Take Care Of Your Lips With Lip care Products From Sephora

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Dec 15, 2016

I love winters but what I can’t stand is chapped and dry lips. You also hate it? Well then we can be friends ;)   It’s really depressing to see creased and dry lips, ruining your perfect winter look. 

Imagine you are ready from head to toe and then notice that your lips are looking dry and pale? It’s really uncool and moreover a challenge to keep them healthy in this chilling climate. 

Our schedule is so jam-packed that we cannot follow a separate skin care regime for each part hence end up taking care of only facial skin and not lips! Come on they are sensitive too and maybe this is the reason why they become so upset :/

But no worries, we can always make them happy by giving a little attention to them. Still confused, oho, its simple adapt a habit to moistened them and nourish them with lip balms or moisturizers.

Now come on you can’t end up using just any balm when it comes to lip care. Why? Do you just use any cream or lip color or makeup? So why not choose the best lip balm? Hmmm, convinced or should I blabber more??? ;)

Cool, now that you all are prepared to invest in quality lip balms let me suggest you the best ones. And you know what? Buying them will also not trouble you much as they are available at Southeast Asia’s reputed online store- Sephora.

So let the show begin:

Super Nourishing Lip Balm

This lip balm contains organic formula to keep skin smooth and moist. Its application makes lips look fuller and shiny.


The balm has Mango butter and sodium hyaluronate which keep your lips to hydrated. This tinted balm provides moisture at the same color for your lips.

Reve de Miel

This Lip balm is rich in nutrients that can maintain moisture and improve dry and chapped lips. Has high concentration which helps in nourishing dry lips. 


This is another cool balm available at Sephora with Mango butter extract. It also has a non-sticky formula.

Moisture Lip Balm

Laneige’s Moisture Lip Balm hydrates and heals dry and chapped lips and also prevents the signs of aging on the lips at the same time.

Do’s and Don’ts:

- Maintain a habit of nourishing lips before going to bed like you do to your skin.

- Don’t bite the dry lip skin (which we usually do).

- Always carry your lip balm in your bag as the dry winds can anytime attack your soft lips.


Okay, that’s it for now see you all later until then Take Care.