Plaid Shirt: Wear It Beat It!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 10, 2017

When it comes to fashion trends; there is always an uncertainty whether the trend would stay for long or fade away soon. But then theses fashion trends are to be kept in mind while you deck up! You surely don’t want to prove your style thumbs down with your ensemble, we are sure! 

The plaid shirt has been one such trend which has maintained its poise and charm among lassies for long and is there to stay even further. The fashion experts at CollectOffers say that not just a simple plaid shirt but combining various other trends with plaid print such as ruffles and high-low will be a fashion trend that’ll be one of the eye-catching trends.

Anyhow, when it comes to pairing up a plaid shirt, there are various ways in which you can pair it up. Let us, for now, tell you about the casual brunch look! 

The green plaid shirt is a roll up sleeve pattern, which makes it all the more fun to carry. One could either tuck in the shirt or let it fall above you bottom wear for the casual look. Always remember that the combination of your top wear and bottom wear should be in syn. The shirt must have a tint of the color of your bottom wear to give it a complete finish and a perfect match. And yes, when it comes to pairing the ensemble you know what looks better on you and experiment is another name for fashion!

As you all know that ripped denim is something that has taken the fashion world a stylish change. Queens pair then up with cropped tops, t-shirts and what not! Here pairing up a black denim with ripped denim from the knee is a perfect match. Avoid wearing printed or too much shaded denim while getting along with your plaid shirt. The ensemble won’t look demure and things will seem to go hap-hazard.

Coming to your footwear, since it is a casual brunch look, avoid wearing sneakers or heels. The best way to doll up is to carry floaters or flats on this ensemble. A black floater or flats will add a complete check to your outfit all-in-all.

Accessories are not much required when it comes to style your plaid shirt. The max you could go is carrying a watch and shades, of course. Compliment the sunny day with uber cool shades, be it aviators or sunglasses. Any of them would add great compliments to your outfit.

So, this was all for today! For more such fashion trends and pairing up ways, watch this space!