Biggest Fashion And Beauty Trends Of 2018 That You Need To Know!

Post by Sameena Farooq | Jul 18, 2018

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This post reveals the latest and biggest trend in fashion and beauty that every woman must follow. Learn where you can shop all these trendy products that will make you look good and in fashion.

Looking good is not easy for anyone, you have to work on your routine, eat well, sleep well, wear well, use good products, in short lead a healthy and luxurious life to attain beauty. If you are a woman who wants to stay stylish and lead a healthy life then you must invest in some good quality products, clothes, and accessories that will make you look like a dream.

Many women are there who feel envious of other women when they look beautiful and good and wish that they would have that skin and beauty. Well, it’s natural but do you ever given a thought that how those women manage to look beautiful all the time? All those women who have good skin and have great fashion sense work very hard on each thing from buying best beauty product to shopping for some latest designer clothes and accessories that make them look good.

While shopping, it becomes essential that you choose an only good store that offers you great products of good brands and latest fashion. You can also consider shopping some trendy fashion online. One of the plus points of shopping is that you are assured of the latest fashion and products that are trendy.

Where to Shop Fashion and Beauty Products Online and Why?

Online shopping is totally trustable for buying clothes and beauty products because 1.66 billion people worldwide prefer online shopping and have positive reviews about it. This figure is increasing daily and people prefer to shop online as it offers great benefits. If you do not trust online shopping then you have to make your facts clear.

When talking about online shopping in India, it is slowly growing and is not as popular as other foreign countries. The trend of online shopping in India started back 2 - 3 years before.

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A survey was done on online shopping and how often do users do shopping. The first graphs on left side depict that about 30% of customers like to do online shopping weekly, 42% several times a month, 20% once in a month and 8% 4 times per year.

The second graph on the right side depicts how much money do users spend while shopping online and how much do e-commerce website gain. 

Big Players like Amazon, Jabong, Myntra are some popular online stores offering products with high discount. These stores are just not offering great products to consumers online but they are wholesalers that are selling their products like a retail store at wholesale price. So, if you really want to shop all the trendy things then here you will be guaranteed everything at the best price. Even there are some unique coupon codes available online that allow you to shop at a more discounted price. They are not just offering discounts but they also retire the product within 30 days if the buyer found it defective.

Popular Fashion Trends That Will Rule in 2018!

You can shop all these trendy fashion online from a trusted website like Amazon, Myntra, or Jabong. So, whether you want to opt for comfortable culottes, a carefree dress or a chic top, pastels shades are going to rule your wardrobe this year.

Here are big fashion trends that are becoming popular and you can choose to shop online. These trends are a must have for every woman.

#1: Wide leg bottoms

Wide leg bottoms are quite everyone’s favourite because of many reasons. The first one being it is very comfortable and makes you feel free in this summer hot weather. It looks stylish too. This style was popular back in the 80s where we see famous actresses Neetu Singh, Rekha flaunted these wide leg bottoms on style. And now in 2018, to this style has taken over all women and most of the women want to stock it.

The wide leg bottoms come in different style and designs. The style ranges from culottes to palazzos to denim, you can choose the material and design of the wide leg bottom according to your need. Choose a good pair of wide-leg trousers and give your clothing collection a refreshing twist. This trend promises to make everyone check out the latest trend that is effortless as well as chic at the same time. 

#2: Ear Studs

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Earrings are a must-have for women. Either it is hanging, studs, or danglers; everything is in trend these days. According to the type of dress you wear, choose the earring style. If you are attending a pert then an earring will work alone, you don't have to shop for a bracelet or a necklace, but earrings alone are sufficient and are the most representative jewellery piece of femininity.

You can choose the type of earring based on your dress type. The most demanding and favourite earring of all time is studded that goes pretty well with all types of dresses. Choose a trendy oversized ear stud can literally turn you happy and bright with the ultra-cool look.  

#3: Cocktail rings

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Cocktail rings are very much in fashion and most women prefer in their style collection. A cocktail ring is in a fashion not just this year but these are evergreen fashion and have been in trend for a long time now. 

It is one of the fabulous ornaments to try for and any women can choose to wear it. If you have chosen wisely about the design, colour and style and when you wear it you will definitely steal the show. The jewelery piece can truly accentuate the overall outfit look and look best when teamed up with both western and ethnic looks.

