's nature land, then you can opt for this exciting activity. And Gitgit Waterfall is not for the ones with weak heart. A daunting combination of also involves spelunking and rappelling, as you have to immerse yourself under the rushing waterfalls.

White Water Rafting, Ayung River

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Wait for the wet season and then get into this sport. Ayung’s west side is amazing, for the enjoyment of challenging torrents, the view of is beautiful as the complete nature area is highlighted by the appearance of wild animals along the rafting route such as big bats, black monkeys, magpies and more.

Flyboarding, Nusa Dua

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Jetpacks are the crazy invention, for sure. A ski jet that lets you hover over the water surface and even let you fly up to 10 to 15m high. All you need is a good balancing skill! 

There are more activities like kite surfing, canyon tubing, cliff jump, free diving, paddle surfing and rock climbing to challenge the daredevil in you. Enjoy each activity with ZenRooms Voucher Codes and save your accommodation charges with luxury and leisure!