Kode Promo IUIGA & Kode Diskon IUIGA August 2022

Shop from one of the premium and pocket-friendly household appliance stores IUIGA Indonesia and use IUIGA Kode promos that are up to grab, from here. When you go for that new furniture or a new mattress our IUIGA Diskon voucher and promo codes will make your purchase a guilt-free shopping experience. 

Bebas biaya kirim!

Diskon IUIGA - Dapatkan Gratis Ongkos Kirim Untuk Pembelian Anda Di Atas RP 880RB - Buruan!

Carilah pilihan produk yang luar biasa di halaman ucapan. Beli online sekarang dan dapatkan gratis ongkos kirim untuk pesanan di atas RP 880RB. Buru-buru

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Potongan RP 100RB

IUIGA Indonesia - Referensikan & Dapatkan Penawaran - Dapatkan DISKON RP 100RB - Cepat!

Bagikan pengalaman menarik tentang IUIGA dengan teman-teman Anda dan dapatkan diskon RP 100RB. Bagikan lebih banyak, dapatkan lebih banyak!

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More about Iuiga

 IUIGA Loyalty Points

IUIGA loves their customers and they have a unique way to show that to them. Loyalty points can be earned through purchases and spent on any other purchases for any of their products. Below is some information about the same:

  • For every Rp 10,000 spend, customers earn 1 point.
  • Your points will auto transferred to your account and will be updated every month.
  • You can redeem your points by getting vouchers and Kode promos for your next purchase
  • It can be used to purchase gift cards too.

 Product Versatility 

IUIGA Indonesia as a brand is known for the durability and the quality they provide to their products. But their categorized range in products and elegantly designed exclusivity is the difference between them and their competitors. 

From Kids to Moms, from a blanket to mattress, they have grown from their initial brilliance in furniture, at which they first ventured on to other categories of household products. 

Their pet bedding and toys are as adorable as other products mentioned on both their website as well as the app. With special attention to materials used in the products, they are one of the top-class companies in household appliances.


Customer Care Services 

IUIGA gives special attention to their customers when it comes to shopping with them. With maximum security and encryption used in the payments, they are serious in preventing fraudulent of any kind to their customers.

Their refund and return process is swift and can easily be done by their easy to navigate user interface. Below are the modes you can contact to IUIGA customer care representative:

  • You can mail them at support@iuiga.id.
  • Or you can use the Help button displayed on the right side of their portal.


How to use IUIGA Kode Promo?

  • Go to our website and type IUIGA in the search bar.
  • It will take you to the list of Kode promo list.
  • Choose one and click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the IUIGA website.
  • Choose your product and proceed to the payment gateway.
  • Apply the kupon and that’s it! Enjoy the discount.

What does IUIGA Sell?

IUIGA is a go-to platform for buying household products. They are known to sell Muji-style minimalist products. The quality and durability of products are what they are known for. Pet products, Baby products, mattresses, hangers are some of the products they ace at.

What does IUIGA Stand for?

Jaslyn Chan, co-owner of the company explained IUIGA for ‘quality’ in Samoan. As a brand, they stood up to their name and delivered what customers of household appliances were lacking, while shopping from other brands. 

How do you pronounce IUIGA?

IUIGA is pronounced as ‘EYE-YOU-GAH’, which is a Samoan language word, which means Quality. It is a Singapore-based country and delivers in the SEA market. As a company, they are known for their brilliance in making Minimalist products with the affordable price point for their customers.

Who is The Owner of IUIGA?

Jaslyn Chan is the owner of IGUIA. With the idea of making premium household products at an affordable price, she invented this brand for the people. While their competitors making quality as a premium term and upselling the products, they have been proven to make what their name stands for.


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Amit Kumar
by Amit Kumar
Deal Expert Team Lead
More about Amit

Why would you pay more than marginal for a product that should be almost half of its price? With high-end raw materials used with Muji-style designed products, it’s a steal when you shop at IUIGA Indonesia. They give their customers premium products with half of the price point when compared to that of their competitors. Their simple business model is made up in such a way that they can give maximum benefit to their customers. When you shop with them, you will realize the quality they offer with their product.


Jaslyn Chan, Co-founder, business strategy, and development manager of IUIGA, was looking for quality products with an affordable price point. When she couldn’t find one, she had the idea to create one, and that is how it was born. Their aim was simple, to make quality products and sell them at an affordable price when their competitors are selling the same at a comparatively higher price than what they offer. 

They order the finest of materials around the world, with the belief of giving quality, priority before anything else. Their complete product portfolio for every person in the house designed exquisitely is what they have achieved as a brand. When shopping for their products you are going to love our IUIGA Kode promo as it will be savings that will make your shopping experience sweeter.

Returns and Refunds! 

Returns and refunds are easy at IUIGA, as they believe in giving better services to their customers and their policies are swift, giving a hassle-free experience to them. Below are the in details points for Returns and refunds:

  • You have 30 Days! To return the product to them.
  • Customers just have to fill up the ‘Return form’ available at their portal.
  • You will receive your refunded amount in your IUGAI wallet.
  • Customers have to make sure their products are in good condition, and they ship the product in the original packaging.
  • Customers can request exchanges, for their preferred size and color.
  • They just have to fill up the ‘Exchange Form’ available at their portal.
  •  The Refunds process usually takes 3-5 days from returning the package.
  • A confirmation mail is sent by the team about refunding status.


Safety is thoroughly followed by the IUIGA team, with encryption of payments, customer’s information doesn’t leak at all. Below are the payment methods customers can avail themselves at their portals:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Convenience Store
  • E-Wallets

With secure payments, customers feel confident doing online shopping with them. When you go for the payment during checkout, use our IUIGA Kode promo, to save more and enjoy maximum benefit from your purchase.

Original Design Manufacturer Model! 

One of the biggest reasons for the success journey of IUIGA is its unique ODM model. Manufacturers design the product and the company chooses the products they want to sell under their brand name, and all the design and product rights remain with the manufacturer, whereas the company receives the product cutting the extra cost between the wholesaler and the retailer. 

These extra costs are saved, resulting in the low price point of the product, without compromising in the quality. This model works for IUIGA Indonesia, which gives them sales as well as the confidence to make better and quality products for their customers.

Cost-Effective Savings!

IUIGA was born in the hoard to give better services to the customers purchasing household appliances at such a high price than the actual worth of the product. But they change all that and made savings a part of customer’s shopping experience. 

With our IUIGA Kode promo and Diskon, you end up saving more and buying your favorite appliance at such a price that it will be a steal deal for you. Apply these promo codes and make your shopping a super-saving experience that you don’t want to miss on at all.