Indonesia Travel Guide - Everything You Need To Know Before You Visit Indonesia!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jul 23, 2018

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In this post, you will learn about what to do on your Indonesian travel trip. From how many tourists visits this country every year, to the best places to see and food to try; also, get to know how to survive in Indonesia with a low budget. You can become your own travel guide and know how beautiful and lively is Indonesia!

Those who say they didn’t travel have read only one page of the book. Travelling to different places is a blessing for those who get the chance to travel. If you are planning to travel anytime soon then you should not cherish your plan and travel to a place that gives you a lot many memories.

One of the best places you can travel for an unforgettable experience in Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia is a beautiful country having over 130000 islands and once you visit there you will definitely explore great things and every place and things there have something unique to offer to everyone. 

You can explore the best things there including the cool white sands and sharp volcanoes of Bali to the vibrant capital city of Jakarta to the unbroken lands of Sumatra. There's something exciting and different for everyone. Being home to a wide array of indigenous animals, including the Komodo dragon!. Also, you could savour the inexpensive local food that is reasonable for anyone to afford it. You could no wonder can enjoy and have some great time at this popular destination among so many travellers.

I hope that this guide will help you in planning an excellent trip to Indonesia. So, before you leave there, are sure to know about some lesser known areas in the country and just not only consider travelling to Bali and Lombok! Indonesia is really a diverse country!

Tourist Rate Increases Every Year in Indonesia!

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Tourist rate in Indonesia is constantly evolving and increasing every year. We see a major hike in a number of a tourist getting attracted to the beautiful islands.

In May 2018, it was witnessed that the tourist arrivals in Indonesia were increased by 4.55 per cent from a year earlier to which it was recorded 1.20 million. Among all the places and cities in Indonesia, Bali was the main destination having a number of tourists recorded about 526 thousand, followed by Jakarta having 190 thousand numbers of tourist and Batam having 103 thousand. Looking at the first five months of the year, tourist rate arrivals grew up to 11.89 per cent when compared to the earlier year to 6.17 million. The government further aim to attract about 20 million visitors a year by the year 2019. The number of tourist arrivals in Indonesia is recorded average 813735.69 from the year 2011 until 2018 reaching an all-time high of 1364576 in March of 2018. 

5 Highlighted Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country famous for its island, thereby; when you are travelling there you should be prepared to witness some great selection of absolute highlights islands of Indonesia. To view the best island in Indonesia you can view some of the best destinations within the country. Look here down to understand some great places in Indonesia.



Mysterious Bali is the familiar gem island that resides in the crown of Indonesian tourism. Majorly, the Hindu enclave has long fascination foreigners that get attracted by the great design and architecture of the 19th century within the surfers in the 20th century. You could find the best budget and comprehensive deal package if you really wish to have a great time in Bali. Some of the deals available online at Agoda offer you best flight and hotel package, pretty much for everyone from budget-conscious backpackers to well-heeled luxury travellers from around the world who wish to come to Bali.


As biblical as the monuments that surround it, Yogyakarta is a city that is steeped in rich history and culture. You could have the best time is this city that is well-known for as Java’s heart as it elevates with modern innovation and sense. You could indulge in the myth and legends and stay in this vibrant and fascinating centre which will definitely capture your imagination. Find the best hotel rooms from Zenrooms at the budget price to stay comfortably in Yogyakarta. 


Flores is one of the fascinating and beautiful islands in Indonesia. The name Flores was taken from the Portuguese for "flowers" and while this was not popular for flora but being referred to as a beautiful place. If you've got the time and want to explore beauty with enjoyment then this place should definitely be on your itinerary.


Sumbawa is home to The Volcano and has become one of the world-class places for surfing, enormous wilderness and some incredible islands and beaches that make this place a must great choice to visit. The place is well-connected to Bali and Lombok but it is different from these two place and unpopular and less developed too. 


Sumba is an island in Indonesia that which is known for its compelling mystery. It has rugged waving savannah and low limestone hills that often grow crops like maize and cassava than rice. Once you visit there, you will be landed up near the bottom edge of the Indonesian archipelago. Sumba is the third island in the series that spreads to the east of Bali and is just about 700 kilometres from Australia. Get engrossed in the Sumba’s rich ancient culture and enjoy some stunning landscapes that will wonder what you have never heard.

