Best Monsoon Holiday Destination In India Where Rain Doesn't Break Your Fun!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Aug 02, 2018

Are you pissed off with the soring high temperature and looking to have a break time in some exotic location within India? Well, then you all must look for a perfect ideal place i.e. best for monsoons and suitable for the weather. Here we will take you to some best places in India where you will have a good time and even rain can't ruin your plan.

If you love the rain and wait for the monsoons with bated breath then you surely must look for best monsoon places in India. India is a country that offers different seasons and the places in India doesn't long you for some foreign trip. There are some undeniable essentials of an ideal monsoon holiday and when you plan your vacation within India, you are guaranteed to have the best times. 

Here are top 3 monsoon holiday spots that are a total high point where rain doesn’t break your fun holiday. So, what are you waiting for, book your trip now from MakeMyTrip where you will be guaranteed some great deals without expanding your budget.

Free yourself in the exotic locations of Kerala, Goa and Shillong. You’ll definitely be amazed by the best time there and will feel amazing in these experiences!


Kerela is known as God’s Own Country and for its greenery. You will find about fifty shades of green and will have an enjoyable time in the paradise, no matter when you visit. However, when the monsoon comes, Kerela beauty goes to an entirely new level and become more high point among travellers.

The scenery in Kerela is so rich and elegant whether you’re in Munnar, Thekkady, Kovalam, or Alleppey! Despite your location, in Kerala, you will surely have a great time there and can enjoy most of your stay during the rains. You can have a good time by indulging yourself to technoscientific Ayurveda treatments and beauty remedies. Also, can indulge in early practices, strengthen and renew with regular massages that will help you have calm, relax the mind and body.


Goa is a destination that can be visited any time of the year. Whether it is winters, rainy, summers, spring or autumn; you will surely have blast there! But during the rains, Goa has its own charm and many tourists love to visit this popular beach place.

Goa beaches are popular worldwide and offer distinct occurrences based on what you investigate. You will get to experience best times there, from energetic parties to pensive calm, there's everything for your entertainment and rain. So, go ahead and make your monsoon holiday in Goa, a time to remember for years to come by staying at a relaxing pool villa and taking a dip in your private pool to own some best times.


Monsoons in Shillong suggest that you can expect some brimming lakes, plentiful waterfalls and fifty shades of flourishing greenery! The weather outside the country is at a height of 340 metres, so you can visit the amazing Nohkalikai Falls near Cherrapunji that was popular for its wettest places in the world. 

The time in Shillong will let you enjoy the valleys and meadows covered with rain clouds on the horizon. When you visit here, the adventurist in you will have some best time and will be thrilled by the water rappelling at Elephant Falls.

So, this monsoon, do not spend your days enjoying the rain just at home but go ahead and explore the monsoon beauty within your own country.