The 5 Paradise Islands Of Indonesia That You Should Visit

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 17, 2017

Indonesia is not only one of the world’s most populous countries but also millions of people visiting it every year. From budget backpackers to honeymooners, and from the travel junkies to the holidaymakers, Indonesia has undoubtedly got something for each one of you! 

Venturing across Indonesia you’ll see a dramatic landscape of diverse islands. The pristine and magnificent islands are as diverse as the people of Indonesia and the people making a visit. You all might have heard of Bali, (of course one of the most talked about the island of Indonesia!) an island that provides divinity to the escapade lovers. 

Well, if you were thinking this was it? Then, dear friends, you are just missing out the fun! There is so much waiting for you in Lombok and Komodo. And how can we miss Flores? Flores is a gateway to the adventures (a big shout out to the adventure junkies!) And if you don’t want to miss out the fun then load your bags and get your bookings done from Agoda and Expedia

So, now to make your trip full of memories that never fades, let us show you the 5 islands of Indonesia that will make this trip of yours a fun escape, we promise! 

Bunaken Island Located in Manado – North Sulawesi. Bunaken is well-known for its highest level of biodiversity. There are at least 58 different genera and sub-genera of corals and 2,000 species of fish are found in the marine park. This island is definitely a ‘Yay’ for a deep sea diving experience, but how about scuba diving? 

Well, Bunaken is one of the most famous diving and snorkeling islands which draws travelers from all around the world!

Lombok Island Lombok is definitely one of the most beautiful islands of the world. But a little less famous than its neighboring island, Bali. There are several visitors leaving their footprints behind in Bali and therefore there are a number of places in Lombok still untouched! Therefore, mass tourism is still an unknown fact for Lombok.

Gili Islands Located in the West Nusa Tenggara. The Islands in all consist of 3 smaller islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. All the three islands of Gilli provide a vision of paradise but all of them differ and hold a distinct personality. Gili Trawangan is known as the hardcore party island, it is also one of the cheapest and safest place to learn to dive. Gili Meno is for the love birds, a perfect romantic escape for the couples. Last but not the least Gilli Air is the chill out spot, so gather your gang and explore the pleasant island.

Bangka Lies on the western part of Indonesia, Bangka, and Belitung Islands are located just on the east coast of Sumatra. One of the most beautiful places is the Parai Tenggiri Beach in Bangka Island. The word Bangka derives from ‘wangka’ which means “tin” as the island is one of the major contributors of the world’s production.

Komodo Island The Island is famous not only for its heritage of convicts but also for the unique fauna which roams about here. Komodo Island is the home of the largest (and endangered) lizard on Earth, Komodo dragon. Komodo contains a beach with "pink" sand, one of only seven in the world. 

Hence, these were the 5 beautiful islands of Indonesia and you should surely make a visit to there!