Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Sale

This New Year, bring happiness to your home by shopping for both necessities and luxuries at prices lower than imagined with the discount offers provided by our website on top-notch brands. Send greetings and wishes with the perfect gift hampers to your loved ones and make them feel special on this Chinese New Year. We have made shopping easy for you as you here you can find coupons not only on different items but also various other brands and retailers.

What is Chinese New Year Sale?

The Chinese word Chunjie refers to the Spring Season which brings a lot of new opportunities for the people and is believed to bring fortune in their lives which is why it is welcomed on a grand level. There are many countries that call the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year and it is celebrated by 20% of the countries all over the world.

Celebrating events as big as this one involves huge shopping and this is why the market is crowded and sellers offer hefty discounts to the people.

When does the sale start?

Every year the sale falls between January 12 and February 20 and the celebration continues for 7-15 days marking this one of the biggest holiday seasons in China but countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc. also participate in this festival and so are their retailers.

You won’t be required to search for the offers if you are an avid shopper as the online stores start celebrating the Spring Festival by giving massive discounts on the items. 

Background of Chinese New Year

This festival marks the end of the coldest days and the start of the spring but there is one myth about Chinese New Year. It was believed that one monster Nian, would come on New Year’s Eve on the streets and would haunt the people but one day one brave boy got on a fight with the monster and defeated him through firecrackers. Ever since then people celebrate the occasion by lighting firecrackers.

You would also notice them cleaning their house, keeping the secret money in the red envelope, hanging the lanterns, purchasing the Zodiac animal signs like rat, lion, ox, etc. for bringing good luck.

Why should I shop online?

If you are living in Indonesia then there is more than one reason to shop during Lunar New Year which includes crazy deals, rewards, free gift coupons, price drops on international brands, etc. Negotiate from the comfort of your home by grabbing these exclusive offers. Our website is surely going to give you satisfying saving options in a few clicks.

Your love for fashion, food, electronics, wellness, travel are supported by the deals we offer so whether you are trying to indulge in a new hobby or fulfil your dream do it without feeling the pressure of heavy expenses with our promo codes.

Who is participating in this Sale?

Every year the big market players come with jaw-dropping offers and promotions which are hard to resist. Some of them are as follows: Zalora, Berrybenka, Shopee, Bukalapak, Aliexpress, Yoox, Sephora, Lazada, Berrylook, Blibli, Watsons, Klook, Althea Indonesia,,, iHerb, Ticwatch, American Eagle, Adidas, Slick Case, Orami Indonesia, Pomelo, Kkday, Newchic, Forzieri, Photobook, Alibaba, Flower Advisor, etc.

Whether you want to decorate your house with dazzling lights and lanterns or bring the luckiest zodiac animal toys for a better future, spend less by availing of the offers available on our website.

Pro-Savings Tips at Sale!

Having knowledge about the basic techniques of shopping can make you earn extraordinary savings especially on big occasions like Chinese New Year, 11.11 Sale, Black Friday, etc. when the online market is cramped with alluring discounts. Follow the tricks that are mentioned below and become the savings magnet as these points will let you shop more at lower prices:

Early Bird Offers

What’s better than getting your hands on the deals as soon as they are released! No need to wait for the main event date to fill your cart as several retailers of Indonesia start launching the price drops before that to attract customers. Don’t let go of these offers as it may get hard to find them later.

Keep Your Eyes Locked

Before shopping knows about the discounts offered by different retailers. Sounds like a tedious exercise? Simply subscribe to the newsletter service of your preferred websites from Indonesia and they will do the rest of the job. You will receive alerts about the promotions, events, new arrivals and many more, straight to the inbox.

This will help you to track the offers and their margin rate on the items if you are a member of the mailing list of online shops dealing in the same business.

Prepare the Shopping List

Heavy discounts on the items may get you to shop insanely during which going out of the budget is no surprise but you can avoid such a situation by planning your shopping beforehand. All you have to do is prepare a list that will sort you with respect to what to buy and whatnot.

From kitchen to wardrobe go through every space of your house and list down the items you need. You can be as creative as you want to be by putting the categories, brands and setting priority in your list.

Search, Compare & Shop

When you are done with preparing the list then visit the renowned online retailers to look at what they are offering. You can make comparisons in two ways: a) Prepare a wishlist of the items you want to buy and note their prices before sale, once the shopping season has started then check your wish list to if the discounts are applied on them and what is the margin of prices, b) On the Big Sale Day, compare the offers of shops having the same business.