Kode Promo Lalamove & Kode Diskon Lalamove October 2021

Fasten up your pickups and deliveries with this ultimate delivery partner, using our Lalamove Kode promo. With Lalamove Indonesia, you can get quick access to the instant delivery solutions for businesses by selecting the right fleet, personal delivery of couriers, and lowongan kurir Lalamove as a driver to start earning profoundly.                                                                                             

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Promo Spesial Untuk Pengguna Baru - Pesan Layanan Anda Sekarang & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70% - Lalamove Indonesia 2021

Pengguna Baru - Mencari layanan pengiriman cepat! Pesan sekarang layanan penjemputan dari halaman ucapan dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70% Hingga 2 kali dengan menerapkan kode voucher Lalamove yang diberikan. Dapatkan kesepakatannya sekarang, Cepat!

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New Users Only - Order Now & Get RP 20RB OFF - All Fleet - Hurry

Promo Eksklusif 2021 - Mencari layanan angkut cepat! Pesan sekarang dari halaman promo dan dapatkan DISKON RP 10RB Hingga 2 kali. Jangan lupa gunakan kode voucher Lalamove yang diberikan. Promo ini khusus untuk pengguna baru Indonesia. Percepat!

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Kirim Lebih Cepat Dengan Lalamove & Dapatkan DISKON 12% + Pengiriman Gratis Untuk Pengguna Indonesia - Cepat!

Dapatkan dengan mudah memesan perjalanan Anda dari halaman promo dan hemat 12% + Pengiriman Gratis dengan menggunakan kode promo Lalamove yang diberikan. Promo ini hanya berlaku untuk 25 pengguna pertama! Buruan download aplikasinya dan gunakan sebelum kehabisan!

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Diskon 12%
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Kirim Barang Anda & Dapatkan DISKON 12% + Gratis Ongkos Kirim Menggunakan Kode Voucher - Layanan Roda 4 - Cepat!

Kirim barang Anda dengan mudah dari satu tempat ke tempat lain dengan bantuan layanan roda 4 di halaman promo. Pesan layanan Anda sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON 12% + Gratis Ongkos Kirim dengan menggunakan kode voucher Lalamove yang diberikan. Promosi ini hanya substansial untuk 25 klien awal! Ambil langkahnya dan unduh aplikasinya dan gunakan sebelum kehabisan!

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Daftar Penawaran!
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Daftar Sekarang & Dapatkan Pemberitahuan Untuk Penawaran Terbaru

Cukup daftarkan Id Email Anda & Daftar sekarang untuk mendapatkan diskon luar biasa dan juga menerima informasi terbaru tentang penawaran eksklusif, penawaran terbaru, & kode diskon. Buru-buru!

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Mulai dari RP 124RB

Mulai Dari RP 124RB - Pilih Kotak Pickup Anda - Buruan!

Pesan kotak penjemputan untuk pengiriman ekspres hanya dengan RP 124RB. Cukup klik halaman promo dan nikmati layanan cepatnya.

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Mulai dari RP 90RB

Dapatkan Lalamove Delivery Mulai Dari RP 90RB - Khusus Untuk Van Roda 4

Mau kirim barang, dokumen, bunga, atau barang lainnya lagi? Datang saja ke landing page book service anda dari harga mulai RP 90RB.

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Kirim Barang Anda & Dapatkan DISKON RP 8RB - Pengiriman Motor - Cepat!

Mau kirim barang, dokumen, bunga, atau barang lainnya lagi? datang saja ke halaman arahan pesan layanan Anda dan nikmati RP 8RB OFF.

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More about Lalamove

Businesses with Lalamove

Lalamove is the instant solution for businesses, delivering all types of equipment to their partners. With same-day delivery, businesses can save a lot of resources and struggle; they would have to do when delivering a parcel. 

They have their brand name and promise behind them that offer safety and perseverance to their clients. They can rely on them, as they are responsible for deliveries of goods to a lot of companies.

With easy live tracking, professional drivers, and good customer care service, firms find it easy to choose them for their services.


Swift Delivery Options 

Individuals and Businesses choose Lalamove because of the swift delivery options they give to their customers, with variety in choosing delivery vehicles, cashless transactions, and a low-cost delivery fee there is no doubt why their customers choose them as their delivery partners.

Customers can add up to 20 additional stops for delivery of their goods and with GPS tracking; they can track their parcels with ease. You can save a ton while choosing one of their services using our Lalamove Kode promos that are up to grab.


