Rising Indonesian Fashion Trends That Are Loved By All

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jul 12, 2019

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When talking about Indonesian fashion trends there’s always a question that whether Indonesia can become the Mecca of fashion trends? In this article, we will look at some of the favorite and most used fashion styles in Indonesia and how it is influencing the fashion goers.

In Indonesia, the fashion trend has gone miles away and has certainly evolved hugely. The designers are ready to chase in the industry with some of their best styles and confidently selling it to the community than ever before. We see the change in trend every year and months and regularly a new designer hits up the market with fresh designs. 

With a population of 265 million in Indonesia among them, 90 per cent adhere to Islam; it is clear to say that Islamic fashion is the most prevalent fashion here. Although the country is not known to be a Muslim country but known to be a secular country, this means there’s enough room to try on fashion apparels and look on top of the fashion game.

Secondly, the reason why Indonesia is known to be Mecca of fashion trends is that it is Southeast Asia’s largest economy and is indicates as having the increasing per capita income and mounting middle class. 

Knowing the religious aspect and women’s preferences, we have rounded up modest fashion trends that are becoming popular in Indonesia.

What is modest fashion clothing and what you will seek ahead!?

The modest fashion term means wearing clothing that is less skin revealing. Though the exact interpretation of the term modest clothing varies from cultures to countries, some places agree on loose clothing and comfortable dressing, while some agree on covering the whole body including face. 

Or in other words, we can say that modest fashion means covering most part of the female body allowing women to experiment with the latest trends. 

Finest Indonesian Fashion Brand to Consider

Read here to know more about the most favourable Indonesian fashion brands and what choices to make in order to wear the most desired clothing.

Before checking the trends, know here some desirable Indonesian fashion brands

  • Seratus Kapas
  • Paradise Youth Club
  • Eesome
  • Reves Studio
  • Sukkha Citta
  • Diniira Official
  • Orel
  • Muyen
  • Maison Met
  • And many more.

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Get the most dazzling Indonesia Fashion Trends 2019 

All the below Indonesia fashion trends are listed out based on what the locals prefer and what the Muslim women would prefer.

1.    Trendy Hijab Choice

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Unlike other fashion trends in Muslim countries, Indonesia is known to be a free and creative country that welcomes every type of fashion with the women accepting it with open arms. Whether it is wearing hijab, they look for some trendy style and style it along happens a tank top, sweatpants or even a sweater. This is a new trend and style welcoming a new way of hijab trending. 

So, whether you have to style it up for the office, party, casual day, or daily routine, a hijab lets you follow the culture without losing your fashions statement.

2.    Styling for Weddings

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Who knows what it is possible to retain your Muslim culture even while attending parties and weddings?  With the right styling and matching hijab with the dress, you can look gorgeous without looking over the top. It is the most prevalent decent/modest styling that makes you look stunning. 

The Indonesian women love their style this way and dress up confidently. You can style different apparels for wedding like gowns, dresses, suits, and much more with hijabs. 

3.    Professional Office wear Style

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The office is no reason that you opt from wearing hijab. By dressing rightly and in proper attire, you could look trendy even in office wear. The Indonesian culture has its own perk that gives a stylish and professional look at the moment you dress uprightly.

Select the decent trouser and a top that won’t look overdressed but it will let you be within the culture. You can even wear a long skirt and top that are preferred by many professional Indonesians women.  

4.    Winter dressing with Hijab

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Winter doesn’t mean that you have to be in your boring look but with the right style and dressing, you can cover up in the right amount without letting cool waves hit you. So, what trend you need exactly to beat your style with ease. 

A woollen hijab cover along with jacket shrug works great if you want to protect yourself better in the weather without compromising your culture and style. You can shop it and be winter-ready by shopping it online and using the unique Kode Voucher Bukalapak 2019.

5.    Street Style Comfy Apparels

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The country Indonesia gives the freedom to walk freely and to flaunt your own right choice without hesitation. Opt some really comfy wearable that let you walk streets and in style. A comfy trouser, skirt, loose blouse, and dress up decently.

You can take suggestions from the above image and style up the way you want. A simple accessory will also be a perfect look to wear. You can opt tiny little earring, a simple chain necklace and a watch along with. This way, you can easily achieve a comfy look without comprising with less.

