Polaroid Camera - A Cool Gadget To Capture Memories

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Mar 09, 2017

Everyone love making memories and capturing them! Photos hold the moments for rest of the life in it. We are in the era where digital photography is dominating the world and on every road trip or any party we click endless pictures that are saved in a phone memory but we hardly see. The answer is, once in a blue moon! And the reason is selecting best photos from an array of thousands is a big task and we don’t have enough time to turn them into a film.

Who doesn’t love to turn a moment into memory, and add it in a photo album to cherish it later or turn them into an array to hang it on the wall? Tell us, how often you really go through those pictures, upload it to the laptop and pick best ones to print them for a photo album? Never! But this will never happen with Polaroid cameras. You’ll be in love with a photo that is in tangible form in front of your eyes. 

A tangible photo isn't just for old folks and hipsters. Lots of people of our age, especially the 90's born are getting crazy over Polaroid photos around the world. They love and enjoy snapping with modern-day instant cameras just like parents did when they were young.

The magic of the Polaroid photos can never be replaced. They're perfect for a memorable last night out with friends or day trips where you might want to instantly compile some cute photos for your scrapbook. In your later years, they’ll keep the past alive in them.

Today's instant cameras have features of digital cameras just with added printers to print your photo on spot. Here, we’re listing the best cameras for you-

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90This is great for beginners looking to get more experimental with their snaps. Automatically detects the brightness and adjust the flash and shutter speed, with double exposure mode and bulb mode.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8It is small enough to fit in all bags. It is also great for beginners because of it's easy to use features. It comes with the automatic light sensor and tells the user which settings to use. 

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital CameraWith this, you don't need to wait while your photo fades into view. The camera adjusts itself for every photo you click. And when it comes to printing them, it provides an option for color effect and border to print.

Fujifilm Instax WIDE 300 InstantLike a traditional Polaroid camera, this instant camera also prints pictures in a larger size. It has just two lens settings and detachable close-up lens. You can take large photos with it.

They are the best in trend. Need a reason to buy? Well, the photos are retro style, you can break all the DIYs from YouTube, the nostalgic feeling when the photo is developing and you’re a 90’s kid. The reason could be anything, do not think. Just grab it!

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