#4: Grandma Shoes

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There is no doubt that sneaker trend is going on in full swing in every dress type. Whether you are wearing jeans or wearing a short dress; sneakers are going pretty well in all these clothes. The latest being available is a Grandma shoe that may look out ugly and large but have started becoming a trend. Many celebrities including Bollywood and Hollywood have started flaunting this style.

Sneakers have been an option for college going girls but soon it has been in trend for all. It’s not necessary for you to grab the latest drop from your favourite label. But to stay stylish you can go to history and choose those ugly grandma shoes on the latest trend and shapes. So, go ahead and shop the exclusive club of ugly sneakers - grandma sneakers.

#5: Tracksuit Trend

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The tracksuit trend is just not limited to the gym, doing sports, or night suit but these can also be worn out as a casual outfit for any casual occasion. You can choose a good designer tracksuit for yourself and flaunt it anywhere you go without feeling awkward.

If anybody says anything then show them the latest design tracksuits worn by famous celebrities including Alia Bhatt, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and many more.

You can choose to shop for these trendy fashion apparels and accessories from a reputable online store mentioned above like Amazon.

Popular Beauty Trends That Will Rule in 2018!

When it comes to beauty then it includes everything from makeup and cosmetics products to skincare and hair care. So, when you are taking care of your beauty then make sure you buy everything that doesn’t make you any less than others.

Over the past few months alone, there have been so many innovations, new brands, and inventive which can all be available easily online. So, check out all the trendy beauty products and try out. Here are the best beauty trends and some tips on how to do makeup which is in fashion. 

#1: Makeup: Less Cake, More Skin

Sometimes while doing makeup women tend to apply more foundation and didn’t get an idea on how much to apply on their skin. Well, the best tip is to choose less caked on foundation and bring out more focus on embracing your natural features. 

To achieve that fresh glow, you must just focus on your skin and use heavy powders for a liquid formula.

#2: Skin: Multi-tasking Products

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It’s time to say goodbye to your old products and shop some good skincare products that rejuvenate your skin fully and give you a perfect looking skin. Even many dermatologists recommend choosing those products that are beneficial for other useful skin remedies. 

One of the biggest trends that we’re seeing in 2018 is products that multitask. As everyone is so busy in their life that they hardly get time to find different products for different skin problems, so the better option is to choose a product that has various uses. Grab a skin product that offers you different qualities and at the same time, its application gives you priceless results.  

#3: Hair: Accessories

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Makeup may be toned down in 2018, so it is good if you take care of your hair. As already mentioned that these days is a no-makeup look or very light makeup that doesn't show a cakey foundation. By looking at your hair and buying some trendy accessories you can make your fashion game up to the point.

It is the simplest way to upgrade your look and make a statement wherever you go. These trends are perfect for the glam girl who likes to create a sensation with their look in just some time without doing much. So, no matter what is the size of your hair, the hair accessories will cover it all.

#4: Makeup: Statement Blush and Glitter

Almost every woman loves to do makeup, some do it occasionally and some don't even step out without doing makeup. So, in the year 2018, it is all about making bold statements with your makeup. 

Nowadays, glitters are taking over the makeup trend with metallic texture reigning in 2017. So, its time that you should update your fashion trend and choose glitter nail paint, eyeshadows, lipsticks; these are making a statement. 

It's a return to encompassing of the natural face shape and an importance on blush. This year, we will be seeing brighter, statement blushes that are more creative in the placement.

#5: Hair Color: Blonde, Blonde and More Blonde

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Blonde hair colour is reigning this year on both the genders. Yes, women and men both can try to colour their hair with Blonde colour. The fashion became a trend with Selena Gomez leading the charge in 2018 and making it a huge trend.  Anyone trying out this hair colour must keep the roots dark and the length a warm golden blonde in colour.

So, if you want to update your fashion game, then add a set of wispy bangs on your hair. This is the ultimate cool girl accessory and doesn't require changes. The tapered fringe can bring out your style game more stylish when you carry it like layers framing your face or can be worn with your hair by allowing it a bang effect.

Therefore, now before concluding the post, here are some useful tips that you must follow while shopping all the latest trendy products online.

  • Choose to shop online when there are a huge offer and sale.
  • Always filter your desire choice first then search the product.
  • Choose the special promo code to get them at a discounted price.
  • Always look for trendy fashion products.
  • Read the reviews of customer if you are choosing a new brand.

Hopefully, you have learned about what you are going to flaunt the coming months of latest trends.

A Woman can easily take away any place when she knows the right fashion tips and style!!