6.    The Eco-friendly clothes

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Another best trend that has got our attention and is here to stay is eco-friendly fashion. This trend is growing slowly with time and this is probably the best thing that the country can ask for. This fashion trend caught attention among many fashion designers as it ensures a safe and more sustainable environment in the fashion world.

This style has already hit the market and become a craze among people. For a better environment, you can consider buying some eco-friendly attires for yourself and share an initiative towards saving the environment. With this way, you can be stylish as well as can save surroundings. 

7.    Layer with capes

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To cover up more, you can add on a cape over your dress. This will create a stylish impact on your dress as well as will make your look little trendy. There are many different patterns and designs of great material that let you easily portray your style with ease.

Buy some great designer capes available online and make your boring style turn into an appealing trend. With this way, you could easily feel like you are ahead in your fashion game. The flowy cape will make you walk in style and with each turn, you can sure make everyone’s head turn towards you. There are many cape designs available online, use the unique Kode Promo Blibli to shop the different variety of cape options at cheap price.

8.    Sarong Style Skirts

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When you feel the heat waves are at its strongest and you don’t feel like dressing at your top clothes then the best way to combat the temperature is to choose loose and comfortable attire. Look for wrap-around clothes and a sarong style skirts that are pretty common yet convenient option to wear during tropical temperatures.

Wear it along with a light fabric shirt and get an embroidered or batik material. You might find a few clothes that mix together the Java North Coast style and Central Java style. The new materials and fabrics will be the right option to choose, this skirt has a unique technique being Batik. There are few designers who constantly work on this contemporary Indonesian designs and find every way to preserve their culture who are rooted in the West and define culture with the changing times. For best sarong style skirts designs, buy it online using Kode Voucher Bukalapak and get great skirt options preferably for Indonesian women.

9.    Javanese Muslim Bridal Style

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Muslims bride dresses up elegantly and gracefully. The Javanese bridal style depicts it fully with the theme and is a highly popular trend for all Muslim women based in Indonesia. This style is a combination of well-groomed makeup and hijab. All the Muslim brides seek this style during their wedding day and prefer this unique style only because it matches with the style of a modern kebaya. On the other hand, the makeup focuses on the aura of the eyes therefore, it appears to be both soft and charming to the eyes of the beholders.

So, if you are planning to dress up for the wedding then you can consider adapting the Javanese Muslim bride look and look gorgeous on the wedding day. Many women prefer to wear only hijabs instead of adapting the modern gown style.

10.    Fashion Batik 

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Lastly, we’ll talk about the Batik technique that has become fashion apparel among many Indonesians and is seen everywhere now in Indonesia. Fashion batik is quite popular in foreign countries and preferred by many foreigners. 

There are many varieties and uniqueness in the fashion batik that many decisions are made in accordance with the place or region of the origin.

There are various Batik Motifs that came from Indonesia and become a trend here! 

  1. Batik Parang

Batik Parang motif originated from Java Island. In this style, Parang itself has a meaning which means tilt. The entire region in Indonesia has its own machete motifs like Yogya has broken parang motifs and parang barong in Central Java has slobog machete, which works with West Java with Klisik machete motif.

      2. Sogan Batik

Sogan Batik motif is not new but came into existence since the time of ancestors of the Javanese, centuries ago.  The Batik motif dominated the light brown colour along with a distinctive pattern of flowers having unique accent points and curved lines.

      3. Batik motifs Seven

The Batik motif became popular in Pekalongan city and means very thick and natural nuasa. Because the motif display has a shape of animal or plant motifs, this means the mixtures are drawn from local and ethnic Chinese. 

      4. Batik Gentongan

The Motif Batik Gentongan came from the island of Madura where it is different from other Motifs. As these Batik motifs specialize in simple conceptual motifs and plants along with a combination of both of them. The Batik uses bright colours in their material like red, yellow, green, purple. The idea was conceptualized from the barrel and taken from the pottery used as a container where clothes are dipped in the ink.  

       5. Batik Mega mendung

This Batik Mega Mendung is one of the most famous Batik motifs found in Indonesia originated from the city of Cirebon. This motif has a simple style and leaves a luxurious impact while you dress up. A gloomy design like the clouds in the sky with bright colours is indeed very suitable option use by all circles. 

Hope, you are going to consider any of the above Indonesia fashion trends. When you will keep this guide handy, you can easily make a better choice. Finally, when you have to make a decision on choosing the apt style, do not forget to use Kode Promo Blibli 2019 while shopping it online to get maximum savings on your purchase.

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