Know What’s Gonna Be The Trend This Fall 2016!

Post by Uzma Kidwai | Oct 27, 2016


Did anyone say Fashion? Yeah, you are my people! Even I can’t stop thinking about this magical word. Yes, it’s magical as it has the strength to unite unlike minds and change one’s personality. 

Earlier every country had its own kind of fashion trend, which was undoubtedly influenced by its culture. Though the impact is still there but now the trend has become unanimous, which is followed by all or should I say, celebrated amongst all in equal zest.

In the age when we are globalizing and walking hand in hand with technology and latest trends all around the world. How is it possible that our fashion remains untouched with overseas style? Yeah, now Indian’s have embraced global fashion trends; that too with swag!!!

Yeah, it’s now talk of the past when Indian fashion has limits and experimented on confined patterns. Now the ramps witness a plethora of design, innovation, and style. 

If said in precise, then taking look at the runways no one cannot figure out whether it’s an Indian fashion event or foreign. We have raised our standards so high that now we stand tall and confident before fellow countries, which earlier used to stand ahead! :)

Though, Indian outfit and the typical embroidery are never outdated back home but still there is always room for fresh, innovative and contemporary silhouettes. 

Embracing the overseas trend, now even in India, we get to observe two seasons of fashion (divided in Summer and Winter trends). However, it rose a bit of confusion amongst geeks but has proven to be a treat to fashion lovers, right? ;)

From a college going girl to an office going lady, now all know the minute fashion rules for different season, all thanks to the discrete fashion weeks!!!

Yes, am not only gonna blabber about fashion in India but will also give you all a little idea of what’s waiting for you all this Fall 2016. So all my fashion aficionados take a deep breath and get prepared to take a glimpse of the forthcoming trend. 

Not talking about anything, in particular, I would like to give you all a gist of what is waiting next. Is it Okay? Great! So let the show begins. 

Dress With Bold Patterns

Whether it’s your jacket, or any dress make sure you buy the ones, who have big bold prints. No you won’t look odd but would be called the trendiest one. 

Shoes With Shine               

Don’t pick the boring color shoes; rather get the ones in bright shades. Colors like pink, yellow, peach, red are a must have. You can even try printed shoes, obviously the bold and different ones ;)


Accessories having the element of your dress will be a hit this winter season. Maybe the color or the pattern or the print your accessories should have a glimpse of your dress in them. 

Fur and Button-less Coats

I know not all like furr coats but what to do it’s the flavor of the season! Yeah, collars having furr are the latest in and are very much expected to woo the hearts of fashion lovers. 

Another strange addition or should I say subtraction of element in jackets are the buttons. Yeah, this season you might get to see designer jackets without buttons. I wonder how it will prevent in stopping chill waves! 

Pointed Booties

Happy to have a huge collection of boots? May I know how many of them are long and pointed like Pinocchio’s nose? Few??? Awww, lady you have to get some more as this trend says only pointed booties are allowed. 

Long Gloves

Now that fashion diktats have eliminated buttons from the coats, they have allowed wearing long gloves this season in order to prevent cold! ;) Pretty weird but that’s what fashion is. This Fall, wear long gloves to look more trendy and chic. 

Phew!!! So many things to remember, isn’t it? But I am sure for crazy fashion lovers it’s not a long list to recall as being fashionable is there solo aim. 

To make you more updated with latest fashion or beauty trends will be back soon with another article. 

Take care!!!