4 Best Things to Do in Indonesia

Make your travel trip to Indonesia a fun time by planning a super-duper gateway by exploring some beautiful places and destinations. Here are few suggested activities to do:


Learn to dive

Indonesia can definitely stand at the number one place that can undoubtedly be said as the best place where you can learn to dive in Southeast Asia. You will get a chance to live your life freely where there is no shortage of places and will enjoy a great fun activity. So, get ready to visit the Togean Islands, Bali and Flores that are among the most popular diving destinations.

Cooking courses and food walks

If you love cooking and want to try a new adventure by cooking on your holiday then you can do a cooking course at Bali Asli, Bumbu Bali or Hotel Tugu that will offer you a great time to learn about Indonesian fare. Also, there is a great chance to learn about a few of the culinary offerings on one island.


Now, before you decide to plan any other thing to do on your trip, you must choose to learn how to surf. So, if you have made your mind to explore and do surfing then plan to go towards Kuta in Lombok, and Maluk and Lakey in Sumbawa where you can learn to surf.


Many people often visit Indonesia to try out some adventurous fun. Hiking is also one of the most likeable activities and many tourists often choose this fun thing to do. Visit Mount Batur in Bali and enjoy rewarding time by starting the day in the most magical way. 

3 Best Restaurants in Indonesia

Food is a reflection of the country’s rich culture and if you want to enjoy best retreats in Indonesia then you must try out some great food options that are a delight to taste buds.

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Bandur D Jakarta Restaurant (Seafood, Barbeque)

Jakarta is one of the major metropolises, where you can enjoy some great food options and get along with the amazing seaside city view to enjoy some great taste seafood. Bandar Djakarta is a famous restaurant in Jakarta that serves some of the best seafood dishes in a modern setting. 

You can choose to enjoy some fresh fish, crabs, clams, prawns, taken out directly from the aquarium. There are unique offerings of food and restaurant options in Jakarta and this restaurant tend to offer you all the unique dishes and prepare about hundreds daily and even more on special occasions.

Locavore Restaurant (Healthy, Contemporary)

This restaurant is located in Bali and is popular for its innovative menu and some fancy dishes prepared with the inclusion of best ingredients in a theatrical way. 

Locavore functions and offer food based on eco-friendly concepts, offering premium-quality ingredients (and even utensils) regionally. Visitors can enjoy a great meal time and learn about their meal’s ingredients and their story too that how this dish came into existence. The interior ambience of the restaurant is cosy, intimate located in Bali’s cultural hub, Ubud.

Pinisi Resto Restaurant (Indonesian, American, European)

The ever-growing culinary commotion in Bandung has now shown thumbs up to a new concept to restaurants i.e. Pinisi Resto. This restaurant is located on a massive wooden ship docked by a lake surrounded with lush greenery is taking restaurants to a whole new level. You can enjoy the ambience which is calm but playful and is a perfect getaway option for the whole family. You will definitely get here a variety of dishes option and can indulge in Western and Indonesian food too.

Helpful Money Saving Tips

Below is some top reason that allows you to travel instantly these tips below are a money saving tips that will make any traveller book their Indonesian tickets now!

Know these tips below before you plan you get away.

1. You can Get Visa for FREE

There are about 169 countries in the world where Indonesian Visa is of free on arrival option. You can find out your place and know that you can explore beautiful Indonesia within your budget. 

The Visa offered by them is valid for 30 days and you need to have a passport which should not be expiring for the next six months. Also, make sure that you keep your return ticket handy in case the passport official ask for it. You will not have to worry about the Visa process and the whole process is very smooth and easy.

2. Eat on the local street 

You can eat some street food which is totally reliable and help you fill up your empty stomach too. You can pick up any tasty local fare for under 10,000 IDR easily and enjoy some street-side snacks, soups, and noodles with the best taste ever. To find seriously cheap food then you can visit the markets straightaway. 

3. Bargain hard  while shopping

Bargaining is very much prevalent in Indonesia. If you happen to shop for some best retreats and something for yourself then they can bargain with sellers. Most of the prices they have quoted are not at its face value and by bargaining, you can pay less than the quote value.

4. Book a flight and hotel room in advance at discount online

When you book your flight ticket and hotel room in advance then your travel journey becomes easy. You can choose to book from Agoda where you will get unlimited travel deals that offer great pricing packages at the best price. You can also enjoy some unique coupon codes and discount offer that help you save more on your booking. Thus, your travel journey becomes more budget-friendly by trying this hack.

We have reached the end, so hopefully, you will have a great time while travelling to some fun-loving and peaceful places in Indonesia and also don't forget to enjoy some great Indonesian food from top restaurant.