What Fetters Us Today?.. Yes!! An Unscathed Technology

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Apr 12, 2017


Technology!This word has created an erosion all over the globe this abrasion is flowing around each and every part of the country and people are experiencing all sort of changing trends in this area. People haven't ever wondered that technological upgradation would make their lives so elite that even they would doubt is it actually happening? Technologies and contrivances have been such an extreme apogee  that no individual is blotted out regarding the ongoing trends in the forte of technology. All ongoing trends in technological preferment are best suited for all generation and they are conspicuous for kids as automation industry has given them huge variety of contravinces to choose upon.

"The science of today is technology of tomorrow". ~ Edward Teller

Technology is serving as an integral human part each and every humanitarian behavior is influenced in some or the other way by eroded growth of technology and gadgets. This surplus growth has attained zenith that is difficult to cross. When countries pace of development increase with that the automation industry also catches up the growth resulting in immense creation of snag in choosing technologies. This has completely changed the human vision towards the whole world

Talking about technology doenot only comprise or limits itself within gadgets it also means the sources that could completely change the future just like the way technological development has seperated itself from pat years technologies. In past centuries the aim of technology was to only ease out mankinds life but now machinery industry is aiming high and has stepped out and broke the parameters and resulted in pordigious growth of different innovations that could change the future.

Hereby I will discuss with you all about the ongoing trends in Indonesia:

One-day delivery service:

Delivery time is one of the most common issues Indonesians face when shopping online. People would say, “I don’t want to buy online because it takes a really long time to get an item. I’d rather buy stuff from a store so I can take it right away.” So breaking such monotony here is a technological trend that will ease out the customers in getting delivery within 24 hrs.

Optimization of mobile apps:

According to Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics Indonesia will develope its wide ranghe of optimized apps that will make the country one of the fourth biggest population of mobile phone users after China, India, and US.

More payment options:

This trend is one of the biggest challenges in Indonesian ecommerce. Aware of this situation, a lot of companies are offering more than one payment option to ease out customers and create a digitized economy further. (ATM transfer and cash on delivery).