Travel Ubud For A Comfortable And Affordable Staycation In Indonesia!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 03, 2017

Why go to spas for rejuvenation when a therapy called “we-time” is more effective? Yeah, there is nothing better than a get-together with family or friends. So this CNY 2017 why not escape with your loved ones to a place which is beautiful and affordable?

Pack your bags to enjoy the Chinese New Year in style at your nearby destination Ubud, Indonesia. Staycations are the latest cool and we must say are a really great alternative to get refreshed quickly.

Imagine you and your family enjoying at the frothy beaches, enjoying the nature stretched around and most importantly no hush-hush nearby. Isn’t the thought only peaceful!!!

Why we picked Ubud? Well because it’s nearby, is loaded with the picturesque view and is never going to make a hole in your pocket. So now all set to explore this wonderful land? Let’s begin. 

Hotels And Resort

As Ubud, Bali is a honeymoon destination you can find lovely hotels and resort with the most lavish amenities. However, they are not too expensive and are always in the budget. 


Shopping is a must whether you are a localite or not and when in Ubud then it’s a must to indulge in shopping as Ubud is an arts and crafts haven with many market stalls to visit, plus the excellent Seniwati Gallery, which exhibits female artists.

Things To do

-A little weird but exciting- to get the best breakfast you will have to climb Mount Batur, an active volcano near Ubud, at 4am. Once you’ve reached the top, the guides cook eggs for the group as the sun rises.

-Sacred Monkey Forest- this is another place to go when in Ubud. A slightly terrifying walk through the sanctuary filled with macaque monkeys.

-Goa Gajah- Once you are done with forest walk do visit the Goa Gajah, known for its stone carvings of Hindu gods, this cave may date as far back as the 9th century.


Ubud has some of the most innovative food joints and coffee shops. Along with the interior the menu also holds novelty. You can also try street food there and feel the essence of the beautiful upland of Bali.

Travel With 

Plan your stay at Ubud, Bali via AirAsiaGo or renowned online hotel booking agency, which offers you amazing discounts.