Sumptuous Delicacies You Must Taste While You Are On Your Trip To Indonesia!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Feb 12, 2018


Indonesia, one of the amazing travel destination of the world is best known for its tranquil beaches, luxury resorts, breathtaking oceanic views, serenity and lip-smacking food. Whether you are on leisure travel or on a business trip, traveling to Indonesia can be hassle-free and worth-memorable if you know what you must do over there beforehand. 

Indonesian food is something that you need to know about beforehand. The cuisine over here is known for its spicy, aromatic flavors. The option in food section over here is plenty. from sweet dish to the main course to starters, you will surely be going to get amazed with the culinary experience over here. 

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Beef Rendang!


Originated in Padang, Sumatra, for the first, Beef Rendang is a spicy, rich in flavors Padang food dish widely popular all over Indonesia. Beef is the main ingredient, is cooked in rich-spicy curry, Rendang which is usually prepared using coconut milk and a thick ground spices paste including galangal, lemongrass, garlic, chilies, shallots, turmeric leaves, ginger and other aromatic spices. The spices, shallot, galangal, ginger, and garlic used in Rendang consist of antimicrobial properties often served as a natural organic preservative as well. 



Yet another Indonesian dish that you must taste while you travel this wonderful place is Siomay. Siomay, steamed fish dumplings often served with vegetables tossed in peanut sauce. Got its name from the ChineseShumai, Siomay is the Indonesian version of the very popular dim sum. Siomay is basically a light meal consisting of different-different fillings such as of tuna, prawn or mackerel. 

Sweet Martabak!


Your meal is incomplete without this dessert, i.e. Sweet Martabak. The Sweet Martabak is the most popular Indonesian dessert that you must not miss to taste. The dessert is an Indonesian style of stuffed pan-fried bread or pancake. Egg and meat sweet Martabak are the two most loved Indonesian version of this dessert, available with several fillings from cheese, peanuts to chocolate. 

So, travelers tease your taste buds with the above-mention popular Indonesian food and make your trip worth-memorable. Also, if you wish to make your expenses on these lavish dishes worthy, or even if you wish to make your expenses at any of the top restaurants in Indonesian pocket-friendly, you must not forget to avail Fave voucher codes

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