Smart Ways to Stay Ahead with the Latest Fashion Trends

Post by Anupam Pandey | Jul 17, 2019

Fashion is all about expression and confidence plays a major role in making it successful. This expression is an important part of your daily life, whether it is about how you communicate your feeling or how you express your personality without speaking a word. The fashion serves the latter part quite conclusively and you just can’t ignore dressing as an important part of your preparation before you go to any the particular place for any specific reason.


Why do you dress up in entirely two distinct dressing styles altogether for office and casual holiday trips? Why don’t we wear the same dress to a party and then visit the gym in the same attire? The point of dressing all about the requirement and the best way to dress up in order to express yourself for the particular task at hand for which you visited the place. Therefore we all see our dressing styles changing with the place with go and one thing that also plays a significant role in it is the contemporary fashion trend of that given time.


Now, here begins something that is really confusing for some while liberating for the others who understand trends and are comfortable with or without it. This may sound abrupt but those who know the trends usually don’t fall for it, they rather contribute to developing those new style trends. Those who try to copy others are often lacking the panache due to the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry where the trends come and go in a blink of an eye. So, you should stay updated about the latest trends and then work on those to evolve your own unique personal variations for a style exclusive meant for you. You can find plenty of latest stylish fashion products from Indonesia Fashion Brands online at great prices using Kode Voucher Blibli or Kode Promo Blibli and actually leverage from these trends, not by blindly following them but also by customizing what you wish to get.

Explore New Sources of Inspiration

Watching Movies, Shows & Fashion Events

It is something extraordinary to comprehend new styles on your own for each and every attire that you get for yourself. Therefore, you should not shy away from finding new sources to get inspiration for new trends and styles. To begin with, you can start with the media channels, movies and television shows as most of these places usually depict the latest trends and styles from the fashion industry. If you are not that good at catching the trends and noticing the substantive changes in fashion, you can use the social media where a lot of active people post about the new fashion anecdotes and styles shown on the show or the movie.

Reading Magazines, Blogs & Other Content

A lot of prominent magazines publications, newspapers and websites are based on fashion and latest style trends wherein you can find a lot of content about the changing trends in the fashion industry. These places offer a tailor-made update about everything that you would need to know from the popular products, brands and other fashionable stuff. You can also read and regularly follow some peculiar blogs which are crafted by fashion-savvy bloggers passionate about fashion and styling. These places not only give you a detailed insight into the trends of the time but also predict the possible future trends and the outcome of the styles from the brands as such.

Following Celebrities, Designers & Models

To be informed is always a great help but for making it more worthwhile in practical life, you have to understand how to pull those styles in reality. For this, the best way is to follow some of the popular fashion models, designers, celebrities, fashion icons etc. Doing this will help you find out a better way of how to imply a particular dress and flaunt it the right way as it ought to be. It is sometimes funny but awkward when some people try the latest trend but get it all wrong. You should also try to evaluate those personalities who match you in one way or the other if to know how a particular style would actually look like on you. You can also check out the social media images shared by those fashion savvy personalities whom you admire.

Discussing What’s Trends With Fashionable Pals

One of the best ways to explore fashion is by using your fashionable friend circle to a good effect. Having such friends who are themselves updated about the fashion industry, the latest trends and styles, popular products from top brands and other contemporary things of the industry can actually provide a perfect place for gossips and discussions. You can go all out with these friends and chat with them about their views regarding particular issues related to any trend or something you don't like but people do. The difference in opinion is something that can bring out the best of ideas and bolster you with insightful details about the way other people approach to fashion on a whole different spectrum. Remember, a trendy person should know about the styles but that about does not implicate him to blindly follow each and every trend. It simply means being aware of the new styles which are flattering and eye-catchy, liking or disliking them is a different thing altogether.

Stay Aware About the Market and the Brands

Go for In-Store Shop Experiences


One of the other major places that you should regularly follow up to know the latest buzz and trending products in the market by visiting the brand stores in the streets and Indonesia shopping markets. The official outlets of popular brands usually keep the stocks updated with new style releases and designs. You would often find the latest products listed on the displays upfront as these are then used as the marketing props in most cases. The retail outlets often provide a number of distinctive options from wearable everyday clothes to the exclusively styled designer dresses. The in-store experience gives the best idea about the fashion sense of the time and the way it is heading towards.

