Food That Will Satisfy Your Soul!

Post by Sayantika Mukherji | Nov 01, 2017

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Delicious food in India defines everything about the welcoming country. It’s time for some cutting chai and gorging on deep-fried paneer pakodas and kanda bhajiyas. If you’re pondering on what to cook up while you’re taking in the intoxicating smell of the wet earth and heavy rains, look no further than this list of soul food for the monsoons.

Let’s not forget to cozy up on the couch and pour out some good Old Monk while you indulge in soul food that’ll bring you immense comfort and satisfaction.

Food relishing places are endless when it comes for the best delicacies to be served in India. You can never rest your palate with that lip-smacking taste that will also satisfy your inner soul.

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Pakoda With Chai

chai pakoda

The best combo served during the monsoons. This is something which appeals the palate of millions. The taste you derive with this best duo is an unbeatable experience. Also, a platter of bhajiyas of any taste is the seasoning over the pizza base.

Dal Khichdi

Khichdi Ghee

This comfort is made up of rice moong lentils is light and satisfying for your appetite. Top it generously with ghee and have some roasted papad along with it.

Stuffed Parathas


Parathas with a filling are really eminent all over the country. A stuffed paratha tastes super delicious when served hot with pickles and ghee spreaded all over it. aaahhhh!! the taste is inexplicable.

Idli Sambhar


A dish that tops the list of foods among the whole southern India. Also, A popular breakfast item down in the South, a plate of steaming hot idli and sambar is surely sending those seasons blues away.

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