Modern Day Fashion Trends In Indonesia 2019

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Aug 26, 2019

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With the fashion industry continuing to introduce new styles to us every season, it is rightly said that the industry would have not been there without the leading fashion influencers and icons. Be it statement sleeve top paired with embroidered jeans for women or printed shirts with cool chinos for men, every style you see today is inspired or introduced by some of the other icon or influencer. And people usually follow trends what their favorite fashion icon or influencer follows. Thus it can be said that today fashion is all about being modern, looking modern and ahead of everyone.


When talking about traditional outfits nowadays are hardly worn by the people as people prefer to wear light, airy and comfortable clothes for casual days. And to compete with people in fashion, you must be aware of the latest trends beforehand. In this write-up, you will learn about the latest modern fashion trends in Indonesia of 2019. Scroll through to read about the same.


Indonesian Modern Day Fashion!


With so many islands in Indonesia, you will find a variety of traditional clothing styles over here. There are more than 300 ethnic groups in the country, each one having their traditional dress. However, these traditional costumes are generally worn on special occasions like religious meet, festivals or weddings.


Indonesian usually prefer to wear breezy and light in weight clothes as the country mostly experience hot and humid climate. While for men modern-day outfits generally include shirts, t-shirts, denim, and trousers, and for women, it is skirts, dresses, and blouses. Indonesian prefer to wear loose-fitting clothing such as overshirts of light fabric, wrap-around sarong style skirts, and so on, because of the hot climate throughout the year.  


So, if you are in Indonesia, then you must go for casual, lightweight clothes. I have compiled a list of modern-day outfits for men and women that are widely preferred in Indonesia. Take a look at it and infuse your favorite style into your wardrobe.


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Indonesian Fashion Trends 2019!


Fashion in Indonesia, especially the casual everyday fashion is about comfort and breezy feel: so, take a look at the following styles to get an idea of what modern trend is in high demand in the country.


Modern Day Outfits For Women


1 # Cut-Out Style

Cut-Out Style

Cut-Out fashion is all the rage this year, from peek-a-boo shoulders to clever back detailing, cut-out outfits are widely seen in Indonesia. Perfect for scorching temperatures in summer Cut-out dresses, blouses, skirts, and even denim is the coolest trend of the season. The distressed jeans with intricate cut-out detailing are the most comfortable piece of casual outfit ensemble that looks great when paired with a loose funky sweatshirt.


When talking about cut-out back dress, it is simply feminine, classic and wearable. A bold striped cut-out dress with a pair of the fancy wedge is a perfect outfit for al fresco dinner dates. Furthermore, shoulder cut-out tops are a great go-to outfit ensemble for movies, shopping casual outings with friends. Team up your cut-out tops with your favorite boyfriend denim and sneakers to get that cool-girl, casual look.


2 # Boho Blouses

Boho Blouses

Known for expressing the whimsical and creative side of you, Boho Blouses is another widely preferred modern-day fashion trend for women in Indonesia. A perfect style to take from work to weekend, these blouses can be paired with any type of bottom wear, depending on the occasion you’re supposed to wear on. From delicate ruffles to intricate embroidery to vibrant hand-printed fabrics, Boho blouses or tops lift the mood in a better and most joyous way.


Team a boho-style crop blouse paired with a pair of wide-leg, breezy pants can get you into the mood of fun and happiness without many efforts. A solid, boho top with balloon or puff sleeves when paired with pencil pants make up a perfect office-appropriate outfit for working women.  Look for the trendiest collection of Boho-style outfits online on Blibli available at reasonable rates, simply by availing Kode promo Blibli or Kode voucher Blibli.


3 # Crop Illusion Dress

Crop Illusion Dress

Cropping fashion trend is popping everywhere and it is widely seen in Indonesia.  If you‘re also in love with cropped outfit trend, but don’t wish to wear more clothes, then crop-illusion dresses are simply for you. It is an all-in-one style that helps you achieves the same look without showing off the midriff. It is the most sought after, super-easy-to-wear dress with the loose-fitting top attached to it and which flatters your burst and create an interesting play on proportions.


