Treasure Into New Age Indonesian Desserts From Groupon

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Jan 04, 2017

A very nice saying goes like this, “Stressed is Desserts if spelled reversed.” Which we, at CollectOffers find it to be true! Whenever you feel low, and you stuff yourself with desserts or ice creams, you suddenly start to feel uplifted, don’t you? And what we believe is that one can crave for desserts any time and at any place.

Especially, in Indonesia, there are trails of desserts that will take you to the other world when tasted once. Earlier, the trend of desserts, rather the variety of desserts was very limited. What one could relish and satisfy the sweet tooth were- cakes (that to the traditional flavors, limited to chocolate, vanilla and a few more), ice creams or the chocolates of a few variety. However, the new generation of Indonesia serves itself with an immense diversity in the category desserts. 

Today, when you crave for desserts you have a line of selections to choose from. The desserts now range from Bubur kacang hijau (a kind of sweet porridge) to the Roti buaya pastry! Already craving for desserts? Something sweet and mouth relishing, you ask for? Well, then you can order for your favorite dessert online while sitting at your home! The answer is Groupon- Southeast Asia’s prominent food ordering website. To save on your online order all you will have to do is order through CollectOffers where you get additional Groupon discount coupons and voucher codes. 

Below are 5 desserts that will melt in your mouth and will surely satisfy your dessert cravings.

Banana Pudding Banana Cake is made of the main raw material of 100% pure bananas. All grain cake is made of quality materials selection. This dish is suitable for you to eat with family and friends in his spare time, or served in your special occasion. 

Lapis Special Butter Cake The special cake is made with no added preservatives, which is healthy and Halal. The layer of the cake is made that was produced using wisjman butter and perfumed. The sponge cake has 2 options, namely chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles messes and vanilla cake sprinkled cheese. These special cakes are suitable for conducting holidays or for a snack when gathering with your friends or family.

Red Velvet Martabak Eggs For all the Martabak lovers! There are diverse variants of puddings available at Groupon. The ingredients used are of fresh quality, available at fancies bakeries of Indonesia. One can surely enjoy this dessert together with friends or family.

Brown Pabalatak Raghib Cake From Groupon, you can order different types and flavors of cake there are 3 choices of cake Pabalatak Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Pabalatak Bahe Cake. The cake is made of quality raw materials and fresh ingredients. It is best tasted when served fresh.

Milky Frais and Silky Pudding To refresh your spirit on busy days, a pudding and milk shake does wonder. At Groupon, there is a variety of milk shakes and puddings available which can be ordered for low fat or full cream. They provide regular and premium milk shakes. For regular milk shake, available flavors: green tea, red velvet, taro, Thai tea, caramel macchiato, choco creamy, vanilla, milk tea. Premium for milk shakes, available flavors Nutella, cookies and pink (red velvet with Oreo).

Chocolate Tart  A stressed out day can always be uplifted with chocolates. Don’t you feel so? Well, if you are a great chocolate lover, then don’t give the chocolate tart a miss! This mouthwatering pudding is filled with chocolate and will surely accomplish in satisfying your sweet tooth.

These are 5 five out of a diverse range of desserts, snacks and shakes available at Indonesia from Groupon.