Food Lover! Head To These Cities To Taste Some Authentic Indian Food!

Post by Tuba Qureshi | Jan 19, 2018

Indian food is widely appreciated not only within the country but all over the world for its aromatic spices and herbs. The best part about Indian food is its diversity in flavor. It is also known for it greatest assortment of delicacies. With each city or region you travel, you will get to taste a unique and absolutely different taste cuisine. Take a look at the definitive guide about the popular places you must be visiting in India to taste different-different food. 

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A combination of Turkish, Arabic and Mughlai, the Hyderabadi cuisine is truly amazing and is often garnished with the touch of the Marathwada and Telugu cuisines. While traveling to Hyderabad, don't miss to taste the most-loved mutton Hyderabadi biryani which is widely famous for its authentic, aromatic taste. Other than this, you must also taste other popular delicacies such as Haleem, Hyderabadi Marang, Paaya and so on. 


Are you a momo lover? then simply head to Sikkim, a place best-known for its breathtaking, most amazing supple momos. Although found in every nook and corner of the north-eastern part of India, Sikkim holds the top-position in bragging the right taste and flavors. While you are here, you must not miss other delicacies namely Thukpa, Phagshap, and dumplings. 


Love eating rich-flavourful, aromatic food? Then Awadhi cuisine is yet another Indian food that will surely be going to mesmerize as well as enchant your taste buds greatly. Lucknow, a paradise of Mughlai food offers plenty of lip-smacking non-vegetarian delicacies such as Kebab, dum biryani, Kulcha Nihari, etc., 


A paradise for the vegan food lover, Gujarat is yet another widely popular place known for its sumptuous delicacies. Food, being an important part of almost every household over here, you will find plenty of options to choose from. Theplas, Khandwa, Ghughra, Khakra, and Dhokla are some of the most-loved Gujarati delicacies. 

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