Mouth-Watering Delicacies Served With Loved At Finest Dinning Points In Hong Kong

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Aug 21, 2017

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Dim Sum

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One of the famous dishes of Hong Kong, Dim Sum is basically served as a brunch or light meal consist of dumplings, rice-rolls, steamed buns and different fillings. If you are travelling to Hong Kong, then you shouldn't be missing this tasty food which is available in many variants. From chicken to prawns to vegetarian to beef Dim Sum, you will find wide varriety of Dim Sum over here. Indonesian love to have this flavourful dish either in the afternoon or early morning. This is why you will find this dish in most of the tea-house's menu card. One can have the most delicious and fun food experience by exploring and eating widest array of varied Dim Sums in Hong Kong. 


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Popularly known as "Chao Sho u" in its nattive language which means "crossed hands", Wontons are yet another most loved food in Hong Kong. Served with a clear soup, you will find variety of wontons dishes made with different-different fillings and ingredients. While on your visit to Hong Kong, you must make sure that you do try this amazing dish which is easily available in almost every cafe and restaurant.It is food known for its thin skin & rice-meat filling and its soup made of duck, pork and chicken simmered for longer period of time. Further, you will find many variant in the shape of the wontons as well, this difference in shape may vary depending on the cooking method and region. Wontons dipped in a clear soup gives you a taste texture which is quite oily and very smooth. Sichuan-style wonton is the famous celebrated snack of Chengdu. 

Fish balls

Relish your tastebuds with some rich-favourful typical Hong Kong snack, named Fish Balls. It is yet another popular food which is mostly sold by the street vendors. Fish Balls as the name say is a dish made of nicely cooked fish with sweet and spicy sauces. This food is famous since 1950s. 


The other kind is sold uncooked and usually served as an important ingredient of hot pot, or cooked with noodles in hot soup. The price is higher and taste different from the first type. These are available in traditional markets and super markets.

According to a statistic in 2002, the daily average consumption of fish balls in Hong Kong is 55 metric tons (about 3.75 million fish balls).

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