The Five of The Best Health and Beauty Centers of Jakarta for the Best Beauty Treatments

Post by Ashik Gosaliya | Feb 21, 2017

Why spend exorbitant prices on beauty treatment when beauty products are available online at a huge discount? Yes, the question is absolutely valid. But both beauty treatment and beauty products have a different purpose. Cosmetics are usually used to bring some instant changes to the look, which enable you to hide some skin flaws and turn your personal into a magnet for a few hours. Compared to cosmetics, beauty treatment is designed in a way to bring more authentic and permanent changes to your beauty with a positive effect.

Moreover, you would never realize if you are allergic to certain chemicals or medicinal elements. A professional beautician would easily be able to apply proper cosmetics in an advanced manner. Something which a standard approach with basic beauty products fails to bring into effect. Just because online shopping destinations are offering discounts; doesn’t mean you bring home the countless makeup kits and experiment with your skin to gain a beautiful face or flawless skin. No matter how many layers you paint your face with; a hint of moisture in the atmosphere or sweat washes away all the hard work you have done in painting your face.


Top of everything else, if you think that the beauty treatments are a costly affair in Jakarta, the beauty editors at CollectOffers are ready to contend the claim. It is simply because, CollectOffers brings you the beauty treatment deals with a hefty discount from the wide range of Spa, salons and beauty treatment centers of Jakarta. Doesn’t matter if you want to stylize your hair with a new cut or you are looking for Trilogy and Face Treatment, CollectOffers provides the best beauty deals with unbelievable discount on Hair Spa Therapy, Classic or Gelish Manicure and Pedicure, and many more beauty treatments.


Here is the round up of one of the best skin care and healthy and beauty centers in Jakarta that offer best of beauty treatment with huge discount. 


Paket Slimming Premium by Mirabelle Skin Health & Beauty Center

DeA Mirabelle Skin Health & Beauty Center now comes with a wide selection of Face Treatment Package. DeA Mirabelle Skin Health & Beauty Center now comes with the promo Slimming Premium Package that includes Meso & RF. The RF slimming method is painless and focuses on a particular area who want to reduce fat content. In short, Mirabelle Skin Health & Beauty Center helps you challenge the obesity while stimulating collagen for skin tightening. Mirabelle Skin Health & Beauty Center brings an effective way of eliminating cellulite to get the body in shape. 

Face & Body Treatment Package by SHC Skin & Body Treatment

Whether you wish to focus on the face only of you have to have a complete body treatment, SHC Skin & Body Treatment offers a wide range of beauty treatment options. A team of professional therapists with excellent training and immense experience brings you an opportunity to remove fatigue, stress, and exhaustion while restoring physical and mental vitality and spirit using the promo Face & Body Treatment Package. You have Body Massage, Totok Facial, Body Scrub, Body Steam, Salt Bath as options. 

Laser Treatment Package from The Beaute

The Beaute is a home to aesthetic medical professionals supervised by doctors, beauticians, and experienced therapists. The reason being the reputation The Beaute has built for itself as a number one beauty treatment center for the face. Located in the Menteng area, The Beaute Clinic provides treatments such as Facial, Microdermabrasion, Lasers for Scar, Laser to shrink pores, Laser for wrinkle reduction, IPL for hair removal and acne, planting yarn, PRP, Whitening Injection, Hair Growth Treatment, eyebrow embroidery or lips.

Hair Treatment Package from Samantha Hair Design

A body may get attention adorning a beautiful dress, for a beautiful persona, you need a perfect hair style too that complement your fashion. When it comes to hair care, there is no better option in Jakarta than Samantha Hair Design. Whether you are looking for advanced hair wash or hair blog, either you look for hair spa or hair mask, Samantha knows everything to perfection. Doesn't matter which location you choose; Gading Serpong and Lippo Mall Puri, you will have the most satisfying experience. Innovation in hair perming has brought them the fortune. 

Acne Treatment from Emily Beauty Center

Emily Beauty Center is located in East Jakarta was founded by Dr. Emilia who began his career as a medical consultant beauty in some of the leading clinics. EBC Clinic provides a variety of facial treatments, skin, and body always follow the development of medicine in the field of beauty so that treatments and medicines which are used constantly update. The ache is one of the basic problems that almost every woman faces, but not in Jakarta anymore with Emily Beauty Center offering Acne Treatment to remove all the dirt to bring the natural brightness to the face.

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