Kode Promo Lalamove & Kode Diskon Lalamove March 2024

Fasten up your pickups and deliveries with this ultimate delivery partner, using our Kode promo Lalamove tebaru. With Lalamove Indonesia, you can get quick access to the instant delivery solutions for businesses by selecting the right fleet, personal delivery of couriers, and lowongan kurir Lalamove as a driver to start earning profoundly.                                                                                             

Kode Kupon

Kirim Barang Ke Lokasi Lain Dengan Kode Promo Lalamove & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70%

Dapatkan kesepakatan besar ini untuk mengirim barang dan parsel ke lokasi lain. Pesan paket Anda sekarang dengan menggunakan Kode Voucher Lalamove untuk mendapatkan diskon hingga 70%.

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Kode Kupon

Semua Armada - Pesan & Sekarang & Hemat Hingga 70% - Khusus Pengguna Baru - Kode Diskon Lalamove

Pengguna Baru - Anda bisa mendapatkan akses cepat ke pengaturan pengiriman saat ini dengan memilih layanan penjemputan dari halaman salam. Pesan online sekarang dan dapatkan DISKON Hingga 70% hingga 2 kali dengan memanfaatkan kode diskon Lalamove yang diberikan.

LALAKIRIMShow Coupon Code
Kode Kupon

Promo Lalamove Indonesia - Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 50% Untuk Pengiriman Barang Ke Pulau Jawa

Kumpulkan DISKON hingga 50% tanpa minimum pembelanjaan. Kirim barang ke pulau jawa dengan menerapkan kode promo. Pesan sekarang!

LAFEBRUARIShow Coupon Code
Kode Kupon

Kode Kupon Lalamove -Hemat RP140K On Yogyakarta Delivery

Temukan pengiriman barang Anda ke Yogyakarta tersedia dengan harga terjangkau. Hemat RP140K dengan menerapkan kode promo Lalamove. Pesan sekarang!

LAYOGYAShow Coupon Code
Kode Kupon

Kode Diskon Lalamove - Kirim Barang Ke Semarang - Kumpulkan POTONGAN RP140K

Jelajahi halaman arahan dan jelajahi semua kategori yang tersedia dengan harga terjangkau. Kirim barang Anda ke Semarang DISKON RP140K dengan menerapkan kode voucher.

LASEMARANGShow Coupon Code
Kode Kupon

Kode Promo Lalamove - Undang Teman Penawaran - Kumpulkan Kupon DISKON IDR60K

Bagikan pengalaman menyenangkan Anda dengan teman-teman Anda tentang layanan Lalamove dan kumpulkan kupon DISKON IDR60K di dompet Anda.

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Kode Kupon

Kode Promo Lalamove - Pengiriman Antar Kota | Kumpulkan Hingga RP200K OFF

Kirim muatan besar antar kota untuk penghematan lebih banyak dengan harga terjangkau. Terapkan kode promo dan dapatkan DISKON hingga RP200K tanpa minimum pembelian.

LANTARKOTAShow Coupon Code
Kode Kupon

Pengiriman Barang Kini Efisien - Pengiriman Buku Dengan DISKON Hingga 90% - Kode Promo Lalamove

Dengan kode voucher Lalamove, Anda akan mendapatkan diskon hingga 90% untuk pemesanan pengiriman barang Anda dan mengirimkannya dengan aman dan terjamin dengan harga termurah.

LAGAJIANShow Coupon Code
Kode Kupon

Lalamove New User Voucher - Hemat Ekstra 20% Untuk Kirim Barang - Kode Promo Lalamove

Dapatkan penawaran luar biasa ini untuk mendapatkan diskon ekstra 20% untuk pengiriman barang ke kota lain dengan menggunakan kode voucher pengguna baru Lalamove saat check out.

At Rp22.000

Lalamove Sale - Pilih Sekarang Layanan City Car Hanya Rp9.200

Ungkapkan penawaran yang tersedia di halaman promosi yang berisi Layanan City Car yang luar biasa dengan kisaran harga yang sangat wajar hanya Rp9.200.

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Lalamove FAQs

How do I use the Lalamove promo code?

• Visit our site and type ‘Lalamove’ in the search column.
• Click on the first suggestion appearing below.
• Go to the page with the Lalamove promo code and discounts.
• Copy any of the codes you find suitable.
• Then go to the ‘Lalamove’ official website.
• Select the booking and add to the cart
• Tap on ‘Continue’, and proceed.
• Tap on the option and enter the Lalamove coupon code
• Enjoy savings!

How to know if my order is confirmed?

To know if your order is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email along with other details, in case if you have not received the email you can check with your Lalamove account from my account with all the necessary information.

How Lalamove works?

Lalamove is a platform that connects business owners and individuals with Lalamove partners and drivers with keeping transparency between them as they consider the concept of partnership cooperation.

How to track my booking?

If you need to track your booking, you will get the AWB number and shipping link via email and you can track the order from the shipping site or log in to your Lalamove account and you can check the details.

More about Lalamove

Lalamove – An Easy Van

Earlier named easy van that took birth back in December 2013 and was started by Chow Shing Yuk, However later in 2014 the company was renamed Lalamove. It expanded in a short span of time reaching new heights outside Asia. As of 2019 Lalamove raised US$300 million in round funding while during the pandemic it supported a great social cause in 2020 and launched its Deliver Care CSR initiative to provide free delivery to NGOs. 

