Sway Chinese New Year In Oriental Style

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 18, 2017

Chinese New Year is on the way, just 10 days left for the festival to arrive. And everyone around you is preparing to look their best, right? But you cannot lose out. Daze everyone around you, your friends and family or maybe the would-be family *wink*, with the perfectly pulled-off look, and stay serene and fabulous for every gathering and selfie. CNY is all about a reunion with friends and family. So, if in case if you're going to meet your companion's family in this Chinese New Year then here’s a tip for you “say no to makeup that is too pale or the one that is too bold.” Do you know old folks are more in favor of traditional look or aka Oriental look? But not the one you were applying since you started doing makeup.

We all know a good makeup can make one feel more confident and good about self. There are n numbers of ways to follow for an everyday look, but Chinese New Year demands something special. When everything around you is customary, don’t you feel it would be better if your makeup is lined with Spring Festival trend and colors, or if you opt for makeup that is a bit traditional?

You can try oriental look this year without spending your hard earned money at the expensive salon. All you need to do is to play it right by focusing on red lips, drawing attention to the eyes and skip the heavy blushers and fanciful eye shadow.

Chinese women are known for their elaborate eye makeup. Play up your eyes because they can be made subtle or bold easily. And make it look larger with winged eye liner and false eyelashes. Hurray! You’ve crossed the step one to oriental makeup.

Contour and blush! Little of both will give you desired appearance. Contouring correctly will give you all the dew and gaze you need for the oriental look. And a blush will make you look natural. Opt for pinks and corals to look like the innocent damsel that you are!

The first thing you need to keep in mind when doing lip makeup is to pick lip colors which won’t clash with your skin tone or they will wash you out. And red is an auspicious color during CNY and red lipstick will complete your customary look. But if red is too bright for you, you can opt the shade of pink too for a light touch.

Last but not least, don’t forget hair do. Put them in a pretty bun with simple hair accessory to complete the look.

Ladies make sure you avoid wearing dark colors and stick to auspicious ones such as red and pink. Pick out a cheongsam and be prepared to receive compliments from everyone. Don’t worry! We’re not asking you to be fully traditional as it might make you uncomfortable. But if you wish to add some glittery accessories, as we’ve seen in the movie, you can.

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