Indonesia Fashion Trends Of 2019 For High Fashioned Ladies

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Aug 20, 2019

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Fashions trends 2019 of Indonesia are interesting to follow. It is more creative and functional this time. As the country sneaking up into the fall/winter season, the fashion industry will be booming with fall/winter season-suitable apparels, and thus, it is perfect time to look for the upcoming season-appropriate outfits that’ll take your fashion quotient to the next level. In the write-up, instead of talking about any specific season’s clothing or fashion, we will be discussing the overall trend.


In this blog post, you will learn about the top fashion trends of Indonesia and how fashionistas are styling them in different-different ways. Scroll through the post and read more about the trends, but, before you jump to the points below make sure you look for amazing fashion deals as the latest designer apparels and accessories by signing up to reliable fashion portals such as Blibli, Bukalapak, and Zalora.


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While you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with stylish clothes in Indonesia, then take a look at the following Indonesia fashion trends 2019. Take a look –


1 # Sequin Jumpsuits

sequin jumpsuits

AS sequin is making a huge comeback this year, you will find these shiny glitters everywhere; but the best version of sequin clothing is jumpsuits. In 2019, sequins are on jumpsuits and it is every young, high-fashioned girl’s favorite. In Indonesia, you will find sequin jumpsuits almost everywhere on the street. The glittery and sparkling effect of sequin provides a royal and rich effect on jumpsuits. Sequin jumpsuits in red, bottle green, black and even multi-colored are everyone’s attention. The outfit is often seen in Indonesia Fashion 2019.


2 # Sheer Dresses With Classy Accessories

sheer dresses with classy accessories

The skin-revealing, sheer fabrics are the latest trend of sophistication this year. Mesh, sheer and translucent fabrics were once used to consider perfect for evening scenes, but now you will find sheer outfits anytime and anywhere. Go for dreamy maxi skirts in sheer fabric, layer it over pencil skirts and ruffle tops to embrace the feminine touch to the next level. Sheer tops and bottom trend in 2019 is the new elegant representation of confident woman playfully revealing her body exposure.


To add some classic touch your overall appearance, you can accessorize your look with black barrettes, waist bags, and bold bracelets. Whether it is sheer dresses or trendy accessories, if you wish to enjoy amazing offers on purchase of these fashion ensembles online with Bukalapak, make sure you use Kode voucher Bukalapak to enjoy incredible discounts.


3 # Buckle Shoes And Dad’s Sneakers

Buckle shoes and dad's sneakers

Buckle shoes and dad’s sneakers are the newest trend in the country. Casual and classic footwear fashion in Indonesia is about these two shoe trends. While dad’s sneaker is the coolest street-style trend, buckle shoes with heels is a statement footwear trend for evening parties and get-togethers in the modern city - Jakarta. While daddy’s sneakers make a momentary impression with utmost comfort and they look great with skirts or dresses. The sharp and elegant buckle shoes, on the other hand, make a statement appeal in both aesthetically and functionally. You can search for trendy footwear from leading brands on Zalora and enjoy maximum savings by using Kode Promo Zalora.


4 # Puffy Shoulders

Puffy shoulders

Shoulders are getting better and bigger this year. Designers are adorning dresses and shirts with puffy, exaggerated shoulder details to add a touch of femininity to your overall look. Puffy shoulder in a maxi dress, midis, shirts, and blouses look cool and elegantly elevate your attire with statement details. If you wish to enjoy maximum savings on the purchase of puff shoulder dresses or outfits from top-labels then Blibli is the place to enjoy massive discounts. All you need is to use its unique Kode voucher Blibli or Kode promo Blibli.


And that’s a wrap to the top fashion trends of Indonesia in the year 2019, hopefully, you will infuse the above-mentioned trends into your closet to upgrade your style quotient to the next level.