Moreover, if you are looking to save some bucks on your pockets apply our kode diskon Lalamove before checkout.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy

If you wish to cancel the order, no cancellation fee is charged as long as the order is canceled within 30 minutes before the start of the pick-up time, and to cancel after a match you need to make a call to Lalamove customer care for the cancellation. 

The Lalamove app wallet automatically cancels the transaction to return the money, while refunds are initiated.  If you still face any problems while the process, you can get in touch with customer support.

In case you want to save a few bucks, apply our kode diskon Lalamove available on our portal. 

Lalamove Loyalty Programme

Relish some extra perks with Lalamove Loyalty Program, while the program is only available to individuals and not companies or associations. 

It's free to join as a member, all you need to do is register for a Lalamove Account. Once your application to join the program gets approved you are eligible to join. Once it is active you can earn points on every booking and you will earn 1 point for every IDR 1000. 

Your points will be credited to your Program account after 48 hours, also in case of a refund the points earned will be deducted based on the refund value.

What are the Lalamove’s biggest sale events?

We at CollectOffers keep a track of the Lalamove Indonesia best deals, offers, and coupons to help you unlock huge savings. Seize the super saver offers on your must-have products during promotions such as Chinese New Year sale, 7.7 sale, 8.8 sale, 9.9 Mega sale, 11.11 Singles Day sale, Hari Raya sale, Christmas sale, & loads more. The events bring along excellent opportunity to save up to 80% on best-seller products on Lalamove. Get ready to order your favorites at prices like never before.

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These offers have expired, but they might still work!

70% OFF
Kode Kupon

Lalamove Kode Kupon - Hemat Hingga 70% Untuk Pengiriman Paket & Barang Selama Penjualan Double 11

Dapatkan kesepakatan ini dengan memesan layanan parsel Anda dan biarkan parsel Anda terkirim dengan aman dengan harga diskon hingga 70% selama Promo Lalamove 11.11 Singles Day Sale 2023.

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20% OFF
Kode Kupon

Lalamove Kode Kupon - Kirim Barang Dengan Diskon Hingga 20% - Kode Promo Lalamove

Raih kesepakatan ini dengan mengirimkan barang ke lokasi yang Anda inginkan di Indonesia dan dapatkan diskon hingga 20% untuk pemesanan pengiriman Anda dengan menggunakan kode voucher.

80% OFF
Kode Kupon

Lalamove Kode Kupon - Kirim Parcel Dengan Diskon Hingga 80% Selama Promo Sale Lalamove 10.10

Lakukan pemesanan dan kirim parsel dengan ekstra aman ke alamat penerima. Dengan memesan sekarang melalui halaman penawaran ini selama Promo Penjualan Lalamove 10.10 2023 Anda akan mendapatkan diskon hingga 80%.

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80% OFF
Kode Kupon

Lalamove Kode Kupon - Pesan Layanan Paket Selama Promo Sale Lalamove 9.9 & Dapatkan DISKON Hingga 80%

Dapatkan kesepakatan ini yang akan membantu Anda mengirim paket dengan harga yang sangat wajar. Pesan parselmu selama Promo Lalamove 9.9 Sale 2023 dan dapatkan diskon hingga 80%.

9.9 SALE PROMO 2023
80% OFF
Kode Kupon

Lalamove Kode Kupon - Dapatkan Diskon Hingga 80% Untuk Pengiriman Barang Ke Malang Dengan Kode Promo Lalamove

Lihat promo ini yang akan membantu Anda menghemat hingga 80% untuk pengiriman barang ke Kota Malang di Indonesia dengan aman. Ingatlah untuk menggunakan kode voucher saat check out untuk mendapatkan diskon.

LAMALANGShow Coupon Code
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About Lalamove 

Ever thought of shifting your stuff in a hassle-free manner? Lalamove has made it possible for every consumer!

It is known as an Asian-based technology company that’s responsible for delivery services by connecting users with delivery drivers with the help of web applications and mobile devices with transparency between the drivers and the consumers.

The company flourished in Asia and Latin America along with more than 7 million users and 700,000 delivery drivers. They have expanded in the countries namely Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Pattaya, Jakarta, India, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico. 

Lalamove Points 

  • Earn points and get 1 Lala point for every IDR 1,000 spent and also points for every completed order.
  • For each complete order, you can earn Lala points and use them to redeem rewards. 
  • Grab the offer before they end soon.
  • In case you are looking for more offers and diskons apply our Kode promo Lalamove

Lalamove OVO Offer 

  • Spend via OVO cash and get an Rp50,000 e-voucher in return as a bonus, grab the offer Asap as they are valid for a limited period.
  • If you wish to save more, apply our Kode promo Lalamove before booking your next booking.

Lalamove Payment Methods

The online payment gateways are absolutely safe and secure for you to make hassle-free payments and do not store your bank-related information.  

  • Lalamove accepts several seamless payment methods with Visa and Mastercard 
  • American Express
  • Credit Cards
  • Lalamove Wallet
  • Bank Transfers
  • Internet Banking
  • Cash on Delivery

Also, apply our kode diskon Lalamove before checkout if in case you have missed the offer.

Lalamove e-Voucher  

  • Earn points with Lalamove and get an e-voucher worth up to Rp100,000 as a reward.
  • Grab the offer before as they are valid for a limited period.
  • Also, apply our kode diskon Lalamove before checkout if you need to save money while shopping.