Lalamove Features  

Lalamove is not just any delivery portal that is available for Indonesians; its features are what separate them from their competitors. With Door-to-door pickup and delivery as well, they have made the delivery ease of just a touch from your smartphone. 

Their drivers receive a whopping 80% of the share, which is the main reason for offering such good services to their customers. Route optimization feature of them lets you add multi stops, where companies can deliver their goods in one go.


How to use Lalamove Kode Promo?

  • Go to our website and type Lalamove in the search bar.
  • It will take you to Lalamove Kode promos list page.
  • Choose one of them and click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the Lalamove website.
  • Choose your product and proceed to checkout.
  • Apply the copied kupon from our website
  • You’re done! Enjoy the discount.

Who Pays for Lalamove Delivery?

Both the parties, the Sender or Receiver can pay for the delivery but usually, the receiver pays for it. Payment is easy and with online options available, customers can pay according to their choice of comfort. 

Is Lalamove Deposit Refundable?

Yes, it is refundable; drivers get their full refund upon the closure of their account, once they complete at least 1 delivery. Lalamove is true to their drivers, their maximum delivery fee goes to them, and their refundable amount is taken just for security purposes.

What is Round Trip in Lalamove?

Round trip is the documents-only trip, where the sender sends the documents through the chosen vehicle medium to the receiver, where he reviews the documents give them back through the driver to the sender again.

Does Lalamove Accept G-cash?

Yes, Lalamove accepts cashless payments through their e-wallets; senders or receivers can recharge their wallets, through G cash, and then pay the Lalamove driver through their wallet. They accept online payment options as many of their customers find them suitable.


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Rate Lalamove Vouchers Experience
Rated 1.3/5 from 6 reviews Visit Site

Ajeet Singh
by Ajeet Singh
Deal Expert Manager
More about Ajeet

With greater transparency in the delivery process and a reliable way to transfer your valuables from one place to another, Lalamove ID offers faster, more affordable, and readily available services 24/7. You can even get the daftar mobil list and daftar kurir list online to select the right vehicle for your endeavor and track your deliveries in the real-time without any fuss. Just make sure to apply kode kupon Lalamove and kode diskon Lalamove on while making a pendaftaran for parcel delivery for personal or business purposes.

About Lalamove

Founded by a lot of those fed by the manual process of ordering delivery and the discrepancies, Lalamove adalah tentang resolving the concerns of the businesses and people who require their possessions to be delivered somewhere.

It holds premium facilities of picking up and dropping off parcels that are accessible to you in just a few taps; just enter a pickup or delivery address, get the price information before placing an order and track your deliveries in real-time.

Moreover, once you apply kode voucher Lalamove on your bookings to make it even feasible for yourself. It also has a Lalamove app that makes it convenient for you to daftar online driver at Lalamove or cara daftar mitra to start earning as a partner or driver with this delivery giant in Indonesia.

Hassle-Free Services

  • Join as a Lalamove business partner and get last-minute or scheduled delivery for your business deliveries. You will also get Lalamove coupons worth IDR300,000 and a rebate of 5% per month.
  • Choose Lalamove as your local delivery partner and get on-demand delivery services done by professional drivers.
  • Know cara daftar jadi driver Lalamove and penghasilan driver before joining this platform and become a partner to enjoy additional perks along with your living.
  • Utilize the promo kode Lalamove before you make a reservation for on-demand delivery of its courier service!

Get the app!

Whether you want to join the Lalamove daftar mitra or daftar driver mobil, you can download its app on your smartphone and makes the entire process very easy going for you.

While you can add multiple delivery locations via the app as a business, you can get additional income and work with freedom as a Lalamove partner.

With ease in payments, safe checkouts, and a tracking facility, you can keep track of the services that you have hired and also get discounts using kode Lalamove and kode coupon on your orders.

Customer Services

  • Get in touch with the Lalamove customer care services using its hotline number (021) 50106688 to know pendapatan driver, lowongan kerja in Jakarta, lalamove pengguna baru kode promo, cara daftar kurir, loker kurir, and more.
  • Get in touch with the Lalamove Jakarta office at (021) 5010 6688.
  • Start a live chat with its team members for help.
  • Follow it on FB, Instagram, and YouTube for regular updates.

A large fleet of vehicles

Lalamove owns a wide range of vehicles suitable for large to small scale same-day deliveries or schedules deliveries!

While choosing the type of courier from small items, big buff and lots, glassware and valuables, moving services, raw materials, and food that you want to get delivered, you will also find the vehicle options on this platform.

The right fleet will be available for your delivery at the most economical prices once you apply the kode kupon Lalamove on your bookings!