Adopt Clever Shopping Tactics

To shop more things at once is not advisably a clever way of shopping for any fashionable person. You should rather be cleverer and keep your shopping list as short as possible while ensuring that you shop as many times as you can. This is essentially a way to take a note of the trends that keep coming in a flow while others which depart at the same time. If you buy too many dresses for yourself in one time, you would be shopping mostly the same range of trend which is selling in that point of time but not necessarily remain the same after a few months or so. By purchasing fewer attires, you are more likely to grab a hold on versatile trends of clothing with time, and even if one or two styles out of them go out of trend, the remaining ones would still be available for use. In case you need to shop more, you can use the Kode Voucher Bukalapak or Kode Promo Bukalapak to avail exciting deals and discounts on fashion apparels.

Develop Your Wardrobe Wisely With the Trends

Cut the Crap Down

To be able to accommodate the latest fashion trends styles and accessories, it is really important for you to keep ample free space left in your wardrobe and for ensuring this, what you should be doing is to dump away the undesired ones for the better. To keep anything useless in your wardrobe which you know you probably won’t be wearing in your senses is absurd. It is more often than not that we know the garments that we don’t want to wear but keep them just because you bought them. Don’t attach sentiments and be practical about it, why bother to keep something and allow it space which you don’t ever intend to use in future. Better cut the crap down and save the space for the better. Many times, people try to convince themselves by saying, oh! I got no space for new dresses, so I would rather skip this trend. You better don't do that to yourself, trust me, nobody does it with a happy face.  

Merge with the Trends

Many times, we see that trends are more or less resurgent in nature and you can’t simply write them off just because they are off the charts today. Something that was trending back in the 1990s had faded between 2000-10 but it rose to prominence yet again in recent years, the denim jackets are just one of the many such trends. Similar is the case with the Cuban and Hawaiian shirts which was nowhere to be seen for two decades after being in trend in the mid 1970’s and 1980’s but has become a popular piece of garment in the past five years selling big numbers in the markets and compelling even the top of the line brands to come up with such styled products. Cardigans, Infinity Scarfs, Checks, Florals, Stripes all are examples of such resurgence. So, always make sure that you have merged at least one or two style patterns reserved in your wardrobe stocks for such cases.  

Develop a Versatile Collection of Accessories Too

The versatile collection is not developed in one day or a week, it takes time beyond comprehension. If you are actually keen on developing it, better start it with the basic strategic planning when you plan for shopping fashion accessories from the next time onwards. This is actually a logical approach that should begin with the evaluation of the styles of clothing that you have already compiled in your wardrobe and the number of each style. This provides a broader idea about what you have and how you can make the best use of it. Whenever you prepare your mind to shop for new clothes, make sure to choose one which does not belong to this style trend. This would actually enhance your variety of garments and provide you with more options mixing and matching dress combinations as well. This would be even better if you try to keep your shopping list shorter and more precise, the Kode Voucher Zalora or Kode Promo Zalora would also help by keeping your bills low and also provides better opportunities to bag the best deals and offers.

Pro Tips for Your Help

  • Don’t Imitate others because you are different. This is indeed a mistake that many people make these days while adopting trends. Trends are not meant to be adopted, they should rather be adapted to your suitability and you don’t need to follow anyone in this. Individual taste and your personality should be the only consideration you should have in your mind, obviously along with comfortable fitting and quality. Blind followers can never become trendy, always remember this.
  • Always be confident about whatever trend you are flaunting because, at the end of the day, it is confidence that will hold your look together and make it work. Only those who dare can succeed, and trends are just the same.
  • Being trendy does not always mean you have to empty your bank balance on shopping each and every time you go to buy a dress. Better planning and clarity is equally important, you can't wear 10 attires in one day. So instead of running behind every trend, choose one that suits you and leave the rest for others.
  • Don't hesitate to experiment with new variations and combinations if your instincts tell you to try something new. If that happened to everyone in this world, we would probably have not seen a single new trend evolve, or even the fashion industry would not have existed. So it is just about mental toughness, nothing more.