Top 4 Reasons To Travel By Train!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Mar 07, 2018

Today, traveling is done by two types of people. One, those who want to reach a point for some work or to meet family or some travel to explore a new place and learn new things. Who are you? 

Actually, whenever we hear of traveling we think of expensive journey and think of flights. Right? But, we have forgotten the traditional means of transport i.e. train. Yes, a train journey is much easier and efficient that has several benefits. 

With the economy still collapsing, it is becoming a necessity that we start to look for other ways to travel if it is our necessity to travel to a place. Traveling by train is eventually increasing and also many people are getting attracted to its budgeted trip. Plus, a scenic train ride can add to our travel journey in itself as we tend to enjoy the outside ambiance through the windows. Need more reasons to take the train? You’ve come to the right place.

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Top reasons why you should take train journey!!

Money Saving


Trains are an increasingly cost-effective solution to reach a point. Yes, the total fare of a train journey is almost half rate of flight journeys.Particularly, if you’re planning for a short distance then the train is the most convenient way to reach the other point.

Therefore, a common man's preference is to train over a flight. So, if you are planning a budget trip, you should always choose train as your first option.

More Baggage

Another reason to travel through train is that it allows unlimited items of baggage of a traveler whereas a flight doesn't. Yes, a flight restrict on the weight of the baggage based on the number of persons traveling. 

Therefore, if you have a baggage problem and have lots of things to take with you then train journey is the easiest and safest way to take.


Trains are more energy efficient as compared to car or planes. The carbon emitted from trains are less harmful to the environment as compared with airplanes because train emissions are not emitted directly into the upper atmosphere. 

Therefore, it also helps the economy too as the industry is less exposed to increase fuels prices.

Comfort and Relaxation

Again, one of the other advantages of traveling through train is that you can also relax or lie down easily. It is one of the least stressful forms of transportation that allow you to sit and relax according to your likes.

Therefore, you’ll have more legroom than you would have on a plane. Hence, you can move and shift according to your desire and wish.

Hence, traveling by train has just plus-points and if you plan to travel through it then you are only at advantage only!