While a crop top can be a no-no for the workplace, a crop illusion dress is a great casual as well as office dress with the smart appeal. Moreover, the A-line top gives an illusion of a skirt suit that perfectly flatters your waistline. Wear strappy sandal or for if you wish to add sophisticate charm to your overall look. Or, you can pair comfy flats with the dress to get the casually cool look.


4 # Off-The-Shoulder Trend

Off-The-Shoulder Trend

Whether it is a top, a blouse, a shirt dress or summer dresses, Off-the-shoulder trend is in the industry from almost decades. Being a much-preserved fashion trend of the year. The style is perfect for women who wish to show off or smooth collarbone skimming silhouette. The style gives you look the most persistent neckline appeal to you.


Off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, maxis, and even crop tops look great with all type of bottom wear, be it denim, pencil pants, shorts and skirts. Look for the upbeat patterns, playful embellishments and bold colors that suit all body shapes and sizes. From petite to bulgy, from short to tall, the off-the-shoulder style looks great on everyone.


Modern Day Outfits For Men


1 # Cropped Trousers

Cropped Trousers

Today tailored styling is becoming more and more popular for a casual look, and cropped trouser is the key piece of fashion ensemble that can pull the latest casual-cool trend together. Cropped trousers must be your go-to wardrobe staple when in Indonesia as it is widely preferred by the Indonesian men. These add a street-style, edgy feel to your overall ensemble indeed letting you make a statement entry at any casual as well as formal occasion or place.


Perfect to be worn both formally and casually, cropped trousers for formal occasions looks great with crisp shirts, a jacket, and formal leather shoes. And for casual outings or hangout, cropped trousers with casual button-downs, t-shirts, denim jackets, and loafers make a classy ensemble for high-fashioned men. Grab a statement cropped trouser for yourself from Zalora at best-discounted rates by simply using Kode promo Zalora.


2 # Cuban Shirts

Cuban Shirts

Feel the breeze of the summery hot season in Indonesia with Cuban shirts. With rolled or folded short sleeves and the distinctive collar is the easiest way to jazz up the outfit to make a statement entry to any place. Bold print or solid color, the choice is yours, you can go for any shade or pattern of Cuban shirts to keep your look as cool as you are.


Since Indonesia is blessed with a lot of coastal areas, Indonesia men mostly prefer to wear Cuban shirt on casual occasions to get that beach-breezy feel. For beach getaways in the country, you will mostly find men’s wearing Cuban shirts in bright colors like blue, green or yellow that looks extra cool when paired with shorts, baggy pants, chinos, and loafers.


3 # Knee Shorts

Knee Shorts

For that ultimate casual feel during the hot sunny season in Indonesia, knee shorts are perfect casual outfit ensemble to have in your wardrobe. Whether you are going out with your friends for a movie or simply clubbing around the city with your gang, knee shorts with cool casual tees and sneakers make up a great fashion ensemble for men on casual days.


While you plan a romantic getaway with your partner to any of the tranquil island of the country, knee short is a must-carry piece of clothing, comfortable to wear all day long and easy to pull over with almost any type of top wear, knee shorts are the most preferred vacation clothes for Indonesian men. If you wish to buy stylish knee shorts at affordable rates online, then Bukalapak is the only shopping destination to turn to. You will find the widest assortment of trendiest fashions staples available at pocket-friendly rates along with massive discount deals provided with Kode Voucher Bukalapak.


4 # Relaxed Suiting

Relaxed Suiting

With fashion becoming creative and cool day by day, suiting is also becoming more casual and cool with every season. Today, not all tailoring is tight and body-fitted except for the professional meetings. Tailoring is getting relaxing and comfortable for even casual days and in Indonesia, you will find more of relaxed suiting that professional or formal tailoring. Relaxed suiting is a style of wearing a formal outfit in the coolest and casual setting.


Relaxed suiting is super-comfortable and easy-to-wear all day lone and the best thing about this style is that it can be paired with all types of casual shoes and loafers. You can pair the ensemble with a T-shirt and get a laidback feel. Relaxed suiting is not office-appropriate and thus you must avoid wearing it to the workplace.


So, these are a few Modern Day outfit ensembles that every high-fashioned Indonesian men and women love to wear for their everyday purpose. Hopefully, the quick gist of Indonesia fashion trends 2019 will give you an idea of what’s